Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blooming Tuesday Debut

Hello there! I'm taking a short break from my self-imposed hiatus to post this artichoke blossom my husband brought home for me one day last year. I plunked it in the vase and sat right down and painted it on canvas. Normally, I don't paint many still lifes but I did enjoy the 'complicated simplicity' of this one.

I'm taking lots of deep breaths, packing little by little but getting it done.

I already miss everyone though so I felt like posting something!

Happy Blooming Tuesday!


  1. Beautifully rendered, Laurel!

  2. Thats wonderfully executed Lolo...I love the details and the 'complicated simplicity'...
    Goegeous painting:)

    Do chk out my bloom too...with my haiku:)

  3. Oh Lolo, I am so happy you painted this-what a beauty! I have never seen anything like this.

    And the fact that you 'had' to do it is so exciting!!!


  4. I am so happy you posted today. That painting is beautiful. I love it.

    Whats good about our lives is we can do what we want.

    I want to believe I will get to where I want to go. And having you as my friend will help me along that path.

    Love you raven sister.

    Renee xoxo

  5. Hi Lolo!!! This is really pretty...at first it made me think it was a sort of strange succulent bloom like I had never seen before...but you tricked me good!!! LOL :)

  6. YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE my lo is here, love it super girl and glad to hear you are trying to rest and take it 'one step at a time'....love ya lo wfs to you.

  7. wow I've never seen an artichoke bloom, beautiful.

    as emerson once wrote: "foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" so enjoy your break, refresh, recharge, rejoice (but I will miss your posts).

  8. Dear Laurel,

    I love the way you made this central composition almost tilt, with its wispy, dreamy stem and vase, almost in a fogg and then that bloom bursting to the left! It could be a dream image...

    Hope you're doing well on the packing department, I am sure, sometimes overwhelming...
    and hope you can find a little corner for yourself to breathe and to be still.

    I wish you lots of courage, energy, peace, patience, love and wisdom


  9. Happy BT to you too, this is lovely and I'm glad you shared it. happy packing friend


    this may be my favorite of all time. man oh man oh man oh jc again, darling friend.

    i just LOVE this. how do you paint so effortlessly?

    i can't wait to watch.


  11. Very beautifully done! Love it. I have been thinking of you alot, hoping you are doing well, meaning to get something to you, still trying to crawl out of the hole I still feel in, so happy to see a post from you....take care.

  12. I'm glad I snuck in here today :)
    I miss everyone!

    Ms. KJ...perhaps this could be someone's birthday present in August. Hand delivered ;)

  13. help! help!


  14. Glad to see something from you again, otherwise it would have been cold turkey ;)
    This is soooo beautiful! Love the colors and the complicated simplicity!
    Its a little marvel.
    Glad you are holding on dear. Wish I was closer so I could help you ith something. have been thinking about you a lot yesterday because I was so close but still so far........

    Take care!

  15. I just came to stare into your beautiful eyes.


  16. If someone brought me an artichoke blossom, I'd keep them around forever!

  17. it's so serenely beautiful. i have been staring at it for the past ten minutes. :-) thank you...

  18. Beautiful!
    Love the blossom and the transparent vase:)

  19. Laurel, this is stunning. So very, very beautiful. I have never seen an artichoke in bloom before. Can't resist eating them before they get to that point.

    Good luck with all the packing and moving. Remember to breathe. And bend from the knees. It's sad to go, I know. But instead of beautiful sunsets, you'll have gorgeous sunrises to look forward to. And seasons once again!


  20. Like this one...nice handling of the glass...

  21. This is a gorgeous flower. Happy BT.

  22. nice painting. i like the simple shapes too and the soft hues in your colors.