Friday, May 29, 2009

Illustration Friday: Adapt

"I am one who wants to put down roots near the bones of my ancestors. The trees will keep me company, calling my name when the wind rustles the leaves. I will adapt to my surroundings. I will be home."

It's amazing to me that I had another SoulCollage card in my box that worked for this week's word. Another sign perhaps that I knew I'd be making this journey one day, and in my heart it would feel right.

The words were written today, and they also feel right.


  1. i'm the first to comment?

    well, i'll try to be auspicious:

    your words here are a prayer,
    reason to kneel and be thankful.

    i can't believe your homecoming will include me. i kneel to that.


  2. Stunning, magical, deep. I know you'll do fine. It's what's inside, right?

    I so embrace your courage.

    All the joy you can hold, coming your way. :)

  3. Beautiful! This just touched me so. Thank you!

  4. what a wonderfully 'soulful' post, and i can now feel your inner excitement and joy at 'returning' home. i am so happy for you lo. hugs and lotsa wfs today.

  5. Chill bumps...chill bumps all over...You blow me away!!! Magical words...soulful art.

  6. Wow. I think your soul collage cards are amazing.

    Could you do some kind of series of posted them so I can see at least one a week. Please.....

    Have fun with your uncle. I am beat today too.

    May I have your new address on my blog and then I will reject it.

    Or when are you moving again? My head is totally blank.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  7. i love her knarly old hands- great piece!

  8. so so lovely and heartfelt. perfectly expressed. hey, when IS the big move anyway, or did i miss it? ")

    best, lollie, always! :)

  9. good morning sunshine!!!!

  10. "I will adapt to my surroundings. I will be home."

    wow! these words are so sublime...
    a whole book can be written on this... so deeeep!

    what a pity i cannot see the pic...

  11. This is absolutely lovely and inspiring!

  12. I love how you chronicle your life journey Laurel!

  13. anywhere I lay my hat is home... good luck with the move!! I can't wait until we can finally put down roots too.

  14. LOLO-this is freaking me OUT.
    Thursday, at the doctor's office I was lying on the table focusing on a painting I really like to keep my mind off things-it was all pale whites and blues of an Indian woman rising out of the winds and the mountains. I visualized other places women's spirits dwell and thought of wonderful pictures.....and then you post this.

    Now I know that our spirits not only dwell in mountain and root, but in each other.

    However (like George Burns in Oh God) when I'm gone I'm hanging out with the animals for a few centuries. Right now, because I'm so hungry, I'd like to be a Great White Shark and take a big bite out of an elephant seal (sorry mr. seal, but I'm starving).

  15. Lolo's readers who don't know me-I really AM hungry and am really not a fierce person.

  16. When I opened this site and saw the mind immediately went biblical and said, "Yes this is what is meant by the tree of life."

    Laying down a root and aging within it and finally becoming an aged hardwood, indestructible by the vagaries of time.

    Each growing wrinkle adding strength to the bark. It is a contemplative thing art of yours.

  17. Amazing piece, and an amazing piece of synchronicity!

  18. This is so interesting.
    While looking at this card, not knowing yet what it was I saw:
    a woman standing in the woods holding up a painting of roots saying her lines in a play performance outdoors.
    I'm glad the words and pictures bring you feelings of comfort about your coming move.

  19. Incredible and so meaningful. Your art always carries so much emotion and touches my soul.

    I am so eager to set down roots, too. :)

  20. Laurel did you write the words. They are beautiful. One of the many reasons why I find you so beautiful.

    When you write, I proceed to melt.

    Love your raven sister.


  21. Maybe she won't be so cranky with you around her. I know I wouldn't.

    I still love that on the envelope. xoxoxo

  22. Dear Laurel,
    This is so perfect for where you are in your life. May your roots grow deep and wide in RI just like your heart.....deep and wide. I think I hear the trees of RI calling your name.
    Love and friendship, Nancy B.

  23. This is indeed a really Soulful post!!!I loved the interpretation. Loved yout houghts on it as well.

    Thanks for your kind comment in my blog. It really means a lot to me:)

    Have a great day!

  24. Hi Studio Lolo,

    Thanks so much for the helpful advice in response to my problem. I like ladies who like sweets!


    Rocky xxx

  25. Lolo, this is just absolutely fabulous. It couldn't have been right'er for the word. Your art is telling you something.