Friday, March 30, 2007

IF : Snap-on-ears, etc.

Okay...what's up with people who feel the need to dress up their dogs? I'm not talking about sweaters to keep the delicate little breeds warm, or maybe even a tasteful bandana. I'm talking bunny ears and antlers, fairies and bumblebees and pirates and ballerinas.
My friend's daughter had her adorable Shih Tzu in a full pink party dress last week. People, people, people. That's just wrong! Ever ask yourself why there are pet therapists on this planet? These guys need therapy and heavy drugs after being paraded around in polyester with sequins and headbands with ears. No wonder most of them SNAP!!
I will say this though. Some of those get-ups have made my head SNAP in their direction. Especially if it's an outfit I wish I had.

(This post is in memory of, and apologies to Mooshi and Joni who I did put Santa hats on.)

graphite, watercolor and colored pencil on a grocery bag from Trader Joes. Click to make the doggy big and scary.

Monday, March 26, 2007

"A Slice of Life" at studio lolo

Well, the big show I've been planning is finally here! I asked several artists to paint a 12" x 36" canvas, vertical format with the theme "A Slice of Life." Even though my space is mainly my working studio, I do have two other rooms to display art. I can't keep them filled myself so I put the word out there about this show (which will give me time to get some paintings done while it's up!) The response was fantastic!
Some of the paintings represent struggles, childhood memories... both good and bitter, landscapes and seascapes, fantasies and whimsey. So many wonderful works of art! I took these pictures to show how the rooms look, and also a close-up of one of my entries titled "The Sea Nourishes Me." If you look closely you can see the spirit of the woman in the water. Her hair is the breaking wave.
Thanks for visiting the show. I just had to share it!
4/7/07 Well, the opening reception was last night and it was phenomenal! There were over 300 people who came through my little place. It was truly overwhelming, but flattering! Lots of compliments and one sale! Whew! :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

IF : I Spy

I Spy with my cat eyes

Eight fat birds high in the sky

If I should wake before I die

Please, oh please put them in my pie!

Not my usual 'sweetness and light.' I'm feeling melancholy today. I can't put my finger on why, but today doesn't feel good. Tomorrow is another day, thank goodness!

acrylic and colored pencil on patterned scrapbook paper, collaged birds from an ad, and awesome letter sticker dots! Click to enlarge the scary cat.

Friday, March 16, 2007

IF : Total Magic

This is a painting I did for my nephew in New Hampshire. He's a total, undying fan of mine as well as being a very lost soul. I painted this for him because he told me I always drew with him as a kid and I was the one who got him interested in wizards. I totally love that he cherishes that memory.

I've also included the legend I made up to go with the painting. I researched the names and chose ones that I felt fit the painted characters. And if you have a spare moment, please send a "shout out' or a prayer to my nephew who seems to be on a crash and burn collision course. If only these mythical, mystical creatures could guide him.

The Legend of “Jamie’s Wish”

Meet the sorcerer, Earnan, (pronounced Eer-nun) In Scottish, his name means “one of knowledge.”
The white wolf’s name is Mungo, which in Scottish means “my wolf.” The white tiger’s name is Finlay, which in Scottish means “white warrior.”
I chose Scottish names because my Great Grandfather (your Great, Great Grandfather), and my Grandfather (your Great Grandfather) were both wonderful artists and they were born in Scotland. I always honor them because I feel this is where I inherited my talent.

I hope you enjoy this painting for many, many years. I painted it with only you in mind. I first paint the eyes and then I let the images guide me from there. On the next page is an explanation of what the painting portrays.

Lots of love….

Auntie Laurel

Earnan, the sorcerer, holds many powers. He only spreads good and he is totally connected to the “magic in all things.” He is all knowing and believes strongly in the power of the Universe. He carries a scepter with a full moon globe. The moon is a symbol for psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. He connects with the raven tattoo on his palm because he has chosen Raven as his totem guide. In Native American lore, Raven medicine represents self-knowledge, introspection, wise in oracles and omens, mystery, other-worldly travel, trickster, and a need to make changes in the way you perceive things.
He has chosen two companions, a young white tiger named Finlay, and a young white wolf named Mungo. Tiger medicine represents passion/sensuality, silent solitary power, heightened sense of touch, and valor. Wolf medicine represents pathfinder for the human spirit, knowledge, teaching skill, helping in finding the life-path, loyalty, cooperation, free spirited, mating for life, facing death with dignity, perseverance, fighting only when necessary, and taking advantage of change.
Earnan, Finlay and Mungo believe in the magic. They are the magic. Let them be your guides in the areas of life they represent and you will believe in the magic too.

acrylic on to bring the magic closer to you!

Friday, March 09, 2007

IF: Wired...and unwired

About a year and a half ago my husband and I rescued a terrified Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix. Like most of us, she had issues-none of which we were warned about. We would have adopted her anyway, but knowing something about their background is usually helpful. We knew she was one of seven dogs of different sizes and breeds who were left in a yard for a year or more, pretty much unattended and left to fend for themselves whenever food was tossed their way. A neighbor reported them to the local humane society, thank goodness, and the owners surrendered six of the seven.( I pray every day for dog number seven who stayed with them.)
She was in the very last run at the shelter, just quaking in her boots with her back right up against the wall. She barked and yelped at me, knocking her food over in the process. I opened the door to her run, sat down on the floor and spoke softly, telling her I had all day. After about a half hour or so she crawled onto my lap. The rest, as they say, was history!! The shelter had given her the name of "Sadie" which she didn't respond to. After having her home for a day I renamed her "Sweet Emma." Now that time has passed we realize she's only sweet with us...oops! And she also has epilepsy-but because she's so special (to me) I just tell her she has "Emma-lepsy :) Her seizures are infrequent and small so no medication is needed at this point. Good thing her mom is a retired vet tech. Another family might have returned her.
So...being the nervous or wired type she can sometimes be, here's my rendition of her when she's amped up as well as a photo of her the day I brought her home. I'm in LOVE! Can you blame me? ( Click to looks better!)
Watercolor on Canson, cut out and glued onto scrapbooking paper and embellished with colored pencils and micron pens.

Friday, March 02, 2007

IF : Hide...the berries!

Every evening the Night Mice come out and scurry around the deep, dark roots of the Balbo Tree. It's a tangle of twigs, like woody fingerlings all snarled together to form the most magical place to hide their delicious berries. It's a lot of work making sure the berries are in the nooks and crannies in just the right way so as to not squish the delicious gems, but also making sure they're well hidden so the greedy Jays and Ravens don't raid their stash. The mice are compulsive little creatures, working all night if they have to. The payoff is that 'to die for' berry wine when fermentation takes place, usually during the sixth full moon of the year. They often allow Possum and Raccoon to partake in the juice, but only because at that point they're usually a bit 'in their cups' themselves. Besides, it's no fun to drink alone!

So cheers, my Illustration Friday friends! Drinks are on me.

Done for IF "HIDE"...acrylic on canvas. Click to enlarge