Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Animal Wednesday: The Queen and her jester

Bliss, the Queen on her Royal Throne accompanied by Ratty and Mousie.

At the moment she's not very amused by the Court Jester...

Emma, the Court Jester with a few of her many toys and Bliss's feather wand.

Now if only she would learn to pick up after herself ;)

The funny thing is, Bliss spends her evenings gathering all the toys (babies) into one pile while we're alseep!

Happy Animal Wednesday! May you be as entertained by your kids as I am. 


  1. All bow down to Queen Bliss! She is gorgeous - and she knows it! What wonderful photos! I love all of the unique toys both your "Fur Kids" have!

    As for the "Court Jester"...aka "Squirrel Hunter"...well, what can one say - other than she is adorable, clever, funny - and she loves her Mum and Dad!

    Love to all,

    ♥ LS ♥

  2. bliss bliss imagine this!
    emma's coy
    with all those toys
    so at night
    you just might
    gather them close
    and love them the most

    kj and lo
    like to rhyme just so
    but i am a rhyming rabbit
    it's a good habit

    the end.

  3. OMG!!!!
    Too cute! Now I don't feel so bad about the number of toys I have for the parakeets.... <:-)
    Emma looks quiet happy with herself. We know who's really in charge, eh?

    Anne and the birds

  4. You have wonderful kids! And so do I.xoxo

  5. Such a queen that cat, how royal. Belongs in King Henrys court for sure! Love the dog and toys gathering too. HAW!!!!

  6. The Queen and her court are adorable. Of course they need all of their "subjects" to keep them amused as they amuse you. Love the poem Emily. HAW Lolo.

  7. I love the image of gathering all the babies together for the night - how sweet is that

  8. I love your little court jester. Our Tanner would adore a meet up with such a pretty little gal. Like Emma, Tanner leaves his toys all over the place and we periodically go around gathering everything back into his basket. Then, the routine starts all over again. Alas, we have no cat to d the job for us. LOL

  9. Ahh those cute babies!!!!!
    My Minoes is not feeling well today :(
    Poor things. Have to see tomorrow , if she is not better I will take her to the vet.
    (she is the one who resembles Bliss)
    I can't live without my Minoes.....she means so much to me

    Happy your two are doing great!
    You know I love them both!


  10. That is an adorable photo of Bliss and of Emma. Annie does something similar in the night time. She will get two or three toys and put them in the living room. we always find some in the morning. She will even pick thru her toys in the sunroom and leave the ones she didnt want on the floor. I too wish she would learn to put them away. lol

  11. How sweet. My kitties never gather toys. Bliss looks like one of the Edith Wharton characters, I think her name was Mrs. Munson Mingott who in the movie sat rather large on her throne/bed/couch too.

  12. How cute. Some of those toys are as almost as big as Emma!

  13. every single day!

    oh those little loves of yours, such blessings.

    stay warm all!

  14. Now thats what I call Ä Royal Highness",Bliss has gotthe same look in her eyes as B's Mom.
    They just know there Special,and Poor Emma why doesn't She have a seat like that,She deserves one ;))
    Have to tell You from Mr.B He wants to come and live with You,Lolo.
    Everything so tidy and tasteful thats what He likes,here it's a DISASTER,dust,noise thats not fo rmy Guy.
    Can't wait till its finished and can hang My Mandala and Magpie in the room.
    A big hug to You all,xxxMar and a wet one from Mr.B.

  15. She sure knows how to be a queen!! Love that she gathers her toys at night. What a smart.

  16. Aw, they are beautiful, Lo! I love seeing your furkids. :) xox!

  17. hey there, lollie1 YOU'VE been a busy raven queen! btw...violet rain is sooo cute! love those lil black swarovski eyes! (always the SWANKIEST choice for a baby raven!) and don't your pets look PAMPERED!

    ty ty for the visit! spring is comin lollie...just don't tell that fuzz face in pawxceetoony pa! he might disagree with us! :))

  18. How regal she is! Love little Emma jesting there! Had to smile at Bliss gathering all the animals together at night. HRH Tia would never play with her mousie during the day - only at night - and we therefore assumed that it was too embarrasing and not regal behaviour to be seen with it during daylight! We nicknamed it 'embarrassing mouse'!

  19. What adorable subjects you live with!

    I would love to see Miss Bliss gathering up the toys in the middle of the night - so darn cute!

  20. Your pets are adorable! I love that Bliss gathers her "babies". That's so sweet. We had a dog once who used to gather Christmas Tree ornaments - she didn't brake them, but she'd take them off the tree for her own purposes. That's when the tree went on the table.

  21. Quesn Bliss and two are so beautiful!!!

    I wish you could come and live with me! :) (Your Mama would have a fit)!