Sunday, May 24, 2009

In A Fog

One of the reasons I won't mind moving away from this beautiful place is the FOG that blankets us for the summer. Call me crazy, but to me summer is supposed to mean warm temperatures and lots of sunshine! It's so chilly here that I have to wear this big old winter pullover on most mornings when I walk the dog, who by the way hates to get out of bed in this weather. Look at her!
When I move back to New England though I'm sure there will be days of humidity that will be unbearable and I'll be praying to the fog Gods.

The grass always seems greener, doesn't it?


  1. Oh my, she is so cute and what a snuggle bunny :-), my kind of dog. I love fog, and it has been too hot here, already, so yes the grass is always greener. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog :-). XOXO

  2. Oh boy Laurel it sure does.

    I love the pictures. Especially th second one.


  3. It is good to concentrate on the good things you expect there instead of the good things you will leave behind........

    I thought about tagging you Lolo! But you have enough to do as it is so I didn't dare.....

    Emma looks so cute sleeping in the blankets!

    I love sunshine and heat! I wish I could move more to the south.....

    Tomorrow I will go to dar es Salaam and I will enjoy 2 days of sunshine! How about that!
    Be back on Thursday but I think I have internet there...........

    C U!

    hug >M<

  4. Emma could be a card the way she is so snuggled up and adorable.

    Yes, there is something to be said about being in the sunshine; it's called 'why I go to Arizona'. But New England is my second favorite place to go. so much beauty there.

  5. Your poor little doggie. You will have to buy her/him coats for the NE cold weather.

  6. aaaaw how cute, i agree with you,the fog is 'dogging' her...tee hee soon be over emma.

  7. Laurel,

    Thats how I feel when Im cold and damp. sweet.

    Sonia ;)

  8. how cute your puppy is. a little fog is mysterious and mystical but a lot would be dampening of the spirits.

  9. Love those pics of your cute dog! Yes, the grass is often greener!! I yearn for the change of seasons that we don't see here in the tropics - however, it doesn't take me long to forget that as I certainly don't envy anyone having a grey, cold day!!!!

  10. lo, the grass may be greener but that doesn't mean it's softer, stronger, mowed or fertilized. you will be where you are destined to be, and among many blessings that await you, your friend kj will be jumping up and down squealing with delight....


  11. oh, i forgot to mention emma. my favorite is that little nose under the covers.

  12. A friend of mine and I always used to say that your part of California is "perfect 3-piece suit weather". :)

  13. So inviting those doggies of yours... wish I could get under the covers.

    Thank you for coming by. I'm trying to recharge somehow but still pretty tired. Took a pretty long break almost 10 days from blogging and just decided to get back, if not I might stay in the fog and forget. I don't think things will let up for at least 2 months, due to pending exhibit at SPIVA.

    When are you moving? Have you set a date?
    Anyhow have a wonderful week and HCM :-)

  14. Hugs to Emma. But, I'm a freak, and I love a good fog, as long as I get to see the sun sometime during the day. Night fogs, suck to drive in, but ooooooh, delicious to walk through.