Monday, December 13, 2010

More Monday Holiday Glimpses

Like many of you, I had trouble photographing the tree lights.
I have NO idea what setting I had the camera on to get these hearts!♥
And the glow makes the house look like it's on fire. It really doesn't have this effect in the room.

The tree sits on a built-in cabinet in the dining room. I'll figure out what to do around it soon. Maybe when I get the darn thing decorated!
The room to the right is my studio.

I found these little trees buried in an old box.
I painted them forever ago. Too bad the detail doesn't show.
And too bad the driveway isn't white with snow instead of brown dead stuff!

The reindeer is one of my favorite little holiday things.
He's really dwarfed on top of this tall chest of drawers. Still, he looks regal up there.

This little wreath is on a vintage ceiling tin. It used to hang on my french doors in Pacific Grove.

Now it has a place of honor above the bling I showed last week in the upstairs bathroom..

The window in the same bathroom needed a little something.
I saw these sparkly branches at Michael's and I knew they were the right touch for the vintage apothecary jars. A few silver balls were added too.
I have to unscrew that whole window to take it out in order to pull my storm window down. As you can see, the screen is still there!
So much more to get gifts made and cards mailed.

~Happy Monday, and don't stress!~


  1. I absolutely LOVE whatever happened to have the tree lights photograph as hearts!
    When I go to try and take tree pics, I always have a big mess. I'll try it again this year; even with the tripod, it STILL comes out wonky.....
    Love the tile with the little wreath and the bottles in the window.
    And I would be HAPPY to send you some snow........grrrrrrr.....


  2. I really like the way you decorate for Christmas - it has a very peaceful, muted look to it.

  3. How do you do that?????
    You really are a Magician,getting hearts in the tree,love them.
    My hands are itching to start....the first thing I do when we arrive in France is buy a Tree.
    Snow is falling here,just called Germain and He told Me,there were emergencypatients so M. was still waiting (((:
    Can imagine how she feels the poor thing....

  4. I like the last pic best. So pretty! And the bling in the bath is sweet as is the wonderful painting on the wall!!!!
    Wishing you a happy Christmas season, right, with little or now stress. Just have fun.

  5. It's all so charming and warm Lo! I could see how cold it looked out the window, maybe it'll snow soon?? (so exciting!). and what is a storm window? :)
    have fun dear

  6. I can see that your home is full of love. It oozes out through your decorations. No stress here. Happy Holidays to you too.

  7. Everything looks so beautiful and festive. I love every one of your treasures.

  8. no, not stressing! One more present wrapped, one more card made, it all gets done!
    I love the tree lights, how wonderful they came out as hearts!
    Magic. I love everything, but the raindeer is my favorite, I have a soft spot for raindeers.
    No snow here either, very odd. I hope we get at least a little for Christmas.

  9. the little reindeer is my favorite too, lo. so tender and at peace.

    i LOVE that i know what is where!!!!

    such simple things you have done and shown for such a calm effect.

    i am so glad we all share the holidays together as we do. i have never been happier anticipating wonderful posts like this, opening my mailbox to loving surprises, being so thankful for the creativity and friendships in my life.

    TSUP & ♥ lo
    happy happy holidays pumpkin

  10. Good evening Laurel,

    Your post of the bits and pieces of Christmas in your home are delightful.

    I especially liked the reindeer. He is, indeed, quite regal. I suggest taking the picture off the wall and resting it on the cabinet. The reindeer would blend right into the foreground of the picture, I think.

    And the wreath on the tin is deceptively small. I'm glad you showed a picture of where it hung that revealed its true scale.

  11. Your heart light tree is so pretty!

    My heart went pitter pat at the sight of those beautiful bottles, branches, and silver balls. Ethereal and delicate and magical. Love love love!

  12. Love to see your house getting decorated step by step!
    How cool those lights turned into hearts♥

    I am home again :)
    Feeling ok.
    Enjoying a glass of prosecco and doing some blogvisits :)


  13. I'm behind in visiting (and thank you for yours) might have had your camera set on 'Fireworks"...a photo blog I follow had some interesting photos using that setting...but the 'hearts' are just amazing.

    The little wreath (is that a candle ring? I hang those round doorknobs) on the tin tile is wonderful!

  14. Beautiful, ethereal, subtle-yet-assured.....reindeer, wreaths, glittery branches, heart lights, everything resonates.......LO!

    I am so glad you are YOU!


    ♥ LS ♥

  15. Love seeing your house all dressed up, and the heart tree effect is pure magic, plain and simple!

    You may get that wish for snow, huh? Or have you already?

  16. Magic follows you like trails of stars flow in the sky. Your home is so beautiful and inviting! I really love that bulb candle stick...My, MYYYY! :)

  17. That's such a lovely pic of the tree hearts! Lovely decs in your home - very welcoming! It's sooo difficult to get good shots of Xmas lights isn't it? I'll try mine tomorrow - have spent the afternoon doing mine today, but was too tired to get any pics! Hope the tree is in one piece when I go downstairs tomorrow - Tia is on the prowl!x