Friday, May 08, 2009

Needing a Break

To all my friends in blogland, I hereby announce that I need a huge break and therefore I won't be posting much unless the muse hits me.

I'm overwhelmed with losing patients, leaving clients and packing up sixteen years in a place I love. I had a mini-meltdown last night so I'm going to listen to my body and do some inner-work. Long walks, meditation, boozing it up...just kidding about that one! I just need to quiet my mind and be kind to myself.

I'll still visit you all. I'm just taking the pressure of myself to have to post.

Hopefully these smokestacks will simmer down soon.

I knew you'd understand ;) Please feel free to stop by and talk to me. I don't want you to forget me!



  1. LOLO...listen to your body and soul...It is the one you the need the most....Never feel obligated to post constantly it will turn into a large monkey on the back...Peace be with you...and have a bozzey on me...


    Sonia :).....

    ever need to vent..this raven is always near her nest..or cave...LOL

  2. Way to go! I hope you have a wonderful soulful rest. You wont be forgotten, and I will be on the lookout for your posts when and if. You are a wonderful lovely giving person, and how nice it will be for you to give to yourself now for a while. xxx

  3. Be true to, regroup, refresh, enjoy the everyday minutes of your life...take it all in. Once you do this, your lovely art, words, thoughts and "you-ness" will again feel like flying free and inspired. We are all here...not going anywhere...forget you???? Not have forever emblazened your spirit in our hearts! :)

  4. forget you? never! love you? forever!
    we will talk soon.
    sending you a cyber bouquet of 'forget-me-nots' with love and more love and more love.

  5. You definitely have a lot going on. I'm thinking of you as you pack and ready yourself to leave. so much emotional stuff. do listen to your self and be kind and good to you. take care, suki

  6. we could forget you!

    Hey girl - take a break - I've taken a few this year and it helps a ton. You need to keep gas in the tank for your own self and you've had a tough run recently.

    We love ya. And when you move here, we're driving out to KJ"s. Done deal, Mim

  7. Oh my. I can't even imagine packing up a house at this stage of the game. (20 yrs in one place) so your move sounds huge to me!
    And winding up a practice (what do you do?) and terminating clients/patients is huge too. Lots of stress here. Sounds like you are giving your self the best RX you can. I just suggested same on my Saturday blog post for tomorrow. You are a step ahead of me. Do be gentle with yourself.
    You are being understood by many I am sure. Hugs. xoxo Lynn

  8. dear Laurel,

    I hope you can take your mind off of all the clutter and recharge that little battery.
    Hope you'll find a good home, a happy place to live and some real deserved rest.

  9. I will have you in my thoughts...moving is one of the most stressful situations and leaving those special clients...I know it was difficult for me. But the one constant has been the wonderful Furrydance family that keep me focused and grounded.

  10. I have been feeling like that lately. Sometimes a break is good. I had to pack up and move a life time living in CA to here. Losing a parent in the move. So I know that kind of stress for sure. Take care of you.

  11. Very understandable LoLo. Hope you do some things that give you peace, comfort and joy. You will not be forgotten!!! Hope to hear from you....take it easy. Big ol' hug.

  12. You are going through a tumultous time in your life Lolo. Do what ever it takes to stay well. I will help you all I can... I will have a few drinks for you. ;)

  13. Too right, Laurel! Time out needed! I wish you well with the packing up - I've done it so many times now, I've lost count, but it is never easy! Will miss your posts and look forward very much to picking them up again when you're ready. Enjoy your break!
    Love, Caroline x

  14. sniff. sob.

    no! no!

    it's not right.

    how selfish.

    just kidding. i just thought i'd liven things up around here. take care of that big heart of yours, ms. lolo, nobody's going anywhere so don't worry one f-- bit about it!


  15. Dear Lolo,
    good that you know what you need and act!
    You need your energy for a lot of things now and this is a unnecessary pressure.
    This isn´t easy for you all this letting go and goodbyes......
    Make sure you take good care of yourself!
    Big big hug from me and we keep in touch!


  16. Never underestimate the value of boozing it up. Just remember, all things in moderation ... that said, let's begin with ... moderation! :O

  17. I won't forget you. Nor could I forget you.

    I love you Laurel.

    I guess there is a time that we all have that giving and giving and giving just wears us out.

    And you being beside the animals that you grow to love and the love they feel for you in return is hard when death happens often. It is a very wearing time.

    The people you love and love you in return will always wait. I will.

    Love you, your raven sister.


  18. Lolo, you are smart to listen to your body in this time of turmoil.

    We would NEVER forget you!! You are too wonderful!!

    Take care.

  19. well now that you have got me all misty eyed between u leaving (ok i know just a short time) and Casy passing on im not sure what to say. Everyone needs some down time to regroup, reevaluate ones life.
    And Yeh take your time that's alright we'll all be here when you get back. Take care of yourself and see ya when you get back. :) michael dailey

  20. Laurel poor Mimi and Ed too. Wearing the neck collar is heartbreaking. But it would be just like wearing a loved ones pajamas. Just the smell or the feel.

    I'm sorry that you have to go through that Laurel. But I know you are strong enough and I know that your love for others and all creatures will keep you doing just what you have done.

    But how do you get recharged.

    I love you dear raven sister.

    More than you know.


  21. Laurel I think that is probably the thing to hold on to. Maybe not that your Mom was the best or even good, but that she was loving and she tried.

    I forgot to tell you, if you can imagine, it snowed yesterday for a couple of hours. Thank God it disappeared.

    Love you and have a good day my raven sister.

    Love Renee xoxox

  22. hellllllloooooooooo.

    are you taking it easy?

    are you breathing in and out?

    are you counting your blessings?

    are you feeling whatever?

    okay, that's good. i just wanted to be sure.


  23. Laurel I hope that one day I will get to read it and love her for all the things she tried to do.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

    It is good to cry sometimes. I do all the time.

  24. Who could forget you? Take it easy and and be kind to yourself. Many hugs and much love. xoxo

  25. Big hugs to you Lolo. I understand. I've always been so amazed how you are able to post and create all the time like you do! Rest, and rejuvenate. Fill YOU back up.

  26. i think that is a wise choice - will stop by every now and then and see how it is going with you

  27. Awesome pic to go along with this...been there and done that!!! I usually drop off the map for a month or so a couple of times a year to recharge...keep your wits about you and stay creative for yourself, even if it means just doodling on napkins!

  28. Moving is exhausting... get that done and it will be awesome! I feel for you... Will come by and thank you for all your wonderful comments and uplifting art work... So glad I can come here.
    Bless you and and my best wishes on all of this.

  29. Dear Laurel!
    Hope you are taking good care of yourself!
    I will fly to SF tomorrow and will return Thursday.
    I know you are busy but I love to stay in touch!

    love >M<

  30. virtual hugs and healthy thoughts for you.... ~m

  31. I think you are so uppealing. Not your writing, not your art; just you.

    Are you packing today. The move will be coming before you know it.

    Do you have any active clients right now.

    Love Renee xoxo

  32. Forget you-never. EVER. Me and my crew, we are always here for you.

  33. Oooohhh! I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I can imagine how overwhelmed you must be with everything going on. I'm feeling a bit myself and I don't have half the stuff you do!

    I'm feel pretty confident that you, of all people know what to do to take care of yourself. You'll be in tip top shape in no time.

    Lots of xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  34. Break is good and please post whenever you are free:)
    Or elase we shall miss you for sometime...