Sunday, January 09, 2011

Raven Musings tag art

I've had a vision of wacky raven tags in my head for a while now. It was time to let it fly!
I started out by painting a raven head on sturdy scrapbooking paper, a favorite medium of mine. Then I made a tag shaped body, added a stamped heart from another patterned paper, applied the monarch butterfly sticker on heavy paper, a few jewels, a black Swarovski crystal for her eye, a phrase on a clear sticker that says "Believe in Yourself" and the finishing touch that cracked me up...the Chuck Taylor sneakers!

I'm actually pretty sick of butterfly wings and party hats, but they really do work when called for. I tried doing heart wings and raven wings. Nope, didn't look right.

I also kept the back in mind when creating this even though this side won't show.
At least the colors are pretty together. I'll add my signature to the back too, and then onto Etsy she goes!

Here she is on the studio door, hanging out until she moves to her new family.
Okay, I've had my little bit of fun for the day.
Now on to the sketchbook project!! Pressure, pressure, pressure as the deadline nears!

~Happy Sunday~


  1. These are a hoot. I love em. Have a great week.

  2. O wow!!!! awesome
    And I will send you a picture to illustrate we are sisters ;)
    The tag is wonderful!!!!!!
    I bet I will fly away soon!


  3. hahaha wishful thinking!!!!!!!
    I meant to say I bet she flies away soon!
    I guess I want to get back to work ;)

  4. You have so much fun doing these, makes me want to try.

  5. OMG!!!! I love these and the Chucks are a MUST!!!
    You totally do the ravens.
    Lolo and The Ravens; new punk band! :D


  6. I love these......they make me HAPPY!!!!!!

    You are wonderful!


    ♥ LS ♥

  7. hello pumpkin! this is hilarious. chuck is proud. only certain minds can conjure up images and ideas like this. please keep it up :)

  8. This is so adorable....I can picture a whole series.
    have been meaning to email and will soon. just been crazy around here.

  9. too cute. yes the sneakers make it. glad you had fun.

  10. I love these! You rock, lo! xox Pam

  11. That's great...I thought you were making a clothing tag for now you have to do a clothing line for your tags...which I'm sure will be equally impressive!!!

  12. Great idea! I see the creative wheels turning.

  13. Cute little raven. And she can fly so much faster with her sneakers on! Love it.