Saturday, February 28, 2009

Illustration Friday : Breezy Encounter

Many of you know I live near the ocean, a place that centers me and nourishes my soul.

One breezy day I was trying to walk off the blues. This seagull hovered not a foot away from my face and looked me right in the eye as if telling me to leave all my cares right there.

As she hung in the breeze, she brought me down to earth.

(I posted this painting 2 years ago, but not for Illustration Friday.)

acrylic on canvas 36"x36" click to enlarge details

Friday, February 27, 2009

And the winner is...

I drew the names for the pigeon envelope this morning. There were a lot of entries and I stirred them and shook them real well. The pigeon will be going to Malaysia! Thank you for all of your comments.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Cloud Layers

The rains arrived late this year but they were welcomed. One of the things I love about the rainy season are the clouds that give a show in between storms. Here are some clouds over Monterey Bay as the latest downpour leaves town.

This shot was taken near Coastguard Pier and Cannery Row on my way home.

For other shots of skies around the world, go to Skywatch. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Kitty Dreams

This is one of my little notecard designs on Etsy. I think I painted it on an ATC. I have no idea where it's hiding now~packed away with my supplies, I'm sure.

I love drawing and painting whimsical animals, making cats blue if I want and showing the dreams in their heads. Most times though I don't think any of us would want to be inside a cat's thoughts!!

Happy Animal Wednesday!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cactus Monday: Prickley-Paisley Tag

Well, this one's a little wild! I love doing these brown paper tags though. The color just pops! This will be part of the CM giveaway. I think I need one more before I draw names. Happy Cactus Monday from rainy Pacific Grove!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Illustration Friday: Homing Instinct

I really liked the word this week. I almost went in several directions but ended up being pulled by the homing instinct. Migration amazes me with the whales and the Monarch Butterflies. Cats and dogs will use their homing skills to get back to their loved ones even if it takes years as long as they survive the journey.

We used to get our mail by carrier pigeon back in the day. I find that astounding! Some of us have natural homing instincts too. Many people are happier wandering from old places to new places, never feeling the need to stay put. Others have this deep sense of belonging in a particular place and will do whatever it takes to get back there no matter what roadblocks life throws at them.

What about you? Do you have a homing instinct that's pulling your every fiber?

Maybe you should answer that call.

This is another envelope giveaway although I have no idea where the address will be written. I messed up! I'll choose the winner next Friday.

The winner of the Raven envelope from last week is Brine Blank!

acrylic and colored pencil on brown envelope for Illustration Friday's prompt: instinct

Friday, February 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Lover's Point Vista

There's a place about a mile and a half from my house called Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove. It has miles of walking and bike trails along the coast with views like this one. Lots of folks get married here. Who can blame them?

Check out other sky shots from around the world on Skywatch!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Every Birdie Welcome!

left side


Each year the Pacific Grove Historical Society has a fundraiser where they ask many local artists to create and donate a birdhouse. This is my entry for last year. It brought in $185 for the cause, and hopefully a wonderful bird family loves the house! I also got an honorable mention. You should have seen some of those houses! Wow, what imaginations!

I bought the house already painted green. I added the sky and branches in the front with a butterfly. The back design is an espalier with two house sparrows.
Each side has a little bird with a juicy berry and the top has a nest with 3 eggs. The photo of the top and the right side can't be found. Oh well, you get the idea!

I thought it would be an appropriate post for today with so many of us wishing for the first signs of Spring.

Happy Animal Wednesday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cactus Monday: Designer Tag

Well now, I don't want to be a name-dropper but this is an original Lolo tag.

Just messing around with those cool brown paper tags thinking I was going to do a Zentangle type design in ink. I liked it but then I thought of adding a little color here and there and this is what happened. Whoever gets this one can use it as a gift tag or a bookmark. Or whatever! It will be fun to see which Cactuteer gets which ATC or tag. HCM my friends!
The following faithful Cactuteers will be getting your "prizes" soon. If I don't have your address already, please email it to me at .
Debra Kay, Julie, Lisa Rivas, Yoon See, Margaret, Marianne, Soulbrush , Yoon See, Lynn, Stapeliad and Lisa at Greenbow!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day To Me!!

This card is from a lady in New Brunswick, Canada whom I believe to be my 4th cousin. It's a long story how I found her, but we've been writing faithfully for 10 years and have never met! She turned 75 this past March. One of my goals is to hug her in person! She's a cat lover and a dear soul and never, ever forgets me.
Bless you Margie, even though you won't see this because you don't have a computer.

My blogging friends also really know how to make me feel special! Here are the Valentines I got in the mail.

The first one is from Soulbrush, a kindred spirit and one of my first "virtual" friends. She's dear to my heart and I love her! She also sent me some cookies but I have no evidence of them ;) We talked on the phone last week and it was like talking to an old pal. Thank you my good friend. Now I have a voice to go with every word you write! xo

This mandala card is from Marianne. She also included two ATC's! One of Sjimmie and her little cactus plant, and the purple spiral mandala I was lusting over! Thank you Marianne. This was the sweetest surprise!

Thank you dear friends! I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was all you wanted it to be. I know we celebrate each other every single day!

Illustration Friday : Celebrate Little Things

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

for the turn of the key...

and then,

Emma does her happy dance

because I'm home!

That's enough of a reason for her to celebrate. Lucky me!!

( a sweet reminder by Val Gal who misses her loving companion, Ratty.)

See her tribute here.

Artichoke Heart

While I'm sitting here still trying to come up with something new for Illustration Friday's word "celebrate," I thought I'd post something for Valentine's Day. I did this image in 1999. We live in an area that is abundant in artichokes which inspired this design.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blogger buddies, and remember to include yourself when you're passing all that love around!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Work Space: Where the magic happens!

That's what I used to say when people came into Studio Lolo. I'd point to my work room and say "That's where the magic happens!" I always said it tongue-in-cheek though.

This is the little corner of the living room I set up on Super Bowl Sunday. The bigger table is where I've been working on my art for a few months. I hated that I could never see the table because it was so piled high with clutter! So now I have the vintage table from the studio and I bring in the supplies from the garage as I need them. The portrait on the right is Picasso, my first ever oil painting done in my brief stint at college in 1978. It won honorable mention at the local art museum. I was hooked on Picasso for a long time. I did his portrait in every medium! I'm over him now ;)

I love this little space overlooking the deck and yard. Mim's dog was the first painting I did here as well as the raven envelope and the cactus cupcake.

Yep, I love my space! Thanks for stopping by!

Skywatch Friday: Golf Storm

The clouds are trying to clear over Spanish Bay golf course for this week's AT&T Pro-Am tournament. It may be a washout!

To see other skies from around the world, check out Skywatch!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Animal Wednesday : For Mim

My friend Mim had a dog that stole her heart and kept it. Some of us are lucky enough to know what that means.

They were our number one. Our 'main squeeze.'

The one that loved you no matter what you weighed or how you smelled or how many grades you completed. They didn't ask for a resume before falling in love with you. They didn't care about your salary or your obsessive compulsive traits.

They could care less if you wore designer labels or if you bought your entire wardrobe at Goodwill. They loved you.

When I asked Mim if she and Sampson had a favorite place she mentioned the old apple orchard behind their house. I pictured them there on a crisp fall day, not a care in the world. I wanted to capture that moment for her, and I hope I have given her even a little memory of it.

I stole a picture of Sampson from her blog last week knowing I wanted to do this for her. She started Animal Wednesday which I love participating in.

And I finally got my paints out again after closing the studio in September and

it feels good! So Happy Animal Wednesday, Mim! I love what Sampson meant to you, and I understand, truly I do. This painting will be in the mail soon!

Happy Animal Wednesday to all of you and your furry and feathered friends!
5"x7" acrylic on canvas

Monday, February 09, 2009

Cactus Monday: With Sprinkles!

I was so happy that it's Cactus Monday again, I painted a cupcake with glittery sprinkles! Another ATC to be given away with the others pretty soon!

Happy Cactus Monday my fellow Cactuteers!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

An Award from Soulbrush

I'm not sure how many awards my friend Soulbrush has given me this past year, but I do know I'm grateful for every one of them, deserving or not. Thank you dear friend, I'm honored ( and blushing ) again.

I don't often play by the rules. I may pass it on to fewer or more people than required, but lately what I like to do is just post it here for the taking because I value all of you and the time you take to stop by. Some of you leave comments, others just pass through quietly. For both, I'm grateful.

I'm always surprised when people say my words or images move them. Primarily self-taught, I draw and paint what I feel. The same goes for the words I put down. I may not be eloquent, but I say it the best way I know how~from my heart. I don't think I'm a good writer, but I feel I'm a good story teller and one who speaks her truths and experiences. I love sharing them, especially if my art and words can help in some small way.

So please, all of you take this award. I know you blog because you have something to say and share with others, so for that you can claim this award and pass it on as you see fit.

Thanks for stopping by and giving me a reason to share what I draw, paint and write...from my heart.

If you do choose to pass this award along, please see the rules posted on Soulbrushes blog.

And please stop by Scholastic Scribe to see the long list of winners, and don't forget to add your name!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Illustration Friday: Second Time

I felt like playing around with my greeting card program so I made a second image for Illustration Friday's word, time. I guess this could be considered a digital collage. What do I know! I had fun messing around.

Illustration Friday: Time

Time is such an intangible. How do we illustrate it?

I chose to draw a raven on a brown envelope that will be stamped with the time and date when it's mailed. I love taking the time to write a personal letter and to decorate the envelopes. Of course I add a special stamp that often features my art, but not always. I do try to make the stamp match in some way though.

If you'd like this envelope to be sent to you with one of my raven card designs inside (blank for you to send), just leave a comment saying you want it. You have to be willing to email me your mailing address, of course! I promise not to keep pestering you via the post, and I won't share your address with anyone else.
The winner's name will be drawn next Friday. Stay tuned.
Happy Friday everyone!! And happy, healthy baby, Penelope :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Blazing Streak

One of the most wonderful things about sunsets are the surprises you see on the camera after the shot is taken. I love the way this airplane trail ended up being the focal point when I snapped the shutter. Kismet.

To see other glorious shots from around the world, check out Skywatch!

Thanks for stopping by. And don't forget to look up and be grateful.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Chilly Dog!

I've been looking through my old portfolios lately and found this illustration. It's one in a series of three using the same characters. I took a night class once at Rhode Island School of Design on illustration for children's books. Anyway, this character came out of my head. Subconsciously I must have been thinking about Paddington Bear, don't you think? At least her outfit may have come from those dark recesses of my brain! My husband has always loved this character though, so I've dusted her off for this week. And the snow seems so appropriate for so many of my dear blogging friends. Sorry :) Maybe you can focus on the pretty colors or the sneaky dog who stole her mitten.

Happy Animal Wednesday!!

Oh...if you have time, please stop by and give a birthday smooch to Soulbrush!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Cactus Monday: Tag Trio

I bought these brown paper tags the other day and thought it would be fun to use them for collages BUT then yesterday I had this bright idea to use them for a Cactus Monday project! I love drawing and painting on brown paper. It makes everything pop! I'll include this set as one ATC for my giveaway to fellow Cactuteers soon. I wonder who'll end up with these? Oh well, we'll see. HCM!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Awarded Once More

The wonderful, creative Indigene has tagged me with an award that has been given to me before, but this time I'm supposed to list seven things I love.

I'm not going to list my top three ( family, friends and pets) because they're a given! I couldn't live without any of them. Instead, I've chosen to list seven simple things that bring me joy.

1) Helping animals. It's my absolute calling~no question.

2) Taking photos of dramatic skies! Here are a few.

3) Being at the ocean. It restores me. Even if the sea is restless, I'm calm.

4) Lately I'm feeling the need to nest more. I'm enjoying being home after 2 years of art openings. I'm reconnecting with my space and my husband.

5) I'm addicted to notepads!! I make lists every day and I love choosing a whimsical, funky, quirky, artsy or beautiful pad to list my 'to do's" on.

They make me smile!

6) Turquoise and silver jewelry. But not the heavy Southwest stuff so much. I like necklaces that have some heft and size, and I like a short dangly earring. But no squashblossoms for me! When I was younger I could wear them, but now I'm a bit more "understated." Besides, they have to be in sync with my Chuck Taylors that I wear nearly every day ( for the kid in me!)

7) I love writing letters and cards. Most of my recipients are elderly relatives who refuse to have anything to do with a computer, but I try to send something pretty through the mail just because it's a nice thing to receive. It beats getting bills (which I refer to as hate mail!) I also like to make my own matching envelope or decorate a plain envelope with stamps, etc. Oh...and the postage stamp must match the color scheme! What can I say. Lately I've been putting my own images on postage through :)

Please help yourselves to this award and list 7 things you love IF you want to participate! I'd love to see what you choose to list. Seven isn't very many! (I could have gone on forever.)