Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday At My House

Fallen branches on summer chairs

snow covered garden hares

little cherub eating snow

as the hawk awaits his sparrow.



  1. Winter is still "warming" you with its snowy coat, I see. Poor sparrow, but everything is part of a food chain I suppose.

  2. We are getting much the same~~I have watched the snow fall all day and then the wind is supposed to kick up tonight.
    I am staying in the studio I need to go out in the frigid cold! Art is much better!!!


  3. Looks like that here, too. Love that cherub eating snow!

  4. Your poem is full of longing in all directions. Love it. I am still laughing about spiders wearing uggs.

  5. Great poem.
    Lots of gray here but no snow.
    Well actually today we had blue skies part of the day and we have green valleys. So not going to complain about the gray we get after seeing all the snow you guys are getting back there.
    And yes I am still chuckling about the uggs too. :))

  6. a lovely little poem
    about a woman and a home
    where sparrows live
    and residents give
    all the love that can be known

  7. Lo - I love your poem. :) Gorgeous pictures. My DH was just reading something to me that said there is a Cooper Hawk that lives inside the Library of Congress! Maybe he/she hunts the little book mice. :) Have a wonderful weekend - xox Pam

  8. Beautiful. Snow is melting a bit here, but still cold. xoxo

  9. Beautiful. Snow is melting a bit here, but still cold. xoxo

  10. lovely poem and pictures, glad you coould find something poetic in all this snow

  11. Hard to think I sat in those chairs this summer.................
    Beautiful pictures though.
    That hawk, yes it is all about surviving.....

    Here we had a grey day.
    I followed Marja's advice and took the dogs for a walk. have to get outside more now.


  12. A delight of winter inspiration in picture and word. :)

  13. Oh yes, I loved your poem,,, and the photos! So gorgeous.

    We have been so fortunate this year, weather wise. It's very cold,,and lots of wind chill,,but only a little ice yesterday.Just a few flurries in the snow department. The sun was out today and melted the ice. I'm wishing some warming sun for you too.
    The cuddling bunnies make me smile,,,

  14. such a teeny amount of snow about compared to up here.

    love that hawk photo.

  15. There is something amusingly incongruent about pastel chair sin the snow! And very cool having the hawk there.

  16. I love your poem; especially the cherub eating snow.

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  18. What a fairytale......want to drink Wine beside You there and Miss Emma on my lap :))

  19. What a lovely wonderland of photos and thoughts. Again...I feel so refreshed coming here...:)

  20. How wonderul to have such a magnificent hawk in your own backyard! Wow!

    Hope you are keeping warm.