Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Dogs in cars

Some days I take my camera to work with me so I can catch a glimpse of sweet faces in cars along the way, like this one...look at her smile :)

And this sweet galooot! That's a string/muzzle type thing across his nose, not saliva. 
 I was eating chowder in my car parked next to him. His eyes were on the restaurant door waiting for his parents :)
I love him!

And here's my girl Emma in my car at a park in Monterey just before we moved.
How cute is she??? C'mon, you KNOW she is ;) 
Embiggen this face!

And here's my golden girl, Bliss, basking in the afternoon sun in the studio.
Okay, she's not a dog in a car but she still deserves a spotlight!

Happy Animal Wednesday!
I will visit as I can. I'm looking forward to it.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Barrington Graffiti

This is a tree in a park near the marina where I sometimes walk Emma.
Do you know why it's smiling?
Because I finally have a day off !!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully a little art making is in my near future :)

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Newport Animals along the way

Nice little summer place, eh?
I took a drive down the street the other day after work and thought I'd take a turn onto Ocean Drive, a known street for the wealthier residents. Some of them summer there, others hunker down all year long to enjoy the winter solitude without so many tourists..

~This is a little inlet in the bay~

~ a sweet house on the rocks~

~a boat on the quiet water~

~ a nice nestled home~

~You can't get through Newport without seeing sailboats. It's the home of the America's Cup, I believe. Many summer residents live on their yachts~

These kites were crazy! All in unison...wild!

~More of the shoreline which reminded me so much of 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach, CA.~ 

All of a sudden I was at a pasture as soon as the ocean view ended. These horses were so friendly! I love the dappled sunlight.

Three amigos :)

This is inspiration for a future painting.

And finally, a very strange cow!! Looks like he has a rugby shirt on!! And he looks a bit like a pig, no?

Happy Animal Wednesday!

And for those of you who would like to do an "O" cover, here's the link.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've been Oprah-fied!

When I lived in California I was so busy (and popular) that Brian used to jokingly call me "the second coming of Oprah." I thought it was hilarious, always wondering how the hell Oprah could juggle all that she did.
(Um...being a billionaire and having a huge staff who make a lot of money!!!!!!!!!)

I admire Oprah for being self-made, I do.
I'm self made too. I may not be successful monetarily, but I'm rich in love and friendship.

Here are 5 things I know for sure.

I am very blessed with true, amazing friends.

Ditto in the husband department. Through all of our ups and downs we still have each other's backs. And there has always been a mutual respect. I love that.

I know I always try to do my best even though I often fall short. But I do try.

I would give nine cents of my last dime to someone who needed it more than me.

I know I'm blessed in spite of the journey I've had, as well as because of the journey I've had and survived.

So here I am on the cover of "O" magazine. Big boobs, black hair, darker skin and my old red hair which is back to blonde.
I'm surrounded by dogs...yay! What, no kitties?
And I look relaxed.
Now if I could only make this horrendous sciatica pain go away.

oh yeah, Calgon, take me away!

I miss you guys!! But again, I'm trying.


Monday, September 05, 2011

It's All Good

I thought I'd show you a part of my commute just so you know I'm still kicking.
I have always wondered how you working folks find the time to blog and still get other things done after a full week. I'm relearning, I swear. Thanks for understanding why I've been scarce.

This is the Mt. Hope bridge which I have to cross on my way to and from the market.
It's one of my favorite parts of the commute because the views from either side at the top are glorious!

This is Memorial Drive in Newport, the last road I'm on before I turn onto Bellevue where the market is. At the end of the day I come down that hill and Easton's Beach presents itself to me.  There are always swimmers and surfers and sunbathers galore.
I guess it becomes a ghost town after this weekend. That means I'll be able to find parking so I can do some exploring on my own!  This is one beautiful city.

And here is the beach in the golden afternoon sun. I didn't take this photo nor the one above because, as I've said there's been nowhere to park! So thank you to whoever took these shots. 

When Robin visits we'll paint the town! Until then I'm enjoying my job so far and the folks I work with are fantastic and welcoming.
It's all good!
I'll be popping in as I can. I miss you all!