Friday, October 26, 2007

IF : Trick or Treat

Hello all! I don't have time to do a painting today so I played around with my greeting card program and made this image. I've also posted a small pumpkin painting I did last year for a friend. I think this fit's the theme because pumpkin pie is one of my favorite treats.

Happy All Hallow's Eve to those of you who enjoy it, and to those of you who have fond memories of that part of your childhood.
(click to enlarge the horror!!)


Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Virtual Store

Well, after seeing how many of my favorite folks have opened an Etsy shop, I decided to give it a try. I'm offering my notecards and small paintings, and many of the things I've done for Illustration Friday. So far it's a lot of fun, but I'm spending a lot of money there too! I'm not trying to solicit business, but if you want to stop by, please do. It's a fun place to support artists and craftspeople. And hey, the holidays are coming!

You can find my link at the right side of my blog under my list of "inspiring friends."

Friday, October 19, 2007

IF : Grow

I've been in a funny mood these days. Just a bit 'out of sorts' but I can't quite put my finger on the whys of it all. I'm wondering if it's because winter is setting in and my body is going into hibernation mode. I've had some stressful pet care cases which always do a number on me, but I think it's more than that. I think I need a break. Some sort of a 'pulling in' to take care of my own cries. When I saw the topic for this week I loved it, but ironically I came up blank. I sat at my studio all day today and this is finally what I came up with. I admire the mushroom that grows in the dank, darkest of places. In fact, it thrives in those conditions. I spent a large amount of time looking for inspirational quotes about mushrooms and didn't come up with anything, but I did come up with this quote on growth. And it's about nature, which is my church.

"Day by day I grow more knowing in the ways of the trees and the moss and the snow on the ground, and all things are my friends."

Knut Hamsun

So here I go into hibernation, willingly. But I won't miss an Illo Friday entry, no sir.

acrylic on canvas 6"x6"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Best of "IF" Show

Well, as you may have read in my latest post, I had my Illo Friday opening but no pictures were taken because of a camera malfunction. Such a bummer! It was such a wonderful night. It was so great seeing people actually taking time to read the story with each illustration. Some of the comments in my book were so touching! Several pieces sold, bittersweet as that is. Here's what the place looked like after I hung the show. Hopefully when you enlarge the photos you'll recognize the work.

Thanks for stopping by! I couldn't have done it without you and your encouragement!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

IF : Life's Extremes

What a fitting word for my 1 year Illo Friday anniversary! It's also been a year since I moved into my studio. I went from trying to find time to create art to having my own space not only to create art, but to display it at monthly art walks and open studio events. That's a huge extreme from painting at my kitchen table!

The other extreme has been becoming a blogger and joining the Illustration Friday community. Not being much of a computer person other than doing a little research and sending emails, I think I've settled in quite nicely with the weekly challenges. It's just what I needed to jump-start my brain and my drawing hand again. As a matter of fact, Fridays have become my favorite day.

And finally, the other extreme is how I went from doubting my abilities to gaining a little self-esteem encouraging me to keep at it. It's all because of the support I get from you. Thanks for helping me grow and stretch and to keep on doing what I do even when I draw or paint something crappy . It's all about the process and doing what we love.

Last night was the opening of my "Wallflowers" and "Best of Illustration Friday" show at studio lolo. It was a smash hit despite my anxiety. ( Sorry, due to a camera malfunction there are no pictures.) I just added pictures of the gallery above, just before the opening :)
Happy Anniversary to me!
Watercolor on Canson Tinted paper, rubber stamped wings, micron pens.
Click to enlarge the pencil lines I didn't erase
This was done for Illustration Fridays "Extremes"

Friday, October 05, 2007

IF : Open Mindfulness

I believe there is magic in every moment. We just have to be open and awakened to it.

Acrylic on patterned scrapbook paper, prismacolor pencils, dragonfly sticker as embellishment.
Done for the Illustration Friday Challenge, "Open."