Saturday, May 19, 2012

Illustration Friday: Sight



Happy weekend my friends!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soul`FULL Collaging

My niece spent last night with me and most of the day today. She's visiting from Colorado and will be on her way back home tomorrow. When she got here I asked if she might want to do something 'artsy.' Of course she jumped at the chance!
Let me give you a brief synopsis of what she has dealt with in the past several years.
Three brain surgeries and a bout of radiation for a benign pituitary cyst that kept regrowing and causing intermittent blindness. And she also suffers from seizures.
The radiation finally got rid of the cyst, but now she's on so many medications that restrict many things in life. At nearly age 40 she is considered completely disabled because she can't stay focused long enough to hold a job.
She's smart, and delightful, big-hearted and talented.
Look at her first go at collaging!
I told her about SoulCollages and showed her my many examples. We didn't do those though. Instead, I asked her to do intuitive collaging.
When I got up this morning she was already back at the table doing more!
Below are a few of mine I did while sitting with her. I'm calling them my "spirit guide" series.

Wolf Spirit Guide

Where do these portals go?

Bear Spirit Guide

What is he protecting me from?

The Elder Spirit Guide

Surrounding me with light and showing me the way.

And finally, two more by Jessica.
She wanted this one to have a vacation home feel :)

And this is my favorite of all!
He's standing on tail feathers of a sparrow.
Wow. This is powerful!

So there you go.
Scissors, glue, National Geographic and imagination.


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Celebrate Chihuahua style!

You're all invited over later to see Emma doing her version of the Mexican Hat Dance. Marguaritas and dog cookies for everyone!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Collaging on drugs :)

Okay, so the muscle relaxer helped a little and the 800 mg Ibuprofen helped a lot. I got out a few things to make a quick collage and it was just what the doctor ordered. I've had that shell for a long time just waiting to be used on something. The blue dotted background is a picture of some type of eel from a Nat'l Geographic magazine! Doesn't it look like a nice, comfy bed? That is the best mag to cut up for collages.
I have a stash of quotes in a box. I choose carefully after making the collage to see which one is the best fit.
Her tatoo is a rub-on decal, the lotus is from a new age magazine from Whole Foods, and the woman was found in an art magazine.
Now I'll see how this looks on cards and offer them on Etsy.

I'm off to watch Idol, take another horsie Ibuprofen and go to bed early for my 13 hour shift tomorrow.  

Thanks for your well wishes!

Animal Wednesday: We share the sky

I was prompted by my dear friend KJ to post a new painting.
Who has time to paint?

Seeing as it's Animal Wednesday I went into my archives and chose something not many (if any) of you have seen.
I miss doing collages. I'm craving time to do them lately.
And seeing as I had to cancel accupuncture this morning and call into work because my back is out of whack, hopefully my muscle relaxer will kick in and allow me to sit at the big table and collage my heart out!

Until then, I'm off to bed. Hopefully these spasms (or whatever it is) will get some relief from the drugs.
Oh, and then there's the new foot issue.

I'm not even going there.

I'm just going to think happy thoughts!

Happy Animal Wednesday all :)