Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Speechless

When I first did a Thankful Thursday post I had no idea it would become a weekly deal, but my mailbox has been brimming every week with unexpected gifts that I just have to tell you about. I have the most generous bunch of thoughtful friends, really!
Today's gifts are all from pretty far away. The first gift is from Renee in Winnipeg, Canada. She sent me this adorable card and tiny wooden trinket out of the blue just to tell me she loves me. Thank you! I love you too, Raven Sister!

This next surprise is from Marianne in the Netherlands. The photo isn't too clear, but it's a watercolor Moleskin journal for my trip back home, one of her wonderful mandala stickers, and a very touching ATC card that has an "Inutshuk" on it. The back of the card says "You're on the right path" and goes on to wish me a safe journey and many sunsets and sunrises. Bless you, Marianne! You are so, so dear to me.

Last, but not least for this week's post is a crosstitch from Soulbrush, one of my dearest friends on the blogs.

The amazing thing about this gift is that she did this twenty years ago and has been saving it for "that special someone." I'm just so blown away by this gesture of love and friendship. I'll find a special place in my new home for this and will think of her always when I admire it.

Thank you SB, you're that 'special someone' to me as well!

Thank you ladies. My heart is filled with gratitude!


  1. Aw Laurel...That is so are truly blessed with friends.

    Sonia ;)

  2. What treasured gifts! You are indeed very, very blessed!

  3. Truly truly wonderful and thoughtful gifts. They brought tears to my eyes.

    And you so deserve them. Nice things happen to nice people.

    Happy Thankful Thursday. We all have so much to be thankful for.

  4. such lovely surprises and tokens to send you on your way across the country to your new place. blessings to you.

  5. all of these lovegifts are terrific but:


    NO SIR!



  6. i love you lots and lots.xxxxx

  7. Congrats to you Lolo.
    Your thankful Thursday are so beautiful and powerful!
    I hope you will receive more and more to come:)

  8. Wow! You get some great mail!!

  9. (Thank you for your prayers!)

  10. Wow! Another mailbox full of gifts - how fantastic - lucky Laurel!

  11. Wow all those mailboxes!
    Lovely things from renee and the crossstitch from SOul!!!! Amazing.
    Glad you liked your things and you ARE special to me as well!!!!
    love u

    PS I posted a picture of the heron with the crow.

  12. Beautiful gifts! You have such wonderful friends:)

  13. So very wonderful! I love how blog friends just keep loving and being so kind. You received some treasures, what a blessing.

  14. Laurel they are all so adorable.

    What fantastic works by your friends.

    And as far as soulbrush saving it for someone special I think that she made the right choice because you are incredible.

    Love Renee xoxox

  15. What goes around comes around...Kudoes! Well deserved!