Friday, May 15, 2009

Skywatch Friday: A Few More Sunsets

As my time nears the end of living near Asilomar Beach I'm going to take in as many sunsets as I can and share them with all of you.

Each setting sun shows us that we never know what's going to be on the horizon.

Happy Skywatch Friday, and remember to go here to see more skies in different parts of the world.


  1. Wowzers lolo, it is gorgeous!!!

    It seems so sad that you are leaving but there will be happiness over the horizon for you.

  2. LOLO....Your horizons will beautiful where ever you plant your roots. An adventure is setting forth....

    Sonia ;)

  3. What a beautimus sunset.....there will be more lovely ones to come! Your gifts you received are amazing, how uplifting!

  4. YES! Wow! And I wonder what views await you where you are going???
    Happy Friday...happy packing.
    I blogged your gifts to me today!
    Others agree with me that they are amazing! Thanks again, Laurel.

  5. Oh what a beautiful view and so nearby your home......
    You will miss this!
    But you will get other views there and beautiful skies will be waiting for you!

    I got your card today!!!!!!
    Gorgeous and so is the ATC with it!
    Thanks for being the reason I feel thankful today!

    love >M<

  6. I love the single wave. Very nice!

  7. yes, we never know. sometimes we even find a special friend at just the right moment!

  8. lo, when are you actually off? i know we are all going to enjoy hearing and seeing your new sunsets along the way...and don't forget you are going to meet up with kj and mim! wow!

  9. hey girl! where are you?


  10. sweet friend, please swing by my place when you get a moment. there's an award waiting for you.

  11. That is one beautiful sunset. I miss the ocean so much living so far from sea! Thank you for that.

  12. Laurel that is stunning.

    I love how the water looks too. So amazing.

    Yes Laurel those are recent stats. Shocking isn't it?

    Strong women unite. Cheers to us.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. Lolo you've made my day,you have found the R.R mural thanx......
    And then I saw this beautiful sunset!
    Sorry my english isn't to good.
    But I love your paintings.
    Greetings Marja and a high five from our Ridgeback Beaudor.

  14. I was going to say "look on the bright side-you'll have gorgeous sunrises where you are going" but then I remembered what time of day THAT happens. Maybe you could set up a autotimer camera and enjoy a lovely sun rise at a more decent hour!

  15. I can imagine how much you'll miss this place, and it's magic. So, you are really going to make the move...don't know what to say.

    It's nice to see you're still posting and sharing your joy for life.

    Happy Monday!

  16. That must be hard and bittersweet but I know your future will have many happy trails and paths to come :)

  17. remember your sun set is Japans sun rise. I use to sit at my father-in-law's house in Soma, Japan, which is a small town on the coast, and watch the sun rise on the ocean and think of all the people watching it set in CA. Can't get to many suns rising or setting they are special, specially when you can share em with some one, Thanks for posting and good to see you artwork too. ill have to ck back often since ur not doing IF for a bit.

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