Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Bend Over....

...let me see you shake a tail feather!!! Remember that song?

I got the sweetest note from Debra Kay last week (with some tail feathers from Oliver) and I think it arrived the same day Oliver got his ATC from me. I love karmic synchronicity!
Debra Kay said that Oliver wanted to send me a piece of his heart but his ass mails better!! Oh, they kill me. What a pair!

Thanks you two. You're a sunny spot in my day too ;)

I also got these beautiful roses from Mimi a few days ago. She has the most beautiful garden. She'll scatter some of Casey's ashes there among the rose bushes and lavender. Thank you Mimi. My cat Bliss and I love them!


  1. What a delightful post!
    Had to laugh about the feathers!
    Had to sigh about Bliss
    and awwwww about the roses!



  2. Yes, you have many things to be thankful for. Love the feathers, roses and your sweet kitty.

  3. You have such a beautiful a beautiful cat! Looks like a greeting card with the flowers!

  4. Oooh, those are gorgeous! Look at that cute Blissy! Does she want to eat the roses? My cats would be throwing a munch on them and leaving little rose petal hoics all over the rug afterward. (0:

  5. Nothing but smiles here today.

  6. Thanks for coming to see the ATCs I've added two more and #6 has not been spoken for it you like it. I may make some more tomorrow. Let me know if you want that one or not.

  7. Say it fast and it sounds like 'ass smells better' Ha! Fun post, the roses and Bliss are both beautiful, that was kind of her.

  8. i just love this simple note.

    and i just love mimi's simple roses.

    and i just love your blog and you.

  9. Ha ha! Love those tail feathers! Gorgeous kitty and very beautiful roses - they really have the look of garden grown roses and bet they smell wonderful too.

  10. fun to get the feathers. and those roses are just gorgeous.

  11. You can bring your pissyness to my door any day.

    The door will be opened and I will be on the other side with a big hug for my darling friend.

    The flowers are beautiful and your cat is gorgeous.

    Is is a nice thing to spread Casey's ashes.

    I am thinking of you today especially and sending you lots of love.


    Love Renee

  12. helllloooooooo!

    thinking of yooooooou!

  13. So sweet and love the fun with Oliver and Deb.

  14. Shake shake shake, shake your booty!

  15. Wow! Really beautiful I pictured myself smelling and holding it:)