Friday, January 28, 2011

Illustration Friday: Surrender

Puppy Breath, belly rubs, unconditional love.

I surrender ;)

paper bag, fine point sharpie, colored pencils , ten minutes while sipping pinot grigio 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Animal Wednesday: The Queen and her jester

Bliss, the Queen on her Royal Throne accompanied by Ratty and Mousie.

At the moment she's not very amused by the Court Jester...

Emma, the Court Jester with a few of her many toys and Bliss's feather wand.

Now if only she would learn to pick up after herself ;)

The funny thing is, Bliss spends her evenings gathering all the toys (babies) into one pile while we're alseep!

Happy Animal Wednesday! May you be as entertained by your kids as I am. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Year of the Rabbit Lolo stamps

I've begun to offer my Zazzle items publicly, including postage stamps. 
This is a design I sell on Etsy as notecards, but today I created stamps! They're pricier than stamps at the post office~I have no control over that.  ;)

I love using special stamps on my cards and letters for that extra personal touch.

Want some of these stamps for yourself?  Click here! 

I also made some adorable Valentine stickers that look like baby Sjimmie!
Click here for those!

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday At My House

Fallen branches on summer chairs

snow covered garden hares

little cherub eating snow

as the hawk awaits his sparrow.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home to roost

Introducing "Violet Rain."

Yes, I'm a proud mama ;)

I thought perhaps I went a little too heavy-handed with the irridescence, so then I matted her sheen down a bit. I'm not sure she looks better here though.
I'll play with her a bit more tomorrow, but for now we're both calling it a day.
Well, she's cawling it a day!

I hope to be able to make more and get better at it.
What fun this was!!
Marianne, I'm still on that roll! ♥ 

Ta-Da! Final Sketchbook Pages


I thought I'd never finish, but here are the final nine sketches I did late last night and early this morning. I'm still having fun with the fast and loose style, but clearly a few of these were forced.
This dog is my favorite one I think out of this last bunch.

Sweet Dreams...

I love it when kitties cover their faces like this.

I'm too sexy for this page....

Fleeing the storm...

Dreaming of spring...

Both eyes on her master...


Rain bath...

Thanking my muse ;)

You may have to click each illustration to see the details of the fine lines.
My pens were drying out and my stamina was drying up!

Here it to the post office!
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Naked Baby Raven

I'm trying to branch out and play with new mediums and materials.
This was my first time using paper clay. I sat in the studio last night and decided to try to make a baby raven. I didn't look at anything while shaping this guy. I just went from the images in my head from drawing and painting so many of them.

I wanted him to look inquisitive.

Hello there cutie!

Another tip of the head.

I know he doesn't look ravenesque yet...but wait until he dries and I sand him into shape, and paint him in all his glorious irridescent blues and purples.
His eyes are black Swarovski crystals.

Hopefully I can show you the finished results in a few days.
I want to list more things on Etsy that I can make more money from.
I really don't think I can part with my first born though;)

Stay tuned!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Illustration Friday: Chicken

"The Imposter"

C'mon, did you really expect the raven Queen to paint a chicken?

The Sketchbook Project deadline has been extended a few days which gave me time to whip this up. Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh those trickster ravens ;)

acrylic paint and colored pencil on patterned paper for Illustration Friday

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sketchbook Project Progress

Three Generations

Well, today's sketches went mostly to the dogs! I flipped through the sketchbook to see how many blank pages I had left to fill (13) so I started with the ones I scumbled paint on.
Look at this sad, sad group of Corgis!
I love keeping things fast and loose for projects like this. I don't think anyone wants to see if you can do an exact life-like drawing of anything.
I actually think it's harder for most of us to make it nuts and crazy and goofy.
I had fun today. That's the whole point, right? 

I love how I laid the paint down for this page. Mind you, I had NO idea what I was going to do until I did it. What freedom!
And it was so simple to close this in with a few distant cat-o-nine tails and a pond.
What do you think this little terrier sees? 
Hey Mim...a fish???

Aaaah, the gorgeous, aristocratic sight hounds! My husband really, really wants 
 a Scottish Deerhound. But here's a scribbly-wiggly gesture drawing of a Greyhound and his beloved red ball instead.

I had done something like this before and gave it to a blogger friend, Erin.♥
I thought this "cat lover" should have a place in the sketchbook, yellow stream and all ;)

And finally, not to ever leave my feline friends out, here's a blue tabby who really needs some TLC. Marianne, this is for you.♥♥♥

One more day and 8 more pages to go. I doubt I'll fill them all, but hell, I'll try!

Thanks for always taking the time to visit ;)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Raven tag 2 and Sketchbook Project Progress

I've been a very busy girl today trying to buckle down and get the sketchbook done before Saturday's deadline. In between sketches I finished up Raven Maven #2.
Here's the front of her with a raven sticker and the #2 on her dress in the middle of the stamped heart. Her blue wings and shoelaces have glitter which doesn't show well.
The blue spiral sticker has glittler too. Once again her head was drawn and painted with acrylic paint and colored pencils.
Her head is tilted upwards because she's such a dreamer! She's going to trip over her laces if she's not careful.

Here's the back view with the #2 to signify she's the second one in a series, and my signature is below.

Here she is hanging out at the studio. I wish the glitter showed better.
She insisted on wearing Chucks too ;)

Yesterday I did this sideways peek-a-boo page of a kitty daydreaming about a yummy mouse.
Click to embiggen any or all pics!

And I painted this sweet old guy. I've been scumbling paint on various pages and then going back later to do something on them. It's easier for me seeing as Moleskine pages are so thin and transparent. That's rather limiting, in my opinion.
The dog was done with colored pencils on top of blue acrylic paint.

I had fun doing this very chubby version of Emma giving basic Chihuahua Cha-Cha lessons!
I "Googled" the steps so I could make a chart.
1-2-cha cha cha, 3-4 chiiii-waaaa-waa!


And finally, for today anyway, a pink tuxedo kitty. I actually love this page.
There's something about the pink and orange, a combo I've always been drawn to.
I was going to make the cat black and white but then decided to leave it alone.

So, this is why no one is getting visits or phone calls from me.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Raven Musings tag art

I've had a vision of wacky raven tags in my head for a while now. It was time to let it fly!
I started out by painting a raven head on sturdy scrapbooking paper, a favorite medium of mine. Then I made a tag shaped body, added a stamped heart from another patterned paper, applied the monarch butterfly sticker on heavy paper, a few jewels, a black Swarovski crystal for her eye, a phrase on a clear sticker that says "Believe in Yourself" and the finishing touch that cracked me up...the Chuck Taylor sneakers!

I'm actually pretty sick of butterfly wings and party hats, but they really do work when called for. I tried doing heart wings and raven wings. Nope, didn't look right.

I also kept the back in mind when creating this even though this side won't show.
At least the colors are pretty together. I'll add my signature to the back too, and then onto Etsy she goes!

Here she is on the studio door, hanging out until she moves to her new family.
Okay, I've had my little bit of fun for the day.
Now on to the sketchbook project!! Pressure, pressure, pressure as the deadline nears!

~Happy Sunday~

Friday, January 07, 2011

Illustration Friday: Deja Vu

I know I've seen this tree before. I remember the same twists and turns resembling a half-eaten pretzel. Its leaves were a lace canopy letting the tiniest bits of light come through the pinhole openings.

That's it!! The light.

I've been here at twilight before but never this early in the morning while the sleepy pink sky was still hugging the horizon like a blanket.

No. This isn't deja vu.

I know this tree, and once again I'm grateful for the pleasure of her company.

for Illustration Friday: deja vu

tree studies done with acrylic paint on canvas

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Animal Wednesday: sunset, swans and sky fire

I've been working in the studio for most of the day trying to put in a certain amount of time and discipline. I was also enjoying it, although I haven't been well for a few days.
As it was nearing four o'clock I decided to drive myself down to this little park in my neighborhood and watch the sunset. It was quite nippy, but peaceful and lovely.

How fortunate to have these beauties show up for Animal Wednesday!
Three more followed behind. How can they handle that freezing water?

This was the finale!! I swear to you this is an untouched photo. The only thing I did was try a few pictures on the "sunset" setting. Wow! I also zoomed way in. That could be it, I got too close to the fire. Glad I did though ;)
Happy Animal Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Toothy Grin

Is anyone else scramblig to finish their Sketchbook Project by January 15th??
I'm scribbling my way through the best I can and I'm not even halfway done!
So now I'm copying pet food ads! haha!
I do love this happy guy though.

I'm also tracing some of my old drawings (suggested by our dear friend Marianne.) I was copying them in color and glueing them in. Tracing is much better because it's still "original."

Of course, I'm changing them up a bit. I love the aura I gave this cat, hence the name!
And the Queen is still the Queen.

Slowly but surely I hope to fulfill this obligation. But I did read today that they want them to travel even if only partially done.


And so far I'm keeping my promise and showing up "for myself."
Feels kinda nice ;)