Monday, December 20, 2010

More Monday Holiday Glimpses

I like that so many of you have joined in and started showing the holiday touches around your homes.
Here are the last few of mine to post before Christmas arrives. And we're having our first snow of the season today which is putting me in a festive mood!
This is the railing and windowbox outside my studio. The other side is exactly the same. I love the mixed fresh greens and the way they are draped.
The large ornaments inside and the hanging santa came from the dollar store! The berried sparkly branches were found at Michael's.

This old jug was here when we moved in. Each season I change the contents, trying to always keep it timely and pretty.

This is the railing near the back door that we use.
Don't you love that bright blue recycle bin getting in the picture??

This is a front view of the planter box filled with greens and berries as well as a few sparkly ice crystal picks and pine cones.

Here's our little holiday greeter! In the warmer seasons he has flower pots to watch over.

Little twinkly lights in the kitchen window.

Very simple touches for the built-in hutch.

I added the plate to our little French pig. I think they look nice together.

~ a nesting dove~

A beautiful sidenstricker glass ornament from Brian's mom, and right beside it is an ornament his dad made in his wood shop. It's the shape of the state of Massachusetts and it has the Mayflower on top.
We'll always keep these two ornaments together in their memory.

Here's Brian's skating bear that he loves! He also has a skating walrus and a Boston Bruins mouse but the photos came out blurry so they got cancelled ;)

I dolled up this little footed brass planter that I found at a consignment shop.
I love the tiny animal feet and porcelain handles. It was a find! 

And finally my friends, a few lights in my studio window to keep the holiday spirit glowing.
Merry always, merry everything!!



  1. Absolutely beautiful Lolo!
    I especially like the last photo, just because I love the contrast on the dark and holiday lights!


  2. What beautiful decorations you have Lolo. Your house looks so warm and inviting with all those outside decorations. I love to look at our favorite ornaments over and over again. Merry Everything to you too. P.S. I wouldn't have noticed the blue plastic bin in the background of the one photo since I was focused on the pretty decorations.

  3. Ahh, I love that brass planter, Lolo! All of the decor is absolutely beautiful and I wish you could just pop over and help me do mine. I love coming here and seeing all the lovely items you and Brian have a site filled with Christmas joy!

  4. Oh, LOLOL...your home is just gorgeous!!! The lights in your kitchen window are so warm and wonderous on a snowy night, I'm sure! I would be standing there with my hot toddy looking out and just being in a transfixed melancholic mood. God bless you, Laurel...and your family too!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  5. Bella, Bella! You have the "magic touch" when it comes to painting AND decorating! Your home is lovely - inside and out! It is warm and inviting and...yes.... enchanted!

    Love to all,

    ♥ LS ♥

  6. So much beauty, But that choclolate skating bear would not make it to a tree in our house (even if we had one) LOL Num.
    Happy Holidays Lolo.

  7. Gosh - you did alot! it all looks gorgeous and festive

  8. It's all so lovely Lo. I have not done any decorating and may not, mad Max makes it almost impossible, maybe next year :-).

  9. It IS all very beautiful,,and the lights add the magic.
    Feels very much like 'home'.
    Merry Christmas Lo!

  10. Love the red and green against your grey and white house! Your brass planter reminds me one I had years ago in Holland - the little handles were Delft Blue porcelain! Your studio looks wonderfully festive - how creative you've been this season! Merry Xmas!

  11. Thanks everyone! It's been fun shooting pics of the holiday decorations.

    Lynn, the bear is an ornament we've had for years. He's made of wood, not chocolate! He'd never last around Brian if he were chocolate ;)

  12. ahhhhhh, i'm bringing my camera!

    so warm, beautiful, inviting.

    and that's just how i feel about you!

    see you soon caccoon


  13. everything is beautiful inside and out. love that skating bear. well, love everything. The last photo looks like an altar!

  14. Everything looks so festive and beautiful!!!!!!
    That pot with handles, both my mom and my grandma had one!Wish I could just pop over to have a drink of hot cocoa (well make that a glühwein....)
    Oh merry Christmas dear!

  15. Everything is pure magic here!!! wonderful decorations!!! may you have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!!

  16. oh lo... sigh.....simply gorgeous...hug hug hug and


  17. ALL so lovely and xmassy Lo. Popped in to wish you and Bri a very wonderful Xmas and happy healthy 2011. Hope it will all be smooth sailing from now on for you both. miss ya lots. Kisses xxxx

  18. Wonderful pictures!I wish you a
    Merry Christmas!

  19. I love your Christmas deco - very beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours. We are enjoying family for the holidays.

  20. I love all your pretty decorations, L. You've been quite busy around your place. I've barley had time to draw a breath this year, and so I have been very lax in my decorating. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  21. i was there!

    i was there!

    it looks just like this!

    hahaha, of course, why wouldn't it?

    we had fun.

    wicked abundant fun.