Friday, December 31, 2010

My New Year's Wishes

I always love new years, new beginnings. Clean slate. Another chance to "get it right."
I know I'm not the only one who is more than ready to let this year go.
There have been hard changes and challenges for many of us. We have endured the losses of friends, family, much-loved pets, good health and jobs.
Here are a few of my wishes for myself this year.
I hope you grab them for yourself as well if they resonate with you. 

I'll give myself permission to pull in when I feel the need to hibernate.
If this is what it will take to restore my broken parts then I will fill that need.

I let myself down so much this past year by wasting lots and lots of time and losing myself in the process. This new year I will allow more balance in my life and more quality "me time." I think there will be a noticeable difference inside and out. 

I'll continue to find beauty everywhere. I will walk with my eyes and heart wide open.

I'll accept the storms when they come, and they will come. But I hope to sail through them with grace. And I hope to always understand the lessons they bring.

I'll continue to find inspiration in my daily blessings.
I'll continue to believe that possibilities are endless.
I'll continue to seek wisdom. 
I'll continue to honor my true spirit.

And finally, the hardest one for me is I will try very hard to work on self-acceptance.
I practice loving kindness to others but I always leave myself out.
How can I ever achieve my dreams and goals if I feel undeserving?
From now on I'll matter to me. I think I can do it.
So, starting right now I'm going to show up for myself!
I'll be right here when I need me. And day by day as it gets easier to be kind to myself.
 I will be able to finally believe with all my heart what you have been telling me all along.

I am enough.

Thank you all for being with me for another year. I treasure what this blogging family has come to mean to me. And I deeply mourn the ones we've lost too soon.

May each and every one of you reach for the stars this year, and may all of your wishes and prayers be answered.

Happy New Year!!


  1. You hit it all straight on the head Lolo.
    YOU are enough.
    And you do wonderful art, which brings joy to so many....may we all have a new year filled with art, love, and the abundance of self acceptance.
    Sweet Pea seconds that notion... ;-)


  2. Lolo, you are certainly MORE than enough. You are plenty,,,running over!

    I'll echo all that you've said here,,,,and drool over all the wonderfilled art.

    Happy New Year!

  3. What lovely art to go with your wonderful resolutions. Promises to yourself. I hope you keep them all, as you deserve the very best!

    I love the rounded woman in the last card.
    I love the idea of hibernating when we need to. (I did a lot of that this vacation; not because I was hiding from life, but just soaking in alone time and loving it).

    thanks for your connection to me and my blog and life
    thanks for your feedback and comments
    thanks for being a real friend here

    Happy New Year to us all. ;-)

  4. All this being said the key words are "I will"... You "will". You have the best intentions for everyone including and foremost yourself. I have great faith in you Lolo. I wish you the very best New Year.

  5. You definitely "ARE"..... are wonderful, talented, caring, intelligent, beautiful, honest "BS"!

    See you in 2011!!!!

    Love to you, Bri, "SH" and the "Princess"

    ♥ LS ♥

  6. Beautiful post Lo. Self acceptance is a hard one for a lot of us. Thank you for the wishes and I wish for you the same, we are all ENOUGH. Wonderful collages. Happy New Year! xoxo

  7. Lovely thoughts here and wishes for yourself in the new year. I love that, to remember that we are enough just as we are. we dont have to be better, bigger, richer, more this or that. blessings to you for the new year. love suki

  8. I am so glad I picked today to stop by. This post is the most perfect New Year's inspiration one could ever hope for. I'm so glad you are going to do this for yourself and in so doing, you are helping others as well, including me. I'm going to have to come back to this post often over 2011 and remind myself of these wonderful affirmations and feast my eyes on the beautiful accompanying art!

    Oh, and girlfriend, you are waaaaaaay more than enough! You are a goddess!

    Happy New Year dear dear Laurel!

  9. Thanks for coming to visit my blog this year and caring when I didn't show up for awhile. I like the part where you will accept yourself and show up for yourself. I hope to do that too. I hope 2011 is all you hope for. ♥

  10. Oh what a beautiful inspiring post Lo!!
    And all your words are so true I hope we will all be inspired by them. It holds the truth for everyone.
    But most of all I hope you will succeed in your good intentions for yourself because if one is deserving it is you my beloved friend!
    I feel exactly the same about the New Year! Clean slate yes that is the feeling I share.
    May your year be filled with mostly good things and may you be strong enough to cope with the storms , which will always be there.
    But I look forward to being friends with you this year again♥
    I love to visit your blog which resonated with me from my first visit!
    This is my first blog visit this year and my... what an inspiration!

    Happy New Year!

  11. A lovely post, lolo!! You are enough, as are we all. You have an incredibly bright spirit, which shows in your amazing creativity and in your kindness. I'm glad you're going all out to find that self-acceptance...I have the greatest of faith you won't have to look for long.

    Happy New Year to you, sweetie...and thank you for being my friend.

  12. Oh, my. I know you didn't write or draw these for me, but it feels like you did. Like you were channeling me. So I will just breathe an "Amen" and wish you a blessed New Year. ♥

  13. So lovely lo, everyone of your wishes and intentions for yourself and everyone too. I hope ALL the best and for everything you wish and dream for in 2011. Most, i hope you will turn all the loving kindness you have for others to lo, from the beginning of the day to the end, every day. you are wonderful.
    with love,
    lori (enjoying her painting every single minute)

  14. Hello Lolo, I'm so glad I stopped by to see you. What a wonderful New Year post. I think many of us feel so much of what you have written - I know I do. I feel in a bit of a muddle at the moment and you have given me hope. Happy New Year to you and thank you. xxxx

  15. You made me cry, stop it. You are so wonderful and talented, the Lolo Fan Club is huge it really needs you as a VIP member right now! Happy New Year, the pups send stinky kiss your way. xoxox Erin

  16. it amazes me to have seen and/or know so many of these collages, done by you, my friend for life. i love reading all these comments affirming who you are, so true and so totally filled with admiration and respect (and love).

    so this is the year? well....okay then! rev her up, lo, we're heading out! we have the means, the map, the fuel,the intent. we not only are enough, we have enough.

    i love you pp. for life.

  17. Happy New Year, Laurel. Love the red balloon. I'm flying with you on the wind.

  18. Happy New Year my friend.

    love your "resolutions" - I'm going to take some of them for my own.

  19. Hi Lolo! A new year, a fresh new start. I am with you, sista! I haven't known you for very long, but you are such a kind person, and obviously such a wonderful friend to so many. I hope that you take time when you need it, to take care of Lo. We all care for her very much, and want health and happiness for her in 2011! xox Pam

  20. Beautiful! just beautiful :) You are more than enough :) Happy New Year and you inspire me :)

  21. This is my all time favorite post of yours to date... It has touched me deeper and more intensely than you will ever know...You are a guiding light...:) Love to you!

  22. beautiful and heart felt expression. thank you. happy new year to you.

  23. Happy Newyear,may all your Dreams come true,xxx.
    Thanx for the gorgeous gifts,Mr.B couldn't stay away from the one with the bell.
    Show his pic later.
    What a beautiful post, I hold you on your words and if you don't LOL..

  24. Lolo, I love your list. Everything you described is so heartfelt and so true. I think it is an achievable New Year's resolution list and, probably, the best one I've heard so far.
    I once read a quote that has stuck with me for years: "You are all you will ever have for certain."
    I keep that thought in my mind always. Best to you.

  25. beautifully said dear Lolo! Why are we so hard on ourselves? I too am always feeling like I'm not good enough, not talented enough, not doing the right things enough....and I try so hard and it seems like I always come up short in my own eyes. I too am going to be kinder to myself and give myself the same grace I give others.

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