Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Full Plate

A couple of weeks ago (I'm so behind) my good friend Joss sent me this inspirational magnet.
She knew I was trying to find more time to be creative. She always tunes into me:)
Thanks, dear friend. I look at this every day!♥

A new friend Martha passed this award along to me. Thanks Martha!
Please check out her blog to see her wonderful drawings and paintings. She's also an animal lover and a dog trainer at Petco!
For those of you who have given me awards in the past you know what I'm going to say.
Please help yourselves to this one!! You are all beautiful bloggers to me ;)♥

Teri sent me a sweet card with my ABC/atc "U is for Undies"  in it as well as this extra atc of sweet pink flowers. The front of the pop-up card says "You're Special!"
Thanks Teri! So are you :)♥
Please check out our abc blog here. It's fun to see how our minds work!

This very pretty postcard arrived from our traveling friend, Marianne. What delicate orchids.
It's nice to be thought of no matter where we are. Thank you Marianne! ♥

I have a new friend in the Netherlands now, Marja, introduced to me by Marianne!
Marja lives part of the time in a beautiful part of France. Check out her blog for stunning photos of her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Beaudor as well as shots of her homes.

She recently posted that she was going to Edinburgh for a short trip with her husband. I mentioned my Grandfather was born there and the next thing you know I got these gifts in the mail from her yesterday along with a beautiful card.
There is a small book of Favourite Scottish Recipes. Most of them are bizarre, but some of them sound intriguing and I remember my mother making versions of them.
Here's one I chose for my sweet-toothed pals!

And then there's this HILARIOUS book from 1913 titled "Don'ts For Wives."
You just KNOW Renee is howling over this!

Here's a snippet....
"Don't grudge your husband his little luxuries~his cigarettes, or his pipes or his books.
Who has a better right to them than the man who earns them?"

I told you this is hilarious!

And look at the little wine bottle kimono she bought in Hong Kong with Marianne!
Beaudor (her dog) was hoping it would fit Emma so she could model for him :P
Thank you Marja!! These are very thoughtful gifts. ♥

Remember when I painted a mural for my friend while she was in Arizona?
She brought back this wonderful original painting on home made paper. I just love it!

And last but not least, this wonderful book was in today's mail from Suki with a sweet little note sending me blessings as I continue getting settled in . She said if I read nothing else, at least read the chapter on the raven.
I can't wait to begin it and read the entire book. I love nature writing, especially if it's an area I'm familiar with. I have a feeling this will remind me of "The Gift From The Sea."
Thank you Suki, that was so thoughtful of you. ♥

Whew, that's a lot to be thankful for!
Love and blessings to all of you. xoxo


  1. Omigoodness, Laurel, what a love-filled week you have had. What goes around comes around and you are definitely receiving a return on the kindness you show to others. Isn't it all the sweeter when it is so unexpected?

    God bless,

  2. Hahaha! I bet that book was written by a man! :)
    Such wonderful gifts from Marja.
    Love that coat! (and the thought of Emma in it!)
    She is always so generous and original in her gifts. She spoils me rotten.
    I am so glad to have her as a friend and glad the 2 of you connected as well.

    And then that magnet from Joss!!!!
    Such an important reminder for you keep it in sight!
    Joss is such a sweetheart♥

    Congrats on the awards you deserve them all!

    Teri is so good in her Haiku series and all the colorful art she makes.

    The raven painting is gorgeous!

    And the book...............don't know the content but it looks so inviting.....
    Suki has made me curious about a book she is reading about Zeeland (where I live) so I think I will try it (I am not such a reader you know)
    Suki is a good ambassadress for reading! and a dear friend.

    Lucky you!

    ps I survived the dental surgeon........ it was not as bad as last time so I am thankful for that!
    And for you being in our lives


  3. Wonderful blessings for a wonderful person Lolo.
    I am making a note of that book, I love that kind of writing also.

    Love Joss' plaque and Marja is as nice as Marianne-must be the Dutch in them.

  4. Lolo!!!!
    Your plate is not just FULL< it runneth over!!!
    What wonderful things...and too bad Emma can't model the little kimono...ahem! ;)
    Nice to read so many happy things in one plae. I have a list from the '50s of Do's and Don't for wives....I'll see if I can find it and send you a copy! You will roar!


  5. Such lovely gifts from lovely friends! It is wonderful to see the real love (and humour) that exists in the blogging world!

    Joss' magnet is ideal for you! She is a real sweetie! Marja's gift are great....and I love Rhodesian Ridgebacks. (Have been reading her blog - or rather - Beaudor's..)

    And, oh yes, can definitely hear Renee's "Har-Har" regarding the "Do's and Dont's for Wives"!
    I am especially interested in the "Dont's" must share!

    You are deserving of all these treasures! You bring light to all of our lives!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Wow.. you did get a lot of things to be thankful for. Love it all. Especially LOVE the magnet from Joss. Its perfect. What did your friend say about the mural you surprised her with? What a trade off. That work of art is so you and great.

  7. Hello!

    But how come you didn't mention the all expenses paid trip to Vermont? And the free giggles?

    Oh I got confused! Those are gifts from you to me!

    What fun to see how special people express how much you mean to them.

  8. Wow, yes, what a lot to be grateful for and it couldn't happen to a nicer person.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  9. So many wonderful gifts! You are a well loved and thought of woman.
    I love everything, but the painting of the Raven is special.
    Happy Thursday Lo.

  10. lo, joss' magnet looks like aimee's work. i love words and colors together like this

    ps have a good great weekend, pp.
    love from here to there.

  11. What a beautiful post, I love how you've honored everyone that gave something to you. And what things! I hope you'll tell us how you liked the book, i think i would love it. :)
    xoxo lori

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