Monday, May 25, 2009

Cactus Monday: Desert Rose

A rose is a rose is a rose...unless it's on a cactus!

Squeaked another one out fast and dirty today! ATC available for trade :)

Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. This is stunning, Studio. I love the linework in this...the textures.

    And the blending of the blues and greens is delicious.

  2. Laurel did you see the ATC that Deeparatz did. I am telling you go check them out. Oh my God they are something else.

    By the way of course I know that you and I would be putting out the same thoughts.

    Oh and by the way once again I can't remember if I told you how much I laughed when you wrote on the envelope 'p.s. I never lived in Winnipeg and about your sister.' har har


  3. It is beautiful Lolo! Love to think of a rose on a cactus. Same kind of thorns, well almost.


  4. Wow Lolo!]Awesome as always!
    I want to trade everything yu create......

    HCM from Dar!
    and love !

  5. seems i am too late to trade with you, marianne got here first...we are all like little greedy piggies with these atcs. hugs friend.

  6. i love it. so what else is new?

    your watercolors are so gentle. they could rock me to sleep...


  7. Fast perhaps but not dirty. It is quite nice. I am amazed that it was fast with all the detail. HCM.

  8. Oh, such talent. I am so envious. This is beautiful. It makes me wonder what a cactus lilac would like like with the green and purple.

  9. Love it! I never get tired of exclaiming it, so I hope you don't get tired of hearing it.

    I got to drool over a Phil's Fishmarket menu this week.....oh, the joy.

  10. marianne claimed it! It's on the way to the netherlands ;)

  11. Let's hope she doesn't see that. Nadalene has a psychic palm already, no need for me to tell her she is a prophet too.

    She would be flying higher than a kite.

    You always make me laugh.


  12. It's amazing how with such simple, clean line and color you are able to make that thing glow like the dickens!

  13. This one 'glows' from within!! So pretty!

  14. Wow! I simply love the rattan fill and texture in between the cactus!
    Lovely execution LOlo!