Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday: A Bird and A Bowl

I have no idea who linked me to this generous lady's blog, but I was the lucky recipient of this wonderful cut-paper bird giveaway! I had totally forgotten I had entered. I just love it and will frame it for the guest bedroom. Thank you Norma!

Many of you know I had the pleasure of stopping by Mim's house last Sunday.
The meeting was short but sweet, each of us having to dash off in different directions.
It was so wonderful to see her beautiful home and the wonderful spaces and places she has to create her amazing art. And I saw original Miss Ems!! It really is something being in another artists space, especially if it's one you adore ;)♥
On my way out she handed me a gift wrapped in the most luscious, colorful textured paper. She said it was for my birthday "whenever it is!" Too funny.
I handed her lilies from my yard which looked pretty sad by the time I got there :P
Anyway...This is what I saw in the box! A handmade paper bowl with a bird's nest (real) and egg.
I had been lusting after this bowl ever since she posted it and I kept checking to see if she listed it on Etsy. Nope. But now it's mine!
Look at the stars on the them.

ooops, too dark!!!

This is a little better. I wish I could get a clearer picture to show off the colors. Maybe if you enlarge it you'll see the wonderful details!
I absolutely love this bowl.♥

As if that wasn't enough, she included these three ATC's. She said the last one reminds her on my dog, Emma, although Em would really be the size of his head! When she visited me over the winter she and Emma hit it right off. That's not usually how it goes with my little ankle-biter!
I really love these atc's and all the time put into them.
Thank you Mim!! Now I can get to you with my eyes closed :)
(Did I mention I was over an hour late which is why our time was cut short? Um, well, I was lost because I programmed my GPS wrong! Hey, I was born a blonde.) 

Another Thankful Thursday with so many good things to share, one of them being friendship.♥


  1. Good things Lolo!!!
    I *stay* is a helpful item especially when having to deal with men or police. HAte to admit that....I just give them the blank look and smile. :D
    Well, sometimes it doesn't work!
    Love that bowl with the nest!


  2. Hey there you! Making "Blonde" jokes!!!!! ;)

    How I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mim's gifts to you.....they perfectly reflect YOU! That bowl - with the colours (yes, I see them) and the STAR*S.... look like they were meant to live at "Chateau Lolo".
    And, you know me well enough now to see how I adore the bird's nest and egg...

    Your bird-prize winner is such a happy sight! (And I ♥ the musical score background!)

    Anyway, even if you aren't adept with GPS...(and you are talking to a "Blondie" who has not driven a car in two years) are one awesome redhead - who has a lot to be thankful for!

    I am thankful I know you!

    Love to you and the "Furry Ones",

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. What wonderful gifts and a very merry unbirthday to you.

  4. Oh lucky for winning the bird, I love the songbird effect.
    And luck(ier) you to meet up with Mim.I adore the page she did for my Girlfriend's Traveling sketchbook. Very talented.
    (I'm having bowl envy)
    I named our GPS thang CarLOTTA,,but I'll swear this eternal strawberry blonde does best with Mapquest.
    Happy, happy, unbirthday!

  5. That bowl looks so perfect on that shelf with all the colors around it... just lovely!

  6. Oh wow Lolo, what a fabulous visit and great 'birthday'. That bowl is beautiful as are all the gifties you got! Maybe I need to go visit Mim too. lol


  7. I love that bowl too and that nest! And the cards are beautiful. I am going to have to start stalking Mim, I can tell, the only reason I haven't already is lack of more time! By the way my blog misses you :-). xoxo
    P.S. And that bird up top is pretty wonderful too.

  8. What a great post of wonderful fun things. How fun to meet Mim & Miss Em in person. Fun to see others work spaces too. Hope you have a safe trip.

  9. sounds like a great visit. wonderful bowl and nest gifts. I used to make a lot of similar bowls. I wonder where they all are now? I think I need to get this GPS to help me out myself.

    Have a great WE with your next fun trip.

  10. the Sisterhood is allowing blonde jokes this one time. otherwise the fines will include penalties not yet determined.

    hahaha! i'm acting like i'm the boss of your blog!

    i want to be more blond. every hair dresser i go to, i say 'i want light hair. i don't want dark brown hair.' and i always get dark brown.
    i don't know why... :)

    you get more gifts than anyone else i know and with good reason :)


  11. How wonderful, Laurel, that the bowl found its way into your hands. And the bird on the music had me sighing with pleasure.

    As I sit here on the first evening of my retirement, I realize I must start writing a list of things to make a part of my life again. Papermaking is one of them.

  12. That is one gorgeous bowl!!! Nice ATC's also!!! And Happy Birthday to you, whenever it is!!! LOLOL!!!

  13. Such a tenderly sweet post. I'm delighted to know bloggers actually take time to meet. I will try that some time. The bowl is lovely - I'm smitten by it :]

    May your weekend be sweet...

  14. lo...where are you? at KJ's? with KJ???? hope you are having fun, and glad you loved your was made with love for a friend

  15. Oh my what exquisite gorgeous things you got there!
    So nice it must have been to see Mim!
    And yes those bowls!!!!! Indeed lovely.
    Lucky you!
    I am packed to go again , just a little nap before I go as I have a long day and night ahead of me.....
    We keep in touch in BKK.
    Hope you are having a nice time with Stella!


  16. very cool stuff. popping in to look around...thanks for the warm comments over at pulchritudinous...

  17. It is so much fun to see such beauty "fly " in from various artists hearts...Their treasures always find a good home in your heart!

  18. It is a beautiful bowl and wonderful gift. I'm so jealous that some of my blogger friends actually get to see each other in person! The bird on music paper is unique also. I really like that!

  19. I wonder where my comment went. I hope this one goes through to you...

    I love the paper bowl and the nest...they seem so restful to me. I have a bowl, not paper, unfortunately, with a blue bird's egg and a dried dragonfly in it. And some stones! I wish I still had time to make paper, there is nothing better.

    I love your suits you so very well!!