Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Toothy Grin

Is anyone else scramblig to finish their Sketchbook Project by January 15th??
I'm scribbling my way through the best I can and I'm not even halfway done!
So now I'm copying pet food ads! haha!
I do love this happy guy though.

I'm also tracing some of my old drawings (suggested by our dear friend Marianne.) I was copying them in color and glueing them in. Tracing is much better because it's still "original."

Of course, I'm changing them up a bit. I love the aura I gave this cat, hence the name!
And the Queen is still the Queen.

Slowly but surely I hope to fulfill this obligation. But I did read today that they want them to travel even if only partially done.


And so far I'm keeping my promise and showing up "for myself."
Feels kinda nice ;)


  1. I Love it!
    It will be a perfect book!!!!!!


  2. It will be wonderful when you are finished with it Lolo. You can do it. It seems that everyone I have read about that is attempting this challenge is struggling. You aren't alone.

  3. I love the toothy grin! LOL! Kinda feel that way today, grinning but chasing my tail!
    I'm barely keeping up with my stuff I'm doing as *real life* has seeped into the mix.....
    Ah well, we show up for US. Nuff said!


  4. Sure you will do it,Lolo ;))

  5. http://theoldlight.blogspot.com/

    this is my friend's art blog :o) hopefully you'll like his illustrations and support him by following. would really mean a lot! thank u :)

  6. There is no way I'll finish mine - so bad I am! but yours is lovely, just lovely as usual

  7. These are great. I bet a lot won't finish them or will only do half the book. But you are giving it a try so that's a positive.

  8. That dog illo at the top is awesome. I love the expression on his face. He looks just like my sister's dog who is such a character!

  9. I love the toothy grin!

    I also very much love your header.

    Happy New Year x Robyn

  10. Yes, it's a great grin,,,he's definitely been up to no good, but he looks great!

    Exactly why I talked myself out of doing that project,,,,I'd be still on at the very last second.I know how I am,,,
    I still have one more heart to finish for a commission of eight.
    You're doing a super job on it, and I'll bet you finish!

  11. What fun!!! I love all these animals. What a fab book it will be.

  12. I guess I have totally failed to do this challenge. I bought the notebook and all, but did nto get more than three or four pages done. I think I got intimidated seeing another artists so superior art in her sketchbook on her blog. I know, I know we are all unique, however I let that happen t his time.
    YOurs all looks fun and so well done.


    you rock bigtime,lo. if i were so depressed i could barely lift my head, i would look at this little toothy guy and laugh my ass off

    (sorry to swear on your blog: poetic license?)

    it's gonna be quite a sketchbook. no surprise there.

    oh thank you universe...


  14. Wonderful! So glad you are showing up for yourself! Very important! xoxo

  15. Brilliant toothy grin! I'm ashamed to say I am failing miserably with my book - I really don't know if I'll make it..... x

  16. Now that is a tooth grin. I have no idea where my notebook is. We won't finish undecorating the house until sometime next week. I'm so ready to get my stuff back in order.

  17. Love that grin, and the two cats are wonderful! I love that you are showing up for yourself! YAY! xox Pam

  18. Love his grin!It will be a great sketchbook:)

  19. wow a lot of comments here. these are all adorable. your book will be super. and good to know you can mail it on when you are "full" not necessarily when it is full.

  20. What a face! Love those "teethies"! Hmmm..... who could the model have been?

    All these sketches are so "Lololo-ish"..... and whether you complete your book - or no - it is bound to delight and amaze all who see it!


    ♥ LS ♥