Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Animal Wednesday: A Day Early

"It's as if you were guided by some greater power and knew just what was needed."

I got this wonderful card in the mail today and it immediately trumped the post I was going to do for Animal Wednesday. The polo pictures will have to wait until next week.
This guy won my heart!
I'm fasting today and will be out of commission for most of tomorrow.
Meanwhile, enjoy this blissful feline :)
This one's for you Annie & Spike


  1. Lo, such a beautiful and meaningful photo. This is something that will resonate strongly with our Annie....who really needs a hug and kiss from all of us - especially today.

    I will be thinking about you today as you fast....and tomorrow too.

    Sending you love and strength!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. I hope your fast goes well, i've been wanting to but it will have to wait till i finish medicine that needs to be taken with food.

    Darling card and photo, I want that kitty :)

    I'm sending love and strength too!

    xoxo lori

  3. This is very sweet. I hope all is well. Sounds ominous, but I bet the prep is worse than the test?.

  4. What a wonderful card and oh so sweet.
    Actually I am glad you are waiting with the ponies cuz next Wed will also show a few 'polo hats' (working on them as we speak).

    Take care with that fasting business. Does not sound like fun but it must be for a good reason.


  5. good luck tomorrow Lolo. Love this kitty. I often forget to look up.

  6. Oh honey, thank you! Of course I love this cat and what the card says. Wonderful!
    Fasting is hard. Good luck to you and I hope it goes well. I hope you are okay?
    Love, my dear Lo.

  7. What a darling! Thinking of you as you fast - hope you are well.x

  8. Wishing you an easy fast.
    And cute kitty a day ahead is sheer blissful cute!

  9. What a perfect picture and card for you!

    Won't believe it but 2 days ago I was searching for an image of a gazing cat.................... This could be it!

    I will be thinking of you today!
    In thoughts I will be holding your hand


  10. heheh :D
    what do you mean "a fan club"?
    you mean, a chat room! :D

  11. i hope all is well for you

    take care
    x robyn