Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Gifts From Afar

Sometimes all it takes is a trip to the mailbox to lift me out of a funk.

Handwritten letters from friends near and far have been showing up and all of them have had handmade treasures enclosed. Let me show you what I mean.

Here's a beautiful photo card of one of Lynn's quilts and it had a stunning fabric ATC inside that I was lusting over! The photo doesn't do it justice. I love this!

Thank you Lynn!

That very same day I saw this beautiful heart zentangle on an envelope and I knew right away who it was from! I was so surprised to see three of Margarets ATC designs all for me!! Again, photos don't do them justice. Her work is so delicate and colorful. I'll treasure these surprises alway! Bless you, Peg!

And yesterday this adorable little framed mandala came to me from Marianne in the Netherlands! I totally forgot about the "Pay it Forward" post she did. And I didn't keep up my end of the bargain either :(

Just look at the sweet little mandala in my favorite colors. I took a larger picture so you could see the scale of it.

Thank you Marianne!! This made me smile big. I love it and you :)

I hope all of your mailboxes hold special treasures too!


  1. They are all wonderful. I have been having fun going out to my mail box lately too. Both Lynn and Peg are awesome artists. Enjoy.

  2. Gorgeous gifts!!! Funny what a walk to the mailbox will do for the soul when friends reach out.

    Lynn, Margaret and Marianne all in one day. It was a WOWZER day for sure!!

  3. i love everything that lynn and peg have created here, but i have to say that if i opened my mailbox and saw that incredible pen and ink heart, i would have a -you-know-what on the spot.

    my, my, it seems creative passion is transferable....


  4. Isn't it fun? These are wonderful pieces (Mariannes and Peg) and happy you are happy with mine.
    Yours are among those I posted for tomorrow (Friday)! Come see.
    I do love them all.

  5. Hello Laurel! I've been internetless for most of the week and having just got it back was surprised and delighted to see not just one, but 3 posts from you again! Wonderful little pieces you've received in the post, gorgeous plump kitty (can well understand he must be sorely missed) and artichoke blossom with lovely soft colouring. Thanks for sharing these - hope the packing is going well.
    Caroline x

  6. What wonderful 'hugs' you got in the mail!! Hope your transition is a smooth one. Been.there. done.that. :>

    Keep in touch and let me know your new address ok?


  7. Awesome things you got from Lynn and Margaret!
    Two envelopes were waiting from them when I got home yesterday and I got equal amazing gifts which I will post later today!
    Aren´t we lucky!
    And you have the whole 2009 to keep your end of the bargain :)
    And if not, well I just loved that you were one of the 5!

    Love >M<

  8. Awww...Such BEAUTIFUL gifts to treasure!!! Truly great art displayed here. You are One Lucky Woman!!!

    Have a Mesmerising Day!

  9. Caroline recommended a visit to your blog and she was right. You have wonderful images. What a treat. I love the stripey cat. We lost one of our toms last year and I do miss him so. What lovely things you received in the mail too. Isn't it great to have surprises in the post instead of bills? Lastly I think the personalised envelope is just such a good idea. I am going to do that for some of my outgoing mail in future.