Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sketchbook Project Progress

Three Generations

Well, today's sketches went mostly to the dogs! I flipped through the sketchbook to see how many blank pages I had left to fill (13) so I started with the ones I scumbled paint on.
Look at this sad, sad group of Corgis!
I love keeping things fast and loose for projects like this. I don't think anyone wants to see if you can do an exact life-like drawing of anything.
I actually think it's harder for most of us to make it nuts and crazy and goofy.
I had fun today. That's the whole point, right? 

I love how I laid the paint down for this page. Mind you, I had NO idea what I was going to do until I did it. What freedom!
And it was so simple to close this in with a few distant cat-o-nine tails and a pond.
What do you think this little terrier sees? 
Hey Mim...a fish???

Aaaah, the gorgeous, aristocratic sight hounds! My husband really, really wants 
 a Scottish Deerhound. But here's a scribbly-wiggly gesture drawing of a Greyhound and his beloved red ball instead.

I had done something like this before and gave it to a blogger friend, Erin.♥
I thought this "cat lover" should have a place in the sketchbook, yellow stream and all ;)

And finally, not to ever leave my feline friends out, here's a blue tabby who really needs some TLC. Marianne, this is for you.♥♥♥

One more day and 8 more pages to go. I doubt I'll fill them all, but hell, I'll try!

Thanks for always taking the time to visit ;)



  1. gosh, you are almost there. i like it that your book theme is so unified. these are wonderful and fun to look at. have fun, suki

  2. Hi Laurel. I sure hope that this is my year to tackle a sketch book. It's on my list of things to try but so far it's a no-go. I especially like the blue tabby. And if that terrier is anything like ours, he's eyeballing a birdie. Birdie, of course, is much faster than our boy.

  3. I love how you did these Lolo. GO go go-you can do it!!!

  4. You can finish Lolo. I have great faith in you. Those pages will flow through your mind and end up with sketches. Love the cats and the topiary garden.

  5. Greyhounds are dear to my heart, but somehow I'm really drawn to that terrier.

  6. Funny, I thought that cat at the end was mine. LOL Love them all, but especially the cat!

  7. Oooooh....I can't choose, I can't choose! Thay are all adorable!

    I really like this mad-dash art of is so different than your usual creations - but in no way is it is as full of life and passion as your Studio Lolo pieces.

    As I wrote, I kept trying to pick a favourite.... and with my "back against the wall" - it's a tie between the Greyhound and the Cat!

    Your "Raining Cats and Dogs" Book will be a success!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Every single one is so unique, yet within your theme. I love them all. Such fun, these sketchbooks! I think you WILL finish them all!!! I really do.

  9. Fingers crossed for you! These are are lovely - kitty being my favourite! I mailed mine yesterday - phew! xu

  10. You have been busy! I love them all, but that feline is the most wonderful...xoxo

  11. fill them lo! these sketches are gorgeous, i love them. you can do it, this style is really great.

  12. Just love them all,but the terrier is Stunning....
    This morning in the woods well looks more like a river with all the water,Beaudor met one and he run for his life was so scared of the terrier LOL.
    Our big dangerous R.R...
    Can You tell Me what is the RALnumber of the green with the Magpie or is it one you created yourself?
    Can't wait to give the room a facelift.

  13. I love your book! mine is a disaster, no way am I sending it in. I might post some items from it tho' - but it's BIG and many pages!!!! I'd start earlier if they do it again.

    Anyway - your drawings/paintings are wonderful lo

  14. Love your drawings here. It will be fun to see in person for those lucky to get to see them all. Bravo for sticking to it to finish.

  15. my favorite is the dog with the cattails in the distance. that little ass is both adorable and perfect, lo. in this and each of your sketches you make me think i could do what you do because you make it look so effortless. that is the sign of a very very talented pumpkin pi.

    it shall be done. how about that?!


  16. I've loved Scottish Deerhounds all my life, so I understand why your husband loves them. All of these sketches are have a way of finding the character inside. I almost expect that terrier to go bounding off, as they will've got the tension in his body just right! Way to go, lolo!

  17. so wonderful!! I have my very cherished topiary illustration right here, framed, on my desk. It inspires me everyday!