Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Animal Wednesday: A Weekend With Stella

Most of you know I spent last weekend taking care of Stella while KJ and JB enjoyed their lovely Vermont escape. Stella was so easy to be with. She'd gently let me know when she needed something such as a fresh towel on her bed, or a potty break, or most importantly, her favorite chicken treats!
Here she is in the sunroom, surrounded by cookie crumbs ;)
I love how she looks at me when I talk to her.
You can still see where she had been shaved for surgery. I told her I wouldn't take a close-up of the back of her head. She's a little embarassed by the haircut. (Although this dog has no ego issues, I can tell you that.) She's an old soul with so much to say.

She's almost always smiling :)

Or resting...

It's so sweet how she waits for you when you ask if she wants to go for a walk.
Look at the blur of her wagging tail ;)
Ready for a stroll in the yard?

Look at this sweet birdhouse with a faucet for a perch.
Look closer...there are residents there :)

And the three graces, a close-up of those stunning irises!

A gazing ball with dragonflies...

and a big garden gecko!
C'mon inside and I'll show you a few of my favorite things.

My warm and inviting room. It just glows! And I love that wallpaper!

Everywhere you look there is vibrant color and fabulous art.
This is a wall on the porch/sunroom.

One of my favorite paintings in their home is this one by New England artist, Chet Jones.

And this stunning piece by Robert Cardinal who captures the magical light of Provincetpwn like none other.

I forget where they bought this piece. I know it was on one of their exotic vacations.
I love this painting, the soulfulness of it.

Here's a painting I gave KJ last year when we first met :)
It's an artichoke bloom my husband brought home for me. I sat right down and painted it!
And this very special painting by ValGal. The original painting for the cover of
"The Light Stays On."
Thanks for spending this time with me and my new pal, Stella.
It warmed my heart to see her doing so much better!


  1. Wow......and sigh.... those two words say it all. First - wow to you, for being the Angel that you are to look after Stella while KJ JB were away. Stella looks SO much improved from theose earlier photos that KJ posted. LOVE IS truly sn amszing healer. KJ and JB for adopting Stella in the first place - and seeing her through good days, bad days and now, BETTER days! It's all about love. this wonderful, warm haven of a home. KJ was right when she said she knows "how to decorate a home"..she does... and every inch of it reflects it.

    Wow and sigh to you, dear friend... a lovely experience for all parties! This is what friendship is all about. You have captured it beautifully.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Oh Stella! I do love her so, even though I have never met her in person. She has such a soulful face. I am so happy it was you taking good care of her. I love Kj's home and it is full of warmth, I love your room, it looks like it glows. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful art too.
    Have a wonderful wednesday. xoxo

  3. What a sweet post of such wonderful things. I wish I could have been there with you to enjoy all that beauty and sweet pooch.


  4. P.S. L♥V the new header....

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Lucky you, staying at this awesome RESORT!
    and Lucky Stella,,to have you as her caretaker!
    Unbeknownst to you, I was lurking in the corner,,taking in all the art,the yard, the ambiance. Just a hidden spirit,,,stroking Stella Of The Soulfilled Eyes,,and whispering love songs to her.

  6. oooooooooooooooooh


    i live there?

    WOW says wrobin and me!

    you and stella have a bond because you are both souls with the best hearts.

    i'll have more to say later.

    meanwhile, how i love these comments!

  7. Ahhh such a sweet post!
    Indeed an old soul thatś what I thought when I saw the first pictures and before you used the experession......
    I love dogs like that!
    Seems like you had a fantastic time there!
    The room and all the art looks so cozy and wonderful!

    Love to Stella!


  8. Sweet doggie here! You are good to take care of her so her people could get away. and thanks for sharing all the wonderful art including your own! Fun to see.

  9. What a sweetie you were to go take care of Stella. What better person then you to do this. The animal lover you are and good friend. She looks like a sweet heart...and what a charming home and look at all that lovely art. What a fun retreat for you too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Can't help but fall for Stella. She has such a sweet look to her. So nice of you to go dogsit for KJ & JB. Will be back to visit again, Heading over to KJ's ,I hear there is a sighting of Renee there.

  11. Lucky Lo and Lucky Stella - what a delightful weekend. She is a lovely dog - really sweet and kind and gentle - glad she had a good weekend with a good friend

  12. Hey there are some great works hanging. You have very good taste !! Thanks for putting me onto Robert Cardinal - very simple and beautiful. And the artichoke flower and valgal work are exquisite.

  13. Stella looks such a darling! Bet she really appreciated you being there - you are an animal's best friend after all! What a lovely home kj and jb have - so cosy and welcoming. I loved the guided tour of the house and garden - all those paintings are super - I enlarged yours to get a good look - beautiful! And the garden is delightful, so many little surprises! Can tell you had a lovely time there!

  14. Stella looks so sweet and gentle, Lolo. And she is looking wonderful. What a treat for you to spend time with her in kj's beautiful home.

  15. This is a wonderful set of photographs, Laurel. Thanks so much for this peek past the curtains. :)

  16. stella is just a sweetie. how nice you two could spend some time together in that beautiful house and garden.

  17. I think Stella will be happy to see you take care of her anytime especially if she can enjoy biscuits with you. She's looking good isn't she and I enjoyed the art show*!*

  18. Laurel,
    would you please come and stay with our puppy Owen when we go to Africa next? :)

    This was such a heartwarming post, you can just see how happy Stella was to be with you, she looks like a sweetie. And kjs house, what a warm and completely charming place. It is a love filled home, that's easy to see.

    I think you are a love filled person too.
    ♥ lori

  19. hello pp. how are you this morning?

    it is alittle weird to be seeing all these wonderful comments about stella. may i again thank you so much for your friendship with stella, and then too don't forget your friendship with me.

    you are welcome here any damn time!

    (as you know)


  20. WTF!!!!!!! Blogger ate every single one of my 18 lovely comments!!

    I have no idea how this happens. I just came back to see who I needed to respond to and they all vanished right before my eyes :(

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  22. Hi Stella!

    I just adore that painting of yours...the artichoke! It sure looks good right there in that location too!!!

  23. what a lovely time you had with the beautiful Stella... :)