Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finally...2 ATC's for trade!

My time is short for art lately but I managed to mess around yesterday and get these two done. The crowns are silver glittery stickers but they always scan yellow. The King is up top (to be traded with Deepartz), the Queen, below. Up for trade girls!
The Queen will be going to Renee in Winnipeg because Ms. K J pulled some strings ;)
I guess I'd better get busy and become as prolific as the rest of you! You just wait until I get settled in my new home, I'll be cranking them out ;)

My uncle arrives from Ottawa tomorrow so I'll be tied up all week entertaining him. No time for art I'm afraid. I'll see you soon though!


  1. May I have the King, Lolo? I can make something for you too. May I?

    I loved both... so majestic and exquisite! Ravens are your charm! I would love to own one of them.

    Have a nice day!

  2. OH.MY.GOD! these are incredible. may i put in a 'save the second one' on behalf of ms. renee since i got here first, or are these reserved for atc traders?

    it made me smile to know you used the copic markers. i wasn't sure they would be as useful as your watercolors and pencils so i am very happy they worked for you.

    love love laurel... :)

  3. Whoa...I'm way too slow...These are gorgeous...You must put me on the list for a raven whenever you get to the chance to "rest in your nest" and create again...My woven linen diptych has been reserved for you! My pleasure...No Worries! :)

  4. Oh They are fabulous!
    Love those sparkly crows on them and the male is really majestic!
    Lucky Renee and Deepa!

    Have a nice time with your uncle!
    love >M<

  5. I love them! They stand out beautifully against the deep blues. Love the crowns too!

  6. Thank you Thank you so very much Lolo. Will make something really nice for you too:)

    Have a WONDERFUL Day!

  7. they both deserve them, what beauties. have fun with your 'unc' and just relax and enjoy. love ya and happy cactus monday fellow cactuteer.

  8. Oh they are beautiful have a very awesome gift for art. Have fun with your Uncle.

    Sonia ;)

  9. Nice work! I guess I will wait patiently until you move (which is when now?) for more and to get my hands on some! LOL

  10. Well thank heaven for kj are you would leave me to rot without a raven queen card to look at all day.

    Thanks kj.

    Oh you too Madam Raven Sister. xoxo

    Have a wonderful time with your uncle. You know how amazing Canadians are since you are one yourself.

    Love Renee xoxox

    I love it. Thank you.

  11. I know that you would never leave me out.

    You never have.

    Yes we are joint raven queens and I totally owe kj.

    Woot woot.


  12. Wow, awesome work, i can't believe the beautiful ATCs I have seen. I fear I could not reach the same standard that I have seen all of you all do!

  13. Gorgeous ATCs. I love the added sparkle in the crowns and the wonderful line work in the background.

  14. these are just wonderful!!

  15. Wow! Your Atc are so beautiful and attractive:)
    I can feel the joy all visitors are happily dropping by and admiring the pieces:)