Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Bad Ear Day

Me and my right ear just don't feel like getting up today.

Hey, some days are like that.

Happy Animal Wednesday to those of you who rose to the occasion anyway ;P

(Emma really does like to sleep in late! She is soooo not a morning fur-person!)


  1. I'm with Emma.....I had to drag myself out and have half staggered through the day.
    I got a lot done, but dang, we need our beauty sleep---right Emma???


  2. Emma, you looks nice and warm. I think I will crawl right in with you.

  3. Ah, Emma, m'sweet....I can so relate. Here in SF, the fog is swirling, the wind is howling - my hair (and my ears) are blowing every which way.... YOU look adorable, ears askew or look warm and cozy and.....very loved!

    HAW to you and your wonderful Mum!


    ♥ "Wind-blown Robin" ♥

  4. What a cutie. Our Annie is a rise and shine early morning lets go dog.. grrr.. She pushes me out of bed every morning. Course if it wasnt her it would be one of our two cats. So how do you get a lazy sleep in dog??? lol

  5. Emma has the right idea. My boys are early birds and I never get to sleep past 7. Boo

  6. Cute, I didn't want to get up this morning either! HAW!!!

  7. Ms Emma, I know just how you felt. I didn't want to get up today but I had to. HAW.

  8. awww...she's adorable, ear bent and all. and so sweet your last post. i LOVE your paintings.

  9. I think I am in love with you, Emma, with your sexy ear and bedroom eyes!
    xoxo- Doozey

  10. Hahaha a bad ear day!!!!
    What a cutiepetoetie she is!
    I love it that it seems she has the same teeth as my doggies, slightly under bite?
    Weel you just sleep Emma and get up when you are up to face the day!


  11. She looks likes she's saying "oh please, just leave me alone for awhile" so cute!!

  12. Hi Emma sometimes both my ears are like that and I just sleep allday.
    Marianne whispered in my bad ears it's allright it's called Me-time.
    Big Hug from your dutchfriend,B.

    Marja says she loves Lolo's banner and sends her love.

  13. I never thought of animals sleeping in because up until this year all my cats were up before me, begging for breakfast (and I get up at seven) however recently Bibs has been sleeping in sometimes and even once Em. Kinda sweet really.

  14. The perfect look for the perfect statement for the perfect post!


  15. ah... that raven magic is wonderful... the way hands and wings are in harmony...