Monday, May 18, 2009

Cactus Monday: A is for Agave

Here's my first ABC atc card which will go to Lynn.

"A" is for agave. Hey, I killed two birds with one stone, Cactus Monday and ABC atc's seeing as I was coerced by the group! Sneaky, sneaky girls ;)

HCM my loyal friends!


  1. Great Agave - very pretty - I sure love you cactus!! Sarah

  2. when you do it, you truly do it...what beauty, lucky the person who gets your 'a' card. hugs and thanks for playing (wouldn't be the same without you)... and happy cm and hugs and wfs and hugs.

  3. A...mazing A...gave...A...wesome A...rt!!! A...s A...lways!!!!!!! Hee Hee! :) HCM!

  4. Its gorgeous, lolo! I love the nuances. Beautiful work and the fact tht its an atc makes it even sweeter coz it comes in small size, right!


  5. It is so beautiful Lolo! My subconscioius knew what it was doing! lol

    We are all so thrilled that you joined us and see how easy it is to kill 2 birds with one pen.


  6. Wonderful!!!
    You have such an eye and feeling for design. This is so balanced and beautiful.
    Glad we forced you!
    And this is smart, 2 flies in one blow!

    Happy Cactus Monday!!!

  7. jeez, i love how you do colors, lo. is this watercolor, or pencils, or what? so serene and gentle.

    arguably fantastic
    always wonderful
    actually terrific

    love love

  8. Oh lucky me...I had to look up Agave, sorry am new to cacti world...but love Aloe which is an Agave...I just thought it meant what it says: A gave ( Something given to another very lucky person! In this case me!)Thanks Lolo!!!! And so glad you joined the ABC challenge group!
    Your Agave is so beautiful!!!! It will look lovely in my collection.

  9. Amazing that you can make such beautiful artwork in small scale. Great job!

  10. LOLOL! This sure was sneaky!!! favorite way to be...other than alluring! Ha!
    This is a beauty. You sort of use signature colors and I can always recognize your work by the soft, muted shades and lovely designs! You are great!
    Happy CM!

  11. Very Nice! Happy Cactus Monday!

  12. Perfect color balance and so peaceful a feeling- nothing prickly except the cactus. Have a great week.

  13. Awesome, Lolo! I like the background you put the agave in.

  14. LOLO,

    Once again beautiful...Love the colors...
    Sonia ;)

  15. Hi Lolo, thanks for visiting my blog. I really love your cactus monday painted version here.

    With full piece painted and the style and composition are so inviting and soothing.
    You always are so attentive to details.

    I really salute you and I am glad to have you as my friend.
    I want to send you some cards.
    I am free on the first week of June because there will a school break. After I have finished, I will send them to you.
    Please let me know your email address so that I can have your address.
    Thank you:)

  16. Ooooooo, that is really, really nice - I give you an 'A'!

  17. Of course you figured your way around it because you are a genius.


  18. Your work is so pretty. Wish you had ATCs to trade. I love to have one of yours.

  19. I do so love these cacti illustrations you make! I think I'm going to start making some ATCs myself - the teeny tiny format will be a challenge, but I've seen so many inspirational little pieces lately that I have to just give it go myself! I've finally put your lovely 'uplifting' award on my blog - thank you so much, again, and sorry to have taken so long!

  20. Now if only I had stuck to the nutrition part.

    Yes Angelique will always have my best interests at heart.

    Can you believe Josephine is going to be 2 on June 1st. I'm thinking of making some kind of character cake. I probably won't but at least I'm thinking of it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  21. A great ATC. Happy CM. I like the idea of killing with one stone.

  22. like your colors and composition on this one too.
    and wonders why my pic dont show up on my
    postings now uhmmm...