Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Second Story Squirrel Patrol

The thunderstorm has just passed through so Emma and I decided to sit on the balcony for some fresh air.
Ahh, I love it when she's quiet and reflective.
(And I love my sexy slippers full of holes!)

Uh-oh...radar ears.
What's that Em?

Do you hear squirrels????

Hmmm. I know I heard those little buggers!

Maybe they're at the neighbor's house!
Now the traffic is too noisy. I can't hear them anymore.

Hey dog idiot!!
I'm trying to relax with Mum. Go play in the traffic and find the damn squirrels!

Do you hear that Em?
Peace and quiet in our little corner, finally!
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. ah! i'm the first friend-fan to leave a comment!

    i take it the squirrels are exercising emma quite rightly. you are lucky you don't have to contend with frozen peas in the animal mix of daily life.

    isn't it great to have a porch? on lazy days? for a quick break? a reminder to watch the world as it passes?

    here's wishing you a lovely day, p. p. i heard love is flying by you this very minute!

  2. That's just what a cat would say to a dog who was disturbing her rest! Especially about a stupid squirrel!

    I'm glad you're taking part of your wonderful retreat on your deck...holey shoes or no!

    I hope your day is awesome...filled with great thoughts about future paintings or posts!

  3. ROFLOL! The dog is so funny but the cat attitude is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. The captions are wonderful, but unnecessary - because their expressions and Emma's ears - show everything quite clearly! I laughed out loud! I am glad you are in "relaxed" mode....complete with green slippers.... I just "retired" a similiar-looking pair....only, well, YOU know what colour they were!

    A lovely, fun-filled post!!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. I love your animal kids!
    Kisses to all.xoxo
    P.S. Hey, I thought you were going to stalk me? :-).

  6. to see your animal kids! Hi from Henry V.

  7. What a delightful post!
    I am reading this one first and then I am off to the next....... I saw some pretty pictures in the corners of my eyes!

    But back to this one!
    I love these kind of picture stories!!!

    Hope you are Ok and doing better day by day!

    Love from Holland! Also for Em and that pretty cross eyed lady!

  8. awe these guys are so cute. i love seeing the ears at high alert. looks like a fine balcony from which to view the world.

  9. I find the air after a thunderstorm so fresh and renewed...A lovely perch you have there...a perfect little corner...from which to breathe it all in...:)

  10. What a nice perch you have. Emma obviously likes it as well as your big kitty. HAW.

  11. Emma and Bliss, two sweeties! No wonder Emma can hear those squirrels! Thanks for sharing these shots!

  12. I love that porch, it looks so relaxing and cozy and what I think Emma was looking for was ME!!!

  13. What a wonderful porch. Emma is so cute. Annie loves to go chase the squirrels out of our yard now. This morning all I said was .. OH NO NOW THERE ARE NINE OF THEM. She got up and charged to the door ready to go chase them off. I expect her to begin counting now. LOL

  14. The pictures are wonderful!And your cat has the same expression of mine when he decide that peace is the only thing he want:)