Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Double Header

I know this is a stretch! I took these pics a couple of months ago when I was down at Lover's Point shooting Skywatch photos.
This two-headed swanboat was the first one to be used in The Feast of Lanterns celebration. ( I find the event a bit hokey.)
Now it's behind a protective chain enjoying its retirement.

Happy Animal Wednesday and safe boating everyone!


  1. What a sweet boat!
    perfect for animal Wednesday!!!
    I will leave soon heading for home where it has been raining from friday on the weather will be perfect again!
    Sometimes I miss out on things while away, but this time I escaped the rain.......
    This morning when I was at the pool I was the only one together with a unch of crows and a small white with yellow heron. It was so nice watching them.I was drawing watching and enjoying the silence.After swimming I walked towrds my chair and I saw a crow picking up my micron pen and he flew away with it!!!!
    I followed himwith my eyes and remember the spot where he dropped it, got my pen back. It was a hoot.
    These crows here are so tall and slim but very beautiful as well so different then the little one in our garden with the blue eyes. You would have loved the show they put up...... They fooled around with the heron as well.

    HAW! and love

  2. i can see just the second pic... and it a great photo...

    the composition gives life to the swan... i feel a kind of nostalgia and longing for flight as it is looking at the sea and the sky...


  3. If I just look at the head it reminds me of an old merry go round ride!

  4. Love that boat!! Perfect for HAW.

    I read Marianne's comment. WHAT A HOOT!! That crow must have thought it was you. Or he was bringing it to you.


  5. how big is this swan, lo? it looks enormous.

    i cannot believe a crow flew off with marianne's micron pen! i can close my eyes and see the scene! too funny.

    i hope you are having a good good day. mine is going pretty well. i'm writing alot via this memoir class and it's pretty damn interesting...


  6. What a lovely boat. Swans are so beautiful. Love your cactus too. I have tried drawing them several times but mine never seem to amount to

  7. Funny that we both posted swans - and maybe you were thinking of the swan boats in Boston Garden - always a favorite with me.
    HAW a day late, be good!

  8. I do love this one! Reminds me a little of some pics of dragonboats I took in Hong Kong - will post them one day!

  9. Wow! this is cool swan boat. I can picture you having fun with it.
    Happy Wednesday Lolo!

  10. Wouldn't it be amazing to drift around in the Swan Boat underneath the stars?