Friday, June 11, 2010

Illustration Friday: The "Ripple" Effect

The soft free-fall of a feather swoops from side to side, being carried by it's own momentum, soon to be swirled into the ripples of a pond gathering it's momentum from the tossing of a pebble.

Two quiet forces of nature equaling a feeling of peace.

But wait...what if a foreign substance like crude oil causes the ripples?

Friends, this week Illustration Friday is asking us to participate in a fundraiser for the animals in the Gulf left to fend for themselves in this more than sticky, life-threatening situation.
As artists, we have been asked to make an ATC that can be sold for $10, all proceeds going to either The Institute For Marine Mammal Studies ( or The International Bird Rescue Research Center (
Every penny raised will go to these organizations. When the card sells we are emailed the name of the buyer/donor and we sign them and mail them with our thanks and blessings.
This idea is inspired by Kelly Light. Visit this blog at
to see what all of these wonderful artists are doing to help the cause.
Here are my ATC's below that I will link to the blog for purchase.
I know they're hard to look at, but we all have to face this situation and do what we can.
Blessings of gratitude,
xoxo Lolo

Thank you on behalf of those who have no voice.



  1. seeing as how I have a fish fetish - I'd better get busy on this one

  2. Way to go Laurel! Love 'em all, but your whale card is my fave!

  3. Thank you for this Lo, I am going to check this out and see what I can do.

  4. Your feather picture is so dynamic. What a great job. Will for sure check out the blog on wildlife preservation in the Gulf.
    Beautiful work.

  5. oh so heartbreaking what is nice to use art to make a difference...your work is amazing!!! I love these pieces....

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. Oh goodness. so sad. oh goodness. i am gonna cry now. oh.....

    Love your art, but hate the cause of it. These really do evoke a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

  7. Wow, moving illustrations!! Very beautiful work.

  8. O my ........what a nightmare this is!

    God you are joining for the cause!
    And your pieces are lovely!
    I love that turtle but I hate to see that spot besides it. heartbreaking!

    Can you only join as a IF member?
    Or can i make something as well?

    Thank you for helping those defenseless beautiful creatures!


  9. That had to be good not god.......
    O those typos :(

  10. these take my breath away. i helped in a huge project in cape town 8 years ago cleaning birds after an oil spill and it is very very heartrending work, satisfying when you are done, but so so sad to see.

  11. Your illustrations are fantastic and perfect for this disaster!

  12. These bring home the sad images of what is happening. SAD. Great atcs.

  13. Thank you for creating these heartbreakingly sad KNOW how I feel about this... and although money is tight for me (out of work for over a year - just like you)..I am doing what I can to help.

    You are wonderful Lo.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. OMG! This is such a POWERFUL image. I am in awe!

  15. REALLY like the feather...nice texture to this...

  16. It breaks my hart to see those annimals.....


    Just a minute ago I gave some food to the Swans in my front yard,so beutiful White what a contrast.

    Glad you could laugh a litlle with the red book,and now I have a excuse to go back to HK with M. have toget a size bigger.


  17. Nice job! Kudos for participating!

  18. Oh my! I love your says something when I want to cry to look at them...

    The feather and the whale card are my favourites...I don't want the turtle to go any further into that oil-slicked water.

    These cards will remind me of this terrible time. The animals and the Ocean NEED us to remember.

    I'll be following the link to see where I can purchase your cards.

    It's a great post, Lolo...thank you!

  19. All three are wonderful but I absolutely love your feather illustration - such an original interpretation. It's so good to see so many IF participants donating for the cause. I've just done mine.

  20. wow! your cards are wonderful and I love the painting of the feather touching the water!

  21. Great contributions - the feather is stunning.

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