Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Animal Wednesday: sunset, swans and sky fire

I've been working in the studio for most of the day trying to put in a certain amount of time and discipline. I was also enjoying it, although I haven't been well for a few days.
As it was nearing four o'clock I decided to drive myself down to this little park in my neighborhood and watch the sunset. It was quite nippy, but peaceful and lovely.

How fortunate to have these beauties show up for Animal Wednesday!
Three more followed behind. How can they handle that freezing water?

This was the finale!! I swear to you this is an untouched photo. The only thing I did was try a few pictures on the "sunset" setting. Wow! I also zoomed way in. That could be it, I got too close to the fire. Glad I did though ;)
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. WOW!!!!
    Talk about fire in the sky; there is nothing like a Winter Sunset.
    Absolutely beeeee--UUU--tiful!
    It was cold here today; quite cold but no pretty sky. I do have some shots of a sundog from the other day I need to post.
    Happy studio time and feel better!


  2. it;s all gorgeous Lo - that sunset and the swans...awesome.
    Do you have that cold? I did...for two weeks and am still coughing.

    Miss you. A day together soon?

  3. A perfect sunset.... those shots could be paintings! And the one with the swans..... sigh..... just picture-postcard-perfect!


    Love, always,

    ♥ LS ♥

  4. That last photo is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZERS!!!!!! Thanks for sharing that.

  5. Gorgeous photos!!! I really love that last one. Wow. It's amazing how you captured it with your camera which isn't easy. Good timing for getting out of the house.

  6. WOW,,,that close to the fire fire,,,and no burn!
    Simply exquisite photography,
    ya done good!

    Hope you're feeling better soon,,,

  7. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon lo. your photos are gorgeous, i imagine it was even more beautiful in person.
    i hope you are feeling better, and stayed warm and cozy when you were watching this sunset.

    lOVE your sketches in the previous post, didn't january come up quickly?! i remember when you signed up for the sketchbook project! have fun filling your book with more awesome art.

    xoxo lori

  8. Lo, that last shot should be the cover of the Bible...

    I'm so glad to feel and know your 2011 energy

    mwah pp!


  9. Oh wow!
    What a treat for yourself after work.
    Did you take Emma with you?
    Beautiful skies and colors!
    Hope you will feel better soon dear!
    Good you have worked that hard, it must pay off soon!!!!
    HAW and HUGS!


  10. Great sunset photos Lolo. I can't wait to see wha tyou have been up to in the studio.

  11. Beautiful swans and stunning sunsets!
    Sorry you are not feeling well.
    I hope you are on the mend.
    -20 last night and about 10 degrees right now. I could use some of that fire :-).

  12. Laurel, that sunset photo is OUTSTANDING! Definately worth the wait. I can imagine how peaceful it must have been, watching those swans. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  13. I love having a body of water near me, too. It soothes my soul.

  14. Hope you're feeling better now! Glad you've been enjoying your studio - bet you're working hard on your sketchbook! These photos are absolutely GORGEOUS - breathtaking!!

  15. Are You feeling better now?
    What a stunning Pictures,I would loved to sit beside You with a bottle of whatever ;))
    Get well soon there,s only One LOLO,
    xxxMar and a get well kisssmacker from Beaudor

  16. You dance well in the fire girl! Stunning captures!