Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Kitty Dreams

This is a collage I did with my greeting card program one day when I was messing around. I love the peacefulness of the image. This is where I'd like to be right now, so perhaps what I'll do when I take a break from packing, sorting and letting things go I'll let my mind travel to this magical place and just chill out with the cat.

Happy Animal Wednesday and pleasant dreams, my friends!


  1. Always good to chill out with a cat, I say!! If mine would sit still for 5 minutes I'd definitely do the same Happy Animal Wednesday, Laurel!

  2. lovely image. me too. i want to chill out with the cat in the butterfly air.

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! So nice this one.
    maybe you can visualize yourself next to this kitty, maybe I should do so as well sometimes.....

    Hope you will be able to relax in between everything!

    Happy Animal Wednesday!

  4. Chilling sounds like the perfect thing to do especially in this setting.

    Gosh, we were on the same page today Lolo.


  5. Laurel it is totally lovely.

    Yes go there where it is nice and peaceful.

    I am very happy that hiding in closets is a thing of the past for you sweet raven sister.

    Love Renee xoxo

  6. What an adorable and fun image! How can you not chill out when you cuddle with a cat....I tell Dudley he 'soothes my soul'.

  7. aaaw sweetie pie, you are so on my mind constantly...wishing you some peace from all the stress and haw.

  8. This is both precious AND beautiful. Devine colors!!!! Action, and a sense of peace.

  9. i can hear those butterflies fluttering and the birds chirping in the background.

    and then, with a soft whisper that rises alittle each quiet second, a voice that enters...."lolo, more boxes. we need more boxes..."

    love you girlfriend.

  10. Cats can be such a comfort when they cuddle. Your work looks very peaceful...speaking of cats mine just crawled into my lap for attention, have to go now. :)

  11. got the awesome journal - thank you so much!
    can't believe you are MOVING here to the right coast.
    and all I want to do is move to the left coast.
    best of luck with all, and let's get together here as soon as your dust settles.
    how far from NYC will you be?

  12. HAW Lolo. I hope you do get some time to be peaceful in this tumultous time.

  13. Wow! Lovely and heavenly.
    The mood and colours and the sentimental part:)
    Lolo, you made my day!

  14. Well, I'm a bit late in commenting here, but as a cat lover I just had to say it!!! And you're right, it has a very restful feeling to it!