Monday, January 10, 2011

Raven tag 2 and Sketchbook Project Progress

I've been a very busy girl today trying to buckle down and get the sketchbook done before Saturday's deadline. In between sketches I finished up Raven Maven #2.
Here's the front of her with a raven sticker and the #2 on her dress in the middle of the stamped heart. Her blue wings and shoelaces have glitter which doesn't show well.
The blue spiral sticker has glittler too. Once again her head was drawn and painted with acrylic paint and colored pencils.
Her head is tilted upwards because she's such a dreamer! She's going to trip over her laces if she's not careful.

Here's the back view with the #2 to signify she's the second one in a series, and my signature is below.

Here she is hanging out at the studio. I wish the glitter showed better.
She insisted on wearing Chucks too ;)

Yesterday I did this sideways peek-a-boo page of a kitty daydreaming about a yummy mouse.
Click to embiggen any or all pics!

And I painted this sweet old guy. I've been scumbling paint on various pages and then going back later to do something on them. It's easier for me seeing as Moleskine pages are so thin and transparent. That's rather limiting, in my opinion.
The dog was done with colored pencils on top of blue acrylic paint.

I had fun doing this very chubby version of Emma giving basic Chihuahua Cha-Cha lessons!
I "Googled" the steps so I could make a chart.
1-2-cha cha cha, 3-4 chiiii-waaaa-waa!


And finally, for today anyway, a pink tuxedo kitty. I actually love this page.
There's something about the pink and orange, a combo I've always been drawn to.
I was going to make the cat black and white but then decided to leave it alone.

So, this is why no one is getting visits or phone calls from me.



  1. Emma just needs those Chucks on while doing the Cha-Cha!!!
    OMG---Love the whole post! What fun....
    I've spent the day cleaning the studio, doing some serious work on the *#%! computer so it would read the scanner and in general---doing six things at once.
    So far, nothing has capsized!
    Happy Cha-Cha!


  2. How fun! I love your tuxedo kittie. Good choice to leave the colors as is. May be frantic, but the results are worth it!


  3. Wonderful work! You are beyond "creative".... this sketchbook is incredible......

    And oh those Ravens.... and Emma cha-cha-chaing.....and the "Blue Dog"....and..and....and.....

    So proud of you!


    ♥ LS ♥

  4. You are a busy girl and so creative. Love those tags and the pages are nice. I love the cha chaing chihuahua.

  5. good to be busy making wonderful things. the dogs are adorable. have fun.

  6. Lo, I love everything, but I think the pink cat is my fav. xoxo

  7. Man, you HAVE been busy!
    Love this raven and in the previous post. Love the chucks!

    And I adore the orange and pink kitty page,,,,it has a somewhat abstracted feel to it,,,,and that sweet, sweet doggie face!
    It's a wowser post, Lolo!

  8. These are soooooooo wonderful. I wish we could see the book when done and in person. Everyone who sees it is going to love it. Thanks for sharing what you are doing. I love that poodle. :))

  9. Yeah, I love that pink cat!!! What an expression! Too bad he has staples in his belly. It would have made a perfect card and print as well....
    But your book is coming along very nice! I love all those animal illo's!
    so full of fun!

    The hangers are wonderful as well!
    Wow you certainly are in a creative flow!!!!
    Keep it going dear!


  10. Your a busygirl,and Lolo it isn't Spring yet your to early...
    This morning was visiting my dad he isn't feeling well ((;,and S..... missed the mailman,he left a note I can pick it up tomorrow.
    Now Mr.b and me are off to the woods its grey and drippy yackkkkk.

  11. Beaudor wants to dance with Emma,maybe a Tango???

  12. All are fabulous! I guess we are all trying to find creative outlets during this looong winter. It's good to stay busy.

  13. With all this splash of colors the raven has again captured my heart. I think it's the sneakers that caps the hilarious look

    no bout adoubt it that your sketchbook will be done and delightful.

    And no chitchat yesterday? A rare miracle !


  14. Lo, you have been busy! this was such fun to read and look at too. Awesome art (as usual!) your book will be fantastic.

    i have to tell you, when i was away, i missed my little painting.

  15. This is a wonderful way to be spending time.

    Love the Ravens

  16. Wish I'd had the sense to scumble!! Love your doggies - such characters each one! How on earth did you find the time to make those fun raven tags? I'm so exhausted from my marathon sketchbook week that I can barely type! It's finished though - Yay! Missing a few pages that got scrapped though! Also re read the instructions only to find that my inside cover has to have something stuck on it - oh rats - not a happy bunny as had to very carefully tear that out and find it a new home...

  17. Hi Lo! I love them all, especially the raven and the pink and orange cat. :) You are a dynamo! Go, team! xox Pam

  18. I really like the ones of the cat and dog on painted pages. When I had a kid I had a bedroom in the same pink and orange plus a grass green and a sunny yellow. I loved how cheerful it was.

  19. Now thats what I call a busy creative mind. thanks for sharing all this on your blog. great stuff.

  20. I love them all! My favorites are the blue black lab and the Chihuahua Cha Cha, but the rest are wonderful too. I've been a slug and you've been so busy and creative. Must get mobilized!

  21. love your blue lab (wonder why) your sketchbook is so awesome!