Monday, December 06, 2010

Holiday Glimpses

My friend Jeannine over at Four Rooms decided to show a bit of her Christmas things each week. I really liked that idea, so here are a few things I did around the house yesterday to nudge me into the spirit of the holidays.
I do love to decorate!
This is our first tree in at least eight years. It's around 4' tall and sits on the dining room built-in nook.  Next week I'll show it decorated and lit up. 

~My little French piggy asked for a red ribbon~

~another view~

When we first moved back to Rhode Island, I bought this rooster for Brian.
Rhode Island's state bird is the Rhode Island red chicken.
I bought a candle centerpiece for under two dollars and wrapped it around her neck. 

Quite pretty, don't you think?

I love these vintage reproduction boxes I found at The Christmas Tree Shop,
both under $12 for the set. I'm a bargain hunter!

This adorable little cardinal was found at one of my favorite gift shops that carries my holiday candles: Frasier Fir by Thymes. Pricey, but wonderful!!
The little cardinal has sass, doesn't he? I love him.

And we mustn't forget to add a little holiday cheer to the bathroom!
This glass compote usually holds shells and driftwood.

But now it holds ornaments the color of the sea.

So that's what I did yesterday.
Stay tuned for more as I add things here and there.

Care to join us in sharing your holiday spirit? 


  1. Lo, everything is lovely! I have not decorated yet, but I am gearing up and will share when I do. Kisses to Bliss and Emma. xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for share the fun and humor of your holiday decorations. Love the piggy. And YES! We mustn't forget the bathroom.

  3. cheerful to see your decorations. most clever. like the blue touch.

  4. Lovely..... but then. you have that "MAGIC TOUCH"....and everything you do IS lovely!
    I particularly like the "BLUE" Bathroom....

    You know I haven't had time to do anything - but now that Opera is over, I will begin....and will include a "certain" lilac stag....phots coming later this week!

    Love you, "BS",


    ♥ LS ♥

  5. I am going to enjoy yours this year. I bought a tiny USB tree for the laptop-I have 3 young cats and 3 puppies in the house and I think decorations would be a terrible idea.

    I'm actually enjoying "taking the year off". Last year with Luna I did the iron tree with bells, but with the boys I think that would get really tiresome. They are 9 months old and rambunctious. I found a tennis ball in the toilet yesterday morning-no-no noisey things or electric things this year....LOL.

  6. Such pretty things to enjoy. I LOVE that rooster!!

  7. Please,please come over and HELP Me?????
    Your a very special decorator gonna follow you like a Hawk,its gorgeous already ;))

  8. Well, you're putting me into the spirit of the season (it's getting later every year to 'deck the halls' since moving to TX and coming from a land of snow!) Love the blue too...

    btw I sent you an email the other day, hope you got it? :>

  9. Your tree is handsome even without decorations. I can't wait to see it decked out for the holidays. Maybe I should show a bit of the chirstmas decor here. This is where my muse has been stretching and bending. Fun time of year.

  10. Aaah, it's looking beautiful at your house,,,especially lovin your Rhode Island Red! No surprise you'd be a fine decorator.

    We haven't had a tree in several years,,as we travel a good bit and we share Jack's tree with him.
    I have a few things I put out every year, such as a ceramic tree that my Mother made long ago.
    Traditions, love 'em!

  11. everything looks lovely - I might join in but it's sparse this year

  12. I especially like the pig lounging under the tree.

  13. i shall stroll and strut in the back door and i shall enjoy every magical touch. i may even think interesting thoughts about the blue balls in the bathroom

    happy holidays dearest pumpkin pi

  14. I LOVE to see you decorating your house in little steps!
    Love that wrapping around the roosters neck! Would even put it around my own!
    That blue sea Christmas bowl is so well in your beautiful bathroom...........I know.......
    I didn't came far yesterday.
    Wrapped in the presents for abroad and made some cards for special friends.
    Bet I made you one ;)


  15. Hi Lolo! HO HO HO!!! Okay, I am madly in love with your pig. Please pat him on the head for me, and wish him a Merry Christmas! We have gone overboard here, as usual. Our preferred decorating practice seems to be "String lights on anything that isn't moving!". I have to admit, it is very jolly. :) xox!

  16. now i have a big smile, this was so much fun lo!

    i am hoping to get a chance to begin decorating too this week, we finally bought our tree yesterday, but it's outside drying out (rains here).

    happy holidays!

  17. You are so creative...these photos could grace the pages of any magazine. It's all so warm and cozy and lovely...I am looking forward to the rest. I so envy kj being able to sit right in front of those blue balls!! (Pssst...try and get a photo! heh!)

    Once again, I want to get off the roller-coaster I find myself on, but I did hang a wreath on the front door yesterday! Ah, me..

  18. Looks like you're really getting into a festive mood! Very creative touches everywhere! Look forward to the next photos!x

  19. can't wait to see the tree all done up! very exciting!

  20. Oh! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful decorating! I love the pig and the rooster and the cardinal and of course, the bathroom has to be decorated too!

  21. Oh...I love each and every thing! I decorated the whole house this year for the first time since Mike died and I am the happier for doing it, though it was a bit of a chore alone. Oh, I want a french pig, too! I use candle rings for many seasonal decorations...