Thursday, June 30, 2011

Provincetown Whimsey!

No matter where you stand in Provincetown there is a photo op!
Now this is my idea of a handsome cab ;)

I think this should be "Lolo Love."

One of my very favorite stores filled with Zen-ful goodness. 

The name of this installation in front of the Provincetown Art Association is "I used to be a forest." The paint is red car paint. I love it!
I'm sure these were fallen branches, not cut to make this.

This beauty rests in front of the art assoc.

~outdoor seating for one gallery~

Zen head at another gallery.

Um, okay, whatever!

A passionate dance in the middle of Commercial Street. They were great!

A perfect night light at Kj and Jb's.

~There's something fishy about the time~

~restaurant whimsey~

and more...

...and more!

An old masthead?

I waited for the peace flag to blow just right for full view.
Everyone should have a pink bike on the balcony!

Oh those New Englanders!

And finally, zinneas for Marianne ♥

And a special cottage by the sea for Robin♥
Thanks for coming along!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Animal Wednesday: carousel

This beautiful carousel is within walking distance from me. It's one of the most famous ones in the country with rare hand-carved animals, NOT plastic resin.

Sixty-six beautifully carved figures designed c. 1895 by Charles I.D. Looff. The band organ by A. Ruth and Sohn, in neo-baroque style, is carved with moving figures. The finest surviving example of its type in America, the carousel was proclaimed the State Symbol of Folk Art in 1985. Designated as a National Landmark in March, 1987.

What a day and fun place to take pictures.
Happy Animal Wednesday!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Illustration Friday: Midsummer Night

Here in New England a midsummer night means cricket songs and fireflies dancing and being lulled to sleep by the magic of it all.

Have a magical week!♥ 

watercolor and tons of colored pencil. Cricket highlighted with a white gel pen.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My latest paintings

This guy is my latest little miniature, 4"x4". I painted two at the same time. I gave the other one to KJ and JB for hosting me last weekend in Provincetown.
He's supposed to go to YART but I also listed him on Etsy.
First come, first serve :) 

I was commissioned to paint this Casablanca Lily for someone wo owns two other pieces of mine. I struggled with this! It's only 6"x6" on masonite. I painted it with acrylics but I just couldn't get the blending to work. I thought I'd take a chance and work in some colored pencils knowing I could ruin it. I think it helped, so rather than overwork it I called it finished. And she's happy with it, that's what matters!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Glimpses of P-Town: part 3

One of my favorite things to do on my weekend away was to slip out of the house in the early morning hours while the others were still asleep. Camera always in hand, I strolled the quiet streets and took pictures of many things.
Today I'm giving you glimpses of the ocean down side paths and alleyways, over porches and through portals. It's no wonder people come here to stay.

Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow.
I hope you've enjoyed the view!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Doggies in P-Town

The lovely Ms. Stella who was very generous with her kisses ;)

A sleepy old guy who appeared to be deaf because he ignored every sound I made to get him to look my way.

I think he's laughing inside!

An artist's companion

An artist's sleepy model :)

A lovely porch pooch

A chubby little beach bum :)

A very happy old girl and her ball

And big ol' Maddie who had a lot to say!

After TEN tries to upload photos, I now present a few of the furry faces in P-Town!

Happy Animal Wednesday!!