Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Taking a Break To Smile

I was literally standing in the middle of the living room whining about how I'll never manage to get everything done in time to move when Brian walked in with todays mail.
"Something for you from 'Stella' and 'Cohen" he says. He just gives me the last names.

"Really?" I replied? "Gimme!"

"Who are they?" he inquired.

"Two of my girls. Lemme see!"

Opening the surprises in the envelope made me realize how lucky I am to have such thoughtful people in my life, and it also reminded me to post my Thankful Thursday which I meant to do this morning to show off my ATC's from Teri.

Now I won't have to revise this post and I can show my beautiful gifts all together.

These are the colorful and wonderful ATC's from Teri. She surprised me with two and I only sent her one. She did a crow for me because she knows how much I love them. And look, it brought me a daisy! Thanks so much Teri!!

Okay, so Mim recently asked me for my address because she wanted to send me a little something. A little something?? Look at all this stuff! It's a beautiful pear drawing by Mim on card stock with a nice note on the back. (Mim, did you know that I have a HUGE pear collection?) Then there's an ATC of Jimi Hendrix ( I think) with a sombrero and the word "air" on the card. I'm taking it as a reminder to breathe. And a Ms. Em ATC in a sweet little Ms. Em envelope!!How could I not smile after opening this package?Mim, you made my day a lot brighter!! Thank you!

And then there was this total surprise from Lynn. One of her lovely photo cards with one of her amazing quilted ATC's with a Chinese coin. No matter what way I hold the card it is a tiny masterpiece! Bless you Lynn. I love it!!

Please click on the images to enlarge the beauty of my talented friends.

Thank you ladies! We really have formed some wonderful friendships out there.



  1. Oh, it IS fun to see my art on someone else's blog. And the company its keeping is wonderful.

    Mim and Lynn are such talented ladies. I'm glad they arrived when you needed a smile.

    We really do have a wonderful group of friends!

  2. It's a LOVE fest!

    not actually hendrix but I certainly remember him at woodstock.....

  3. Nothing like a smile break! Wonderful drawings (I keep meaning to ask...what does ATC stand for?).

  4. What a great collection you hauled in today! I know it brightened your day. I so hope to find time to join the ATC fun soon. Thinking of you as you are preparing for your move.

  5. Hi Laurel! How lovely to get all those beautiful things in the post! A very welcome distraction no doubt! Ah, the Corvus in my 'studio' - it's a beauty isn't it? It's by Julia Manning an English artist/printmaker. She has a website well worth a visit.

  6. Laurel those are all so fantastic.

    You deserve each and everyone. You are so generous and caring and giving is it any wonder that we all are madly in love with you.

    I laughed at the May Day so appropriate.

    I am thinking of you missing your Mom today. 24 years is a long time.

    You are so well loved by me. Or at least I love you alot.


  7. Wow, I hang out with the most amazing people. So glad to be considered one of your girls!
    Loved his saying "Stella and Cohen"! LOL (even funnier is Stella was my dad's nickname for my mom, Estelle)...
    So glad you liked your Chinese coin surprise!
    Wow, wow, wow. I can't remember when I've had more fun!!!
    I honor you on My blog tomorrow!

  8. Yes, you have been mightly blessed.

  9. teri, atc stands for Artist Trading Cards. i don't know who started all this sharing of little artisty trading cards, but i think no other than ms. lolo started all this sending and sharing of love mail. and i must say--getting a hand designed envelope from ms. lolo is a treat unto itself.

  10. Isnt it nice when the mail delivers unexpected surprises. They always seem to happen when you least expect it, and it is at the most appropriate time.

    Sonia ;)

  11. A good dose of vitamins "A,T,and C" taken snail mail style does one's spirit a wealth of good! Sprinkle in new found friendships and life is really good!

    These are gorgeous!

  12. Yeah, this are the reasons to smile:)