Saturday, October 31, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Spooooky spirits

Twinkling lights

Happy Halloween everyone! For more six words, click here.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Sky Break in Provincetown

Clearing skies
Originally uploaded by studio lolo

The grey clouds are finally lifting. One of life's metaphors we can all relate to from time to time.
Happy Skywatch Friday, and may your skies soon clear.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animal Wednesday: One and a half dogs

One and a half dogs
Originally uploaded by studio lolo

Ever have one of those days? Weeks? Years?

I'm just leaving a quick note to tell everyone that I'll be busy this next week with the latest (and hopefully final) move for a long time.
I'm looking forward to setting up house and studio in the new place and to hopefully creating new work soon.
My journal and ATC commitments will be met as soon as I can clear the deck. After all, you don't want me to create crappy doo-doo, do you? So I'm giving myself permission to take some of the pressure off and get my life settled.
Give me a week or two (tops!) to be back in the saddle.
Thanks for all the snail mail, emails and love you've been sending my way.
See you soon!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Illustration Friday: Frozen

Olaf loved it when the pond was frozen so he could wear his new skates and spiffy sweater while he cuts some figure-8's!

An encore image while I use this week to pack for the next move.

Watercolors and micron pen on bristol board.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Six Word Saturday

When one door closes,



(My current view of a popular saying.)

Friday, October 16, 2009

provincetown pranks and cranks

Okay, so here we are in PTown without Mim, Soulbrush, Marianne, Lynn or Suki. It's just me, Debra Kay and KJ making the most of it. We knew that Marianne, Soulbrush and Lynn couldn't make the long trip on short notice and we knew Suki was weary from making so many sojourns this summer. But Mim actually made reservations intending full well she'd be here. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs though, so Mim had to cancel her reservation at Captain Cooks. As you all know Mim had a way of showing up anyway. Kismet! Just look at what she was up to on KJ's post!
I actually witnessed Mim carrying on and was fortunate enough to be able to take pictures myself.

First we spotted her sitting in front of this red building that had something to do with happiness (who knows.) She really did look great in her black and white 40's ensemble waiting for us to show up.She does look a bit miffed though.

Here she is with 'Big Chief Standing' at the art co-op. Mim made herself comfy resting in his hand while the rest of us carried her around the town. He was so protective of her!

Mim trusted 'Big Chief Standing' so much that she let him convince her to go horseback riding. That was way beyond her comfort zone, but Mim is a trooper!

The one thing I was surprised about was how much Mim loves vodka! We went to Ross' Bar because they're known for their selection of vodkas and their martinis and cosmopolitans. Mim insisted on being photographed in front of all the vodka bottles. (She fell over at least 3 times, I swear.)

Who knew she was such a lightweight!

Poor Mim spent most of the next day in one coffee shop after the other. Good thing Debra Kay and KJ went along with it because they're both addicted to coffee breaks ;) Chocolate shops and bakeries were a close second.

(I, of course have NO addictions.)

Finally, Mim was ready to go to bed and call it a night. Thank goodness Debra Kay made a special birdhouse for Lolo that was just the right size for Mim. (And she didn't need a reservation!)

Oh my goodness, is that Ms. Emily Rabbit herself who showed up in her purple polka-dot bikini? I think they stayed up all night talking and sharing jelly beans which I hear is the best cure for a vodka hangover!

Skywatch Friday: Provincetown Magic

This shot was taken this week on the last evening three new friends got together in Provincetown. The magic feeling of the sky gives the slightest hint of how special the week was. For those of you who were missing, this is for you.

For other lovely skies around the globe, please visit Skywatch Friday!

And remember to look up so you can feel the magic ;)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Illustration Friday: Flying Home

There's something about migration that fascinates me. When I lived in Pacific Grove, California, the Monarch butterflies would arrive each October. I always wondered why they chose such a chilly, foggy place to live while trying to elude a harsh winter. They'd look like one long orange ribbon flying in the breeze when the sun was out, and when the cool fog settled in they'd huddle in long clustered rows for warmth and comfort from the wind.

In a way I've migrated back to my home ground, too. And instead of the balmy escape of a cold winter, I found myself flying back to roost in familiar surroundings ready to be embraced by autumn colors and the icy kiss of a long, cold season.

(Digital collage this week, no time for painting. Thanks for stopping by!)

Skywatch Friday: Early Autumn in Rhode island

This is my first Autumn back in New England after being in Calif for 16 years.
I'll come back to this spot many times as the leaves start to turn their vibrant oranges, reds and golds.

Days like this don't get any better! Happy Skywatch Friday everyone.

Please go here to see more pretty pictures ;)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Birds and Blossoms

There are many angels in my life, the most recent flock being my blogger buddies. I never would have thought such meaningful, heartfelt friendships could have evolved from this virtual space. I'm truly blessed.

One of the first angels I made friends with is Joss, aka Soulbrush.

She and I share many things in common including personal (inner) battles.

We will always feel that 'sister' connnection.

As most of you know she does this amazing art with a bit of an African influence. I was lucky enough to nab this beautiful ATC in a recent trade with her. I take the blame (proudly) for getting her started on them and for her deep addiction in creating them! Thanks Jossie! xoxoxoxo

Another angel I met along the way is Margaret from Waterblossoms. She does the most amazing series of ATC's with Zentangle flair like nothing I've ever seen before! Each new series takes my breath away.

The other day I went to my P.O. box and there was a large package from Margaret. We're doing a journal project together ( ArtySoulSisters) but I'm not supposed to be the one that gets the journal after her so I was confused as to what the box was all about.

This folder was on top with instructions not to throw it away because there were goodies inside! I love the little monagrammed notepad...

...and also this matching magnet and the notecard with the sweetest message.

No wonder she wanted me to make sure I looked in the folder! There were 2 exquisite cards with this image. It took my breath away! And she was so thoughtful to ask me to send the extra one to none other than my "Raven Sister", Renee! Yes Renee, it's in the mail ;) xoxo

But wait, there's something else in the box!

Margaret said she was in her favorite store in Illinois when something called out to her..."Lolo!!!"


I gasped when I uncovered this beautiful wooden raven. I was speechless!

I photographed her next to my Jobi Pottery dish from my dear old friend Barbara for taking care of her kitty. They look great together but I know Miss Raven will be happier under my beautiful birth mandala by Marianne.

Perfect choice!

Margaret, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me all of these goodies. I feel like you know me so well. I hope we meet one day! xoxo

Before I end this post I also want to thank KJ for her wonderful cards that make me smile and for her daily emails just checking in with me.

Many of you know I met KJ once and this weekend we're going to Provincetown for 4 days of fun. We'll be meeting up with Debra Kay (yay!) and maybe Suki??? We'll have to work on her. We'll be missing Mim who is by her MIL's side post surgery along with her hubby. Big hugs Mim!!

Soulbrush and Marianne were hoping to make the long journey, but work and other things have made it impossible. We'll share our memories with you when we get back. I know we'll meet one day!!

Oh, I almost forgot. It's my 3rd Blogiversary!!

Thanks for coming along for the ride ;)



Monday, October 05, 2009

Cactus Monday: Mosaic

Okay, boring!! I'm running out of cactus creativity. I don't know how some of you manage to keep things so interesting and fresh. Maybe I need to go back to the west. Just kidding, I love it here ;).

HCM everyone!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009