Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Animal Wednesday: She Be Stylin'

As promised to Robin, here is The Squirrel Huntress in her new winter coat.
The color is really more of a persimmon, not a HUNTERS Orange!!

I'm not one to dress my dogs, but let me tell you this little ten-pounder is freezing her butt off in these temperatures and it's only going to get worse.

Sorry for the , ahem, personal shot, but Emma wanted you to see her jacket from all angles. She's so vain!
Okay, back to the SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I've been a bit spotty here and there. Post and run and comment as I can in this busy season ;)

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Emma is adorable in her new foxy coat. My neighbor puts her Whippet in a coat in winter here too. She freezes without it. Emma is a fashion plate!! :))

  2. Not orange but still, the hunters will see her as she prances along after the squirrels. Very cute.

  3. She could be the host of Doggie "What not to wear" - she's so stylin'

  4. The same here....I am doing what I can.
    But I guess we all are busy these days before Xmas.
    LOVE that orange outfit. I am not one to dress up animals as well. But I am a sucker for dogs in functional coats and vests,,,,,,,, I just can't help it.

    The post is on strike here for 3 days!
    But Saturday I will be mailing things, also your way!

    HAW and love♥

  5. Wow, Emma you look stunning,you can go to America's next Topmodel;))
    And yes we dutchies love Orange.
    Big kiss for you and Auntie Lolo,

  6. Emma IS a Diva! And yes, she should be on the next "America's Top Model"! She would win - hands down! Love that vibrant colour on her - not too many can! She KNOWS she looks adorable!!!!

    Love to you, "SH" , Bliss and Bri!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. omigosh, Laurel. Except for the coloring, Emma looks just like Tanner. What a cute little pair they would make.

  8. WHAT A DOG!!!! ;D
    All attitude...and well dressed too!


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  10. aaah Emma looks so cute i miss Emma here in Holland can we make a deal my dogs for Emma no just kidding
    hugs and kisses felix

  11. She looks beautiful, the colour really suits her. Love your new header by the way.

  12. Emma is the perfect model for this coat. HAW.

  13. totally adorable and i so understand! owen would be in love!
    hugs + love,

  14. Hi cute Emma!!! Love your new coat, dear!!! The color is good on you!!! Doozey has a stroller in a near matching color! :)

  15. Oh puppies need coats and sweaters in such cold weather - slippers too! LOL!

    Emma is really working that orange. Love it!

  16. Sweet and lookin' toasty, and safe, too. I do think my cats enjoy the added warmth of their polarfleece coats when I put them on them--only when I can watch them closely. Most of the time they are curled up in their burrow beds which sit on top of pet safe heat pads...