Sunday, December 26, 2010

Illustration Friday: Winter

Even though all the trees in the wild birch forest look similar, the white raven always returns to the same one every winter.

Legend has it that it was the tree she was born in.

She took her first flight from that very branch she's perched on.The other ravens of the wild birch forest honor and respect her for her true heart and sense of place.For those of you who believe you can never go home again, you've obviously never had the good fortune of meeting the white raven and feeling her magic.

This is a busy time of year for many of us, so please excuse this repost.
We're hunkering down for a forcasted blizzard, and I for one am excited about it!
Bring on the snow!

Be safe everyone♥


  1. This is one is so beautiful and perfect for your blizzard forecast.
    I am happy it is by you as I fly back tomorrow and a blizzard would be my worst nightmare.
    Stay warm and cozy.

  2. Ah, this is stil a new post for me... still so much to see and learn about my "BS".... and...this is so moving.....and beautiful. Really, no one captures Winter scenes like you!

    I am hoping there is just enough snowfall to warm your heart and also inspire you.....but, not so much that Brian puts his back out shoveling! (Ha-ha!)

    Be safe and warm.


    ♥ LS ♥

  3. This is so lovely! I love ravens; they are one of the only birds to brave the Cariboo winter, which is extreme, to say the least! They eat the small bits left on the bones the dogs get, making the dogs wild. Heh.

    Stay safe, warm and cozy as Nature blasts you with the white stuff! xoxo

  4. I hope you will get a white Christmas;)
    It the snow there yet?
    Such a beautiful painting and those words! Are they yours?
    Hope tomorrow you will get a visit from the postman.

    Be careful with that snow. Don't fall.......


  5. So beautiful and true I think, you can always go home. If you have no expectations, other than to love.

    Stay warm dear lo, we are watching that storm, our daughter is flying back to NYC tonight.


  6. This is lovely. Enjoy your blizzard and stay safe.

  7. we are both wishing for a mother storm, lo! how great we can cozy down and enjoy it.

    i have never seen a white raven but if i did i would surely think magic has been revealed before me. i would feel blessed.

    what a great day we had lo.

    i love you very much


  8. Beautiful, lovely, thoughtful, and poignant. Best wishes for the coming new year, Laurel!

  9. I love this painting~~~So glad I got it on a card!
    Do take care with the incoming weather; what we have here is nothing. I've adjusted to driving on roads the plows have forgotten and the cretans in giant trucks who think they're going to a rocket scientist convention.....*rolls eyes*
    Stay warm and safe, and hey! Studio time!


  10. I didnt see the first one so the white raven is new to me. Take care in the blizzard. I am not sure how much is predicted for up here. Hugs, Suki

  11. This is really beautiful. Wonderful image!

  12. I am glad you reposted Lolo. I loved the card and it has even more meaning now that I know the legend. Batten down those hatches and watch while the blizzard rages. Keep warm.

  13. Gorgeous painting Lo, just gorgeous!
    I wasn't familiar with the white raven either, and love the legend.

    Glad you're hunkered down and ready to enjoy. Something very magical about a blizzard,,,,if it doesn't go on too long, that is.
    We had one to drive in last Christmas.
    Stay warm, cozy, and safe!

  14. Hi Laurel. It's new for me so very glad for the repost. I've been following the weather back east. You are really in the thick of it aren't you. Brrrr. Take care.

  15. This is SUCH a lovely picture! (and I haven't seen it before, so I'm glad you posted it).

  16. Lovely raven, Laurel. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday time and fruitful new year ahead.

  17. So beautiful. We were lucky to get the storm, but we're much further south so more fun than treacherous. Hope you stay warm and safe. (my old NY neighborhood got 29")

  18. This is a truly beautiful illustration - you're definitely the Raven Queen! Hope you're all warm in your house with that blizzard outside - brr!

  19. This one looks so wonderful and has this winter (blue) atmosphere. I love it.

  20. Not at all sure I saw this before but I'd never tire of seeing your wonderful art!
    I hope you fair well in the blizzards...Hugs and Happy New year!

  21. Love the sketch. So full of atmosphere, it's conveying cold and cosy at the same time.

  22. hope you are enjoying the snow. Love your chilly white raven. Very wintery ...first time I have seen it too! yipeee

  23. Heisann1

    I saw a bird like yours today, but it flew away before I had the chance to "shoot" it with my camera...

    A big new year's hug from me to you!

    Greetings from Bjorg Nina

  24. LOVE this white raven. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  25. Beautiful piece! Wishing you a wonderful 2011!

  26. Hey I own that!!!!And always glad to see it again...I hope you have a splendid new year...and get that sketchbook finished...that toothy grinned do is pretty nice...