Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blooming Tuesday: Fabrication

Some of you may remember when I tried my hand at making a mandala a couple of years back.
I did this one mostly with rubber stamps, embellished and circled with colored pencils. I really like how it turned out, so I started offering it as cards on Etsy.

Enter Spoonflower, a place where you can upload your designs to see how they'd look on fabric! I think Margaret told us about this before. :)

If you like how it came out and would like to offer it for sale on their site, you have to order this size piece first so you can approve how it looks. It's around $12.00
(This is terrible lighting, sorry.)

Here's a picture of it in better lighting. Now I see I really should have ironed it! hah! It's been in the package for a few weeks because I kept forgetting to post about it.
You can click to enlarge all of these which will also enlarge the holes in my wall!
Anyway, if you love playing around with pattern, do check out Spoonflower. At the very least it's a blast to play on their site with your designs.
Happy Blooming Tuesday!


  1. Laurel! This is awesome. Love the soft colors. What a marvel. I'm checking out the site too.

  2. Lo, I am speechless.... (something that does not happen much)! BEAUTIFUL..... I will check out the site....

    One day, when I get back to the East Coast, I hope you , KJ , JB and Suki will conduct a tutorial just for "dummies" like me.... perhaps in October?


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Oh....My....God....
    I cannot believe you gave me a link to a site that prints on FABRIC!!!
    Lolo, you EEEEEEEEVIL GIRL! :D
    I am going to have to check that out.....oh my oh my.
    And now that I have regained what few senses I have, I love the card....


  4. Lo, this is beautiful and I echo Anne in saying if I go to this site I will never leave! How fun!

  5. kinda amazing really what can be done nowadays. you could make a dress out of your own design.

  6. The mandalas turned out great!!! Marianne will just love them!!! I must visit that site, Spoonflower! How awesome to be able to make a design into fabric!!!

  7. How interesting. I can see how several of your patterns would look good on fabric. I love that little piggy in one of your photos.

  8. That's gorgeous. The colors are so pretty and soft. What will you do with this fabric Lolo?

    Can I come to the tutorial too? :)

  9. just look how inspirational you are, ms laurel lo to me.

    i love the sharing that goes on in these parts. i want to do this myself and i don't even know what i would put on the fabric!

    please please tell lori she can come to the tutorial. lori and everyone else here. it's beginning to feel like a true blue tribe to me.

    p.s. ♥

  10. Robin and Lori,

    It would be more than wonderful having you California ladies in our neck of the woods! What a wonderful gathering it would be! Suki and Mim don't live too far~we could on converge somewhere for a day of art and nature walks!


  11. yes!


    a girl can dream,
    and she can also build foundations!

  12. Wow,,it looks great in the photo with the vase especially!

    Gonna have a peek at the site,,,never know. Thanks!

  13. looks wonderful, will go look for it, and also will donate to your good cause, all this weekend. huggles as always.

  14. Beautiful soft colouring - and look how gorgeous it is as a fabric! I had recently heard about Spoonflower and have been meaning to give it a whirl, just haven't found the time yet. You've definitely inspired me!

  15. Lo, I came back because I forgot to tell you, I love the new header :-). xoxo

  16. Beautiful!

    thank you for the link
    lovely concept

    lots of fun to be had
    I enjoy your creativity

    thank you again
    Robyn :)

  17. Oh what a great idea!
    It looks wonderful, unfortunately I would not know what to do with it. I am terrible at sewing......

    But I know a few who would do lovely things with this material!


  18. Note to self..."TRY THIS"!!!!! Really cool fabric !