Monday, June 14, 2010

Cactus Monday: A dose of color & Giveaway

It has been so grey and gloomy in Rhode Island for a while now that I decided to paint myself  a little dose of color to cheer me up! Oh what five minutes can do!
It's been a whiile since I've done anything for Cactus Monday, too.
It feels good to play again.
Happy Cactus Monday! I hope your day is colorful.♥ 

Please click here to see other cactus lovers!


Anne over at El Milagro Studios is having an art giveaway!
If you've enevr visited this colorful lady before, you'll be glad I sent you there. 
She's not only talented as all get out but she's a real hoot and a half!! 
Tell her I sent you. I get extra points for that!


  1. Oh Lolo!

    It's cheery and bright! Could use it here in sick of humidity, overcast and blankety-blank-blank storms!
    Come over to the blog and sign up for something else bright!


  2. Hi Laurel. That would certainly put the shine on a gloomy day. Happy Monday.

  3. Oh nice colors and good to see you back here. I think the only sunny place today is in Arizona!


  4. So sorry you have bad weather...

    But with this you get the right feeling when I miss France I dream the same colors.

    Beautiful piece of Art,Lolo.

    xxMar and a big kiss of Mr.B

  5. I know all about grey and dreary.... sigh.... we actually had two GLORIOUSLY warm days!
    Today, back to the "Mini-Winter....

    But, I fear the weather is changing everywhere these days....nothing is as it was....

    Your cactus is the sweetest succulent!!!! And, I ADORE the colours! They certainly have brightened up my morning!

    Thank you Lo!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. This is a pick me up colorful drawing Lolo. HCM. I like your header picture too.

  7. Love those colours! Sending some extra sunshine your way from Malaysia! x

  8. Lovely cacti painting and I see the shadows side so know where the sun is coming from...learned that yesterday in my watercolor class. :-) HCM

  9. This is my absolute favorite color combination Lolo! It's just beautiful. My house is decorated with these colors, and I wear these colors together all the time!

    Sending sunshine your way from Arizona. :) Also, I stopped by Anne's blog, said hi and told her you sent me.


  10. Wonderful, This is a very bright and lovely cactus.
    Have a wonderful week Lo.

  11. Lo, that's an awesome entry for Cactus Monday,,,great colors, and gradations!
    Thanks for the intro to Anne,,super collage work,,,and I told her "Greedy Lolo" sent me.

  12. I really love your use of colors. This is lovely. We are having some sunny warm weather finally. It sure helps ones moods but I think its about to turn back into crummy weather again. Sigh..I will go check out that other blog now, looks interesting..

  13. HELLO!

    it's nice to see such splashes of color! and even the pricklies!

    not fair that you posted about anne's give away and i didn't. do you think she'll know that babs is my friend too? (possessive, aren't i?) :)

    i've been away having a terrific weekend with terrific friends and equally so i am glad to be back here.

    love love p.

  14. Such a cheery cactus...I love the prickles! I'm sorry your weather has been less than lovely. Our weather is sunny, but frost is still showing up in the mornings. My plants are struggling to stay alive, with the cold temps and hot, dry days!

  15. LOVE that cactus ATC!
    Love those colors together!