Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Swan Story

On a very chilly Fall day my friend and I were out on a photoshoot. Our destination was the famous carousel not far from the house. After we shot a million pics at the carousel we went for a walk in the park across the street. On our way down the stairs to the little stretch of beach on Narragansett Bay, I saw this guy preening away, oblivious to us. It looked like he was covered in something yucky, not sure what.

He looked footless in the mucky sand! I got closer to see if perhaps we needed to call wildlife to do a well check on him.

I think this may have been his way to tell me he was fine, just doing swan things.

Along comes this pretty gal to check him out. It may even be his significant other, who knows.

She's just scoping the situation.

He showed no interest. He just continued with his obsessive preening.

Little missy got closer, but still no reaction from sticky feathers.

He finally looked up!
Ah, too late little guy.

And once again he was back to his preening, alone.
I think she'll be back.

Happy Animal Wednesday!
It's around 2 degrees here today. My fingers are blue!
Why did I leave CA?????


  1. So fun that you captured this swan story in photographs.

    I'm asking myself the same question about CA. My feet have been freezing since, oh, Sunday. Nothing helps. Brrrrrrr.

  2. Wonderful story in photos. The swans are beautiful, lucky you to have them around, worth the 2 degrees don't you think? It is below 2 here every morning in Winter and we have no swans to make up for it :-). xoxo

  3. Ah, dear "BS", this pictorial COULD be an Opera! Wonderful photos....and an equally wonderful narrative!

    California misses you too! But, we have had rain, rain and more rain on the way...... still, it is a "balmy" 50!


    ♥LS ♥

  4. This is a lovely photo story. I think that swan guy is clueless!
    as for why you left CA - of course it's because we have such lovely summers - right?

  5. Love the photos and story with them! (I love swans....I guess those early years of ballet and always yearning to dance in Swan Lake......yes, you can laugh!)
    It is frigid here---not sure how cold but it was TOO COLD for me to be out taking frost pics this morning! YIKES!!!
    Nice blog post Lolo!


  6. Lovely photo story!
    Swans are so special!
    2 degrees.............F? or Celsius?
    Is that minus 16 in Celsius?!!! I hope not!
    Hope by now you have your winter coat;)
    HAW and ♥♥♥

  7. I am hearing the song "He's so vain." LOL. Stop the grooming already and look around.

    bbbrery code here today too. chatter chatter.

  8. Dear Lolo,
    You can make everything Special ;))well the Swans were already Special for Me.
    In front of our home We had babyswans born,so special now we have B. they don't come anymore ((;
    And for KLM the airline from M.they had The Most beautiful commercial ever,with Swans.....
    Give You a Big hollidayhug and finish packing,gonna miss You for 2 weeks,

  9. They are magical, and they mate for life...maybe that's why they pretended to ignore each other...

  10. Why indeed, I am sure we would have met by now!!!! Lovely swan song/story...beautiful photos. I hope you'll share the merrygoround photos too.

  11. Lolo - having been attacked by swans in Austria, they don't hold the same attraction for me as they used to - lol!! But your pictures are beautiful, and I am sure that your swans are NICE swans. :) Stay warm!

  12. Why did you leave California??? LOLOL...sorry...I'm sure I'd be wondering the same thing too, Laurel!!! It got to 38 last night here and we think we are dying!!! My Mom calls that a "hard freeze"!!! Hehehe. Yeah, right! I brought in all my vegies in buckets for three nights...they are going back out tomorrow!
    Cute swans...are they just naturally there??? How awesome is that?

  13. Cracking up and agreeing with Suki!
    bet he's sorry now,,,
    Great story phtots, Lo.

    Cold here too,but not yet that cold. The wind is always what makes it so miserable here.Goes right through you.

  14. Aw, poor guy. I know swans can be vicious, but I like them.

  15. I totally agree with Annie, this is a lovely story in these pictures, Laurel. Although, you have the sexes crossed up. It's the male swimming by and it's the female ignoring him. I'd recognize that cold shoulder anywhere! Just sayin'. :|

  16. Neat photojournalism Lolo.


  17. Love the swans. Boys are so clueless.

  18. Ducks and swans can get frozen in ponds and lake edges. I hope it is ok. Mute swans are such magestic birds.

  19. Haha, good story! It's snowed here in the last few days, and apparently is set to do so again at the weekend... minus 5 degrees or so... but it does make for good photos. I kind of like colder weather sometimes, especially when it is sunny and cold. If it is just hot all the time it can get boring and you can't do anything!

    Btw a small pond near here has up to 13 swans on it in winter, as they are fed by passers by. The swans are spectacular when they fly past with whistling wings.

    Take care in the cold!

  20. Catching up with your posts Laurel! What a lovely photo story! I like swans but am wary of them - they sure can be mean!x

  21. HOW did i miss THIS??
    oh my gosh! beautiful, i love the swan. and thank you for risking freezing your fingers off to capture these photos! well done!
    did you have your warmers in your pockets for later?

  22. Wonderful narrative and pictures!