Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slowly but surely getting back to art

I've been lucky to be getting pet portrait commissions once again.
This one was a request by the owner of Grasmere. This is Sadie, her friend's dog who recently passed away. She sent me 3 photos to work from and this is how I chose to capture the essence and spirit of her. I like to do partial faces, focusing on the eyes. Sometimes the pet( asks) to be painted completely. I sit with the photos for a while and then decide. It usually all comes together.
Here's the photo I chose to work from.

What a face! I hope the recipient is moved by the painting.

Mim, guess who's on the easel now? :)

If you think I've been quiet these days it's because my wireless was down for a week. I'm back now. Stay tuned!


Friday, June 08, 2012

Illustration Friday: Shiny

There's an old, old raven that resides in a Cypress grove high on a craggy cliff by the sea. Legend has it he used to be a man who owned a jewelry store and was fatally shot during a robbery. The thief got away with several rare Aquamarines worth a fortune. The jeweler's widow lived in poverty after his passing because they had no life insurance. The Aquamarines were what they were going to cash in for retirement, but with them stolen and the jeweler deceased there was nothing left.

Old man Raven made it his life's mission to stalk that thief and get every one of the gems back. Each year or special occasion he would deliver one of the reclaimed gems to his widow which afforded her a very comfortable life. However, the jeweler's widow would gladly give up herfortune if only to have her husband back. Something tells her he's still with her, even now. She just feels it. How fortunate to know that kind of love!

Acrylic, colored pencils, faux gem on patterned mat board . Click to enlarge. (The jewel didn't reproduce well)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Animal Wednesday on Tuesday

Sunday was a perfect day to drive out to meet my co-worker friend at her place, Serendipity Farm. She just got two baby goats who will remain tiny, Pancho and Lefty!

They follow her around as if she's their mom! Lefty is getting ready to chew on her hair again!

Smile Lefty!

Marcie was showing me how they follow her and as she took off running, Pancho ended up running into his house as Lefty knew enough to run around the outside of it. Pancho was so confused as to where they went! It was hilarious!

I'm the lucky recipient of farm fresh eggs! Marcie is always bringing me a dozen from the girls, who, by the way, lay some beauties!
Thank you girls!

These are their newest hens. I forget what they're called, but they lay blue-green eggs! I can't wait to try them.

And of course, a Rhode Island Red, our state bird!


We were joined by Nellie along our walks. She's a sweet barn kitty who lives a great life. She used to be feral, but with Marcie's gentle gift towards all living things, she's now a social butterfly.

This is Flyer and Dirty Bob Alan. Flyer is the chestnut one.

And this is Dirty Bob. They're both so sweet!

Marcie is trying to make Flyer keep her head up so I can take her picture.

This was the shot of the day! Bob follows Marcie around like a puppy. It's so endearing! He's literally hugging her here ♥

Finally, we went to see Marcie's retreat at the edge of her property. It's a sweet little pond teeming with life! Her husband built a small deck on the water's edge where she can do her yoga and sit in silence.
Ahhhhh. Nice.
It was a delightful visit. A nice balm for my weary soul.
Thank you Marcie! 

Happy Animal Wednesday, my friends!