Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Blooming Tuesday: Home Retreat

A couple of times a year I take a long hard look at myself and take inventory.
I try to see what's missing, but mostly I feel something is missing.
The missing piece almost always turns out to be bankruptcy in self-care, a common theme for many of us. 
I feel I'm good at nurturing family and friends, (at least I hope so) and I know I'm very good at nurturing my pets.
So this week is for me. I'm going to limit blogging and emails to a few stolen moments here and there. I will eliminate phonecalls unless it's an emergency.
I will meditate daily. I will take walks and eat well.
And I will pour myself into long neglected painting projects.
At the end of the day I'll go to bed early with books that have been calling to me and I will probably fall asleep after two pages.
So friends, I'm not checking out.
I'm checking in, with myself ;)

Happy Blooming Tuesday!
Stay tuned for my latest painting from start to finish.
♥ xo ♥


  1. Good for you.....



  2. this sounds like a wonderful retreat. we should all do this kind of thing for ourselves.

  3. Go for it!!!!!

    I totally understand. The phone is going OUT of my studio....


  4. Wise words.... when one is "there" for so many, all of the tine, one's soul is bit depleted - enjoy YOUR time, Lo....may you have a beutiful, relaxing week! (I know the Furry Ones will be thrilled!)

    Sending you love,

    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. The flowers are GORGEOUS! What colour!

  5. What a wonderful idea! In my case, I need new clothes! Just summer shorts abd shirts...cotton.

    I have been enjoying evening walks too and trying to eat more vegies. I had the best brussel sprouts yesterday that I have ever tasted...from Mexico nad not labelled as organic...I washed and took off outer layers, and even rinsed 2 more times after boiling. I put Herbs de Province on them and a teaspoon of butter and they were just heavenly! Try some on your retreat time!!!

    I am going to meditate in the mornings too, now, thanks to your mentioning it!!! I think we all need something to help us de-stress in these times.

    Take care and have a wonderful time reading and painting...looking forward...

  6. That is the most amazing thing ever you could do for yourself!!! And if your like most of rest of us who identify with your description of life, you really, deserve it.
    Enjoy your week to the fullest.

  7. Good for you-I'm raising my protein coffee shake in your honor.

  8. Oh, this sounds wonderful. I had a no phone Saturday which was grand.
    Have fun. xoxo

  9. Good for you girl. Don't forget to do those nails too. Something I rarely do and always feel so prissy after I do so. Love your new header. Love you too. You do know how to take care of everyone. Perfect time to take care of self.

  10. I love the new header and today's declaration of backing off and taking care is great! I have looked through your earlier posts since I have not been keeping up well lately. I look forward to your paintings and words rejuvenated!

  11. We all need this every now and then......
    Good you recognize the signs and take action!
    Why is it that people who takes such good care sometimes forget themselves?
    Good for you to brings things in order!
    I hope you will do well with all your intentions.
    Take care dear , we all want you to do so!


  12. here i am!

    i am thinking of you, missing you, happy you are tending and mending and fending and bending and sending everything good to your own self!

    all those beautiful colors and flowers in your yard are displayed in your honor.

    and meanwhile, i am muttering away to you anyway. i make up your answers...

    hee hee be well with love

  13. WOW! I felt better myself by just reading your words...What a soul satisfying delight ahead of you! Being off the grid for a bit is so invigorating...it really slows time down...Ahhhh!...May you feel as full and beautiful as those lovely peonies of yours...Enjoy you resbit!