Saturday, June 05, 2010

Six Word Saturday # 15

Morning thunderboomers.



distant rumbling...

Wow, what a storm to wake up to! It's funny how this would have terrified me in the past, but now that I have a needy, frightened little eleven pound bundle of love who has seizures when her world isn't right, I'm somehow comforted as I comfort her. 

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  1. That is not my hairy arm! That's daddy comforting her back in California ;)

  2. ~i hope your puppy made it all right through the night...there is always comfort found in comforting another...may your days ahead be calm and bright...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. My 6 for you:

    Warmest thoughts for your gorgeous puppy!

    Happy SWS!


  4. That dog is darling! And thank heavens it did not have to go through the humdinger here---my poor birds were scared to death...
    Here's to calm weather!


  5. Oh Emma! I have a little cat, Mr.B who hides in the cupboard when it thunders. Once when her auntie Robin was visiting and had all her stuff in said cupboard, she had to remove the contents so B could hide :-).

  6. Perfect words for six Lolo. Poor doggie. I had one like that and he went crazy on our waterbed during one storm...need I say more? Not funny at the time but now I can LOL.

  7. OHHH how sweet the picture of your little one is. Glad the rumbles are over. Love the little red balloon floating along.

  8. Hi there honey!!! You are such a sweet angel, and I am so sorry you have seizures. I had my ghrandkids, and Doozey here last night when a big thunderstorm came up, and we all got under a blanket and helps, eh???
    Love Doozey and Julie

  9. Are you okay now, Emma?

    Stella and I panted and cuddled too. It was an awe-some-and-then-some storm.

    This was started and finished this mirning?

    Ah, my prolific talented friend...


  10. Emma...what a sweetie... and how blessed is she to have two such loving parents!

    Annie forgot to mention that when Auntie Robin was visiting....she happened to be taking a bath when the storm began....Mr. B. sat right next to the tub and pretty much said "Stupid KNOW I am afraid of thunder and lightning...get out of that bath and clear the cupboard for me so I can hide"! And I did...

    Love to you!

    ♥ Robin ♥

    The painting is forceful with that touch of "Lolo Magic"!

  11. Eleven pounds
    tons of love

  12. OMGosh. Same here.. The other night I was awaken by thunder and soon a very upset 42 pound 5 1/2 year old Border Collie 'Baby' jumped on the bed and tried to crawl in me for comfort, shaking and panting for an hour after it much for sleep but it sure does help keep me from freaking. lol Love the painting fits so well.

  13. Your painting is quite wonderful. Reminds me of the movie The Red Balloon! Love the feel to this.

  14. I slept thru it all ---go figure!!

  15. I love a good thunderstorm!

  16. My 6 for you: Boomers be gone...puppy snuggling time! :)

    Happy SWS and happy weekend too! :)

  17. I know what it's like, my little dog is terrified of storms & fireworks, we have to sit up late with music turned up full volume!

  18. I have a friend who has pills to give when a storm begins to calm her dogs. We had some of that booming here this morning. The Red Balloon--one of my favorite movies.

  19. What a doll! I'll bet she's a bundle of love. Lots of Crack, Boom going on around here, too!

  20. I knew it wasn't you straight off ... it's obvious that you're the red balloon flying in the face of danger before the storm.

  21. Ah that poor Emma.......and poor you, but you can't be afraid as Emma will feel this.
    In the picture she looks so peaceful, what a cutie she is!

    And the painting , well beautiful as always dear!


  22. read your comment on deb's blog and felt sad for you, still feeling like the newbie. i remember that feeling when we came to the uk 24 years ago. remember you are grieving for the loss of your home...and those past happy years too. oooh i love that little pic of dear sweet emma.

  23. We had some awesome storms here the past few days...I'm only sad I don't have a porch to sit and watch them on...I have to drive to a parking lot and sit looking like a complete nut...

  24. We had some thunder-boomers today that were so loud the cat went running away, just terrified. Your puppy looks pretty content. What a cutie!

  25. Love the painting but the photo is the thing I love more:)She's so cute!

  26. A beautiful image!
    Mille also is afraid of storms. And to go outside by herself at night.
    A big scardey-baby.

    I just now found your comment referring to my "grace" comment. I'm a little slow, ,,,but I was glad you found it funny,,,as that's how it was intended.

  27. Love the balloon image - a lot! We had some strong storms through here last night but not doggies to comfort. Just a couple of cats who were annoyed with all the noise interrupting their sleep.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  28. beautiful painting ..... we have a dog with seizures too ..... I affectionately call him my seizure boy ..... he needs all the love he can get :)

  29. Fascinating piece - for two reasons: I like the simplicity and strong color theme AND I had a dream less than two weeks ago while camping... I was chasing a red balloon as it flew away on a bridge. I didn't catch it...

  30. I wonder where comments that Google eats go? I commented here on Saturday...oh well!!

    I love your painting...the movement in it is awesome! Really feels like a huge storm.

    I have a 120 lb. dog that wants to be cuddled in thunderstorm weather, as's amusing really, since once I'm down on the floor cuddling him...I can't get up again. heh!