Friday, June 04, 2010

Illustration Friday: Trail

She had taken this trail so many times before, she could find her way with little daylight.
Something was different today.
It was darker, for one thing.
And she had this odd sense that she wasn't alone.
With her cape flying behind her, all she could hear was the dead silence of the forest and her own heart pumping in her ears. 

For Illustration Friday" Trail.  Acrylic and colored pencil on Arches watercolor block.
 I had always wanted to try my version of Red Riding Hood.
I think I had better try several more times!


  1. Hey there Little Red Hood!

    Thanks for the visit!
    I've been keeping busy with work, kids... kids, work!!

    BTW.... I love your kitchen mural. I'll be your friend did too!

  2. Very nice! Just an observation: on the few occasions I've been spooked and ran off in the woods I heard my own blood pounding, yes, but also my feet crashing on sticks and bracken. This intensifies the horror as you imagine your "pursuer" hears it too.

  3. too too funny! you me and bertie all thought the same thing...karrmmmma. comsic karma bouncin around from cali to philly to um, where's berta from again? "))

    this is LOVELY! feels like mary grandpre, but you but it has that same magic! thanks so much for the vist, lollie! i'm good! ty for asking!

  4. How beautiful. I love this painting, you are extremely talented. And the singing trees, oh MY! I would love to be able to paint like this.
    enjoy your weekend!
    xo lori

  5. I LOVE this. I think you captured it beautifully. Its got feeling.

  6. I've had a lovely morning here today visiting posts that I have missed in recent weeks.

    I like what you share.

    I hope you are continuing to nurture yourself so in turn you can continue to nurture others.

    Your paintings and illustrations are wonderful and I hope that they are giving you great pleasure.

    best wishes for a fun filled weekend
    Robyn x

  7. I hope I get as good as you are when I grow up!!!!
    What a spooky forest. Hope she made it to safety.
    Well done friend.

  8. Ooooooooooooh!


    You are fantabulous and I love you!

    This is amazing. I love the flow of the red cape, that 'sweet' little fox, the frontal trees and the unknown background



  9. Nice use of color Lolo.
    I love that punch of bright red against the cool BG!


  10. Love it !! Very interesting and different from what we normally see from you. I really think it is good.

  11. What a super illustration Laurel! Love the colours of the forest and the way we get a glimpse of Red - very mysterious!x

  12. Love it, especially with the words that accompany it!

  13. That sweep of red riding hood's cape at the edge of the painting is ... brilliant! So mysterious.

    Beautiful work!

  14. I like this Lolo. Your tale of a trail is spooky.

  15. I think Red riding will make it to safety. her red cape will keep all treachery away.

  16. I love seeing how Red Riding Hood is caught in the corner of the spooky place she finds herself in. I imagine the wolf on the other side of the picture, unseen but definitely there right behind her.

    Does anyone know why her middle name is Riding? Are these riding capes?

  17. ... she's everything that a big, bad wolf could want ... :O

  18. I ♥ this painting - and the commentary. You can guess I'm a lover of fables...and you have captured the moment beautifully.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  19. I love it. You don't need to try again at all

  20. The Wolf is there!! Thanks, lolo, I completely missed him, I could have sworn he wasn't there this morning!

    Oh well, just needed another cup of coffee!

    I love fairy tales...any one! Hansel and Gretel is another of my favourites. When I was young, the wicked stepmother gave me nightmares!

  21. LOVELY painting! So dark and evocative. It really makes me feel nervous--like she must have felt.

  22. This was the one I saw when I signed in earlier (you know, when blogger shows recent posts by the blogs you follow), and I liked it immediately, particularly as the figures are not overstated but half-hidden, the colours are rich and the shapes and patterns work well. And I want to emphasise that I'm not just saying that because you commented on my blog ;-)! Hope things are ok (or get better!) with you... xJ

  23. Great illo, you really captured the eeriness of the situation!

  24. Awesome painting!
    But also cute
    You know I always love your art. I always touches my heart ♥


  25. oh what a magical piece of work. love this.

  26. OMG, another red thing fleeing! This is great! A powerful piece.

  27. Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs are singing in my head :)

  28. Absolutely captivating, Lolo! The subtle blue lights look amazingly mysterious and oh, how I love the shadowy feel of the entire piece! (^-^)