Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday's Walk

I feel like doing a quiet post today. I just came back from a walk to set my mood straight and here are a few of the things I saw. Even the simplest of things like weeds along a path can bring back distant memories.

Like Goldenrod gleaming in the sun,

and Queen Anne's Lace, wild vines that look like grapes,

Milkweed pods, still green and not quite ready to burst open.

And the littlest hint that the Autumn I've been waiting for is around the corner.

And then I come home to these cuties who live in my yard.

Hi there!

Don't be shy!

All in all I'd say the walk helped lift my spirits. But sometimes change is just damn hard. Perhaps I'll do two walks today!


  1. they live in your yard, how cool is that? what a great walk, i do love the autumn look, but not the knowledge that winter is soon upon us. hugs (you are sounding much better every week). xxx

  2. It looks like a wonderful walk full of quiet beauty.

    I know I have said this before but I just LOVE your new header!!!

  3. Change is very tough. very very very - especially as we "mature". Keep up the walks. Fake a good mood - that also helps

  4. lo, the kind of move you've made is HUGE on a physical and emotional level. HUGE! take one thing at a time, distract yourself with walks like these,(chocolate, anyone?), and let time carry you.

    i went through a move like this. i cried alot, surprised by my emotions every time.

    eat, pray, love. i love that book. these verbs just jumped out at me.

    i'm not far, i'm soooooo glad,


  5. Sure is pretty there where you are. Sorry you're still having a hard time adjusting there. Our neighbors are going down to Laguna Beach CA, to stay in a house over looking the Ocean for a week and I soooo want to sneak in the trunk and go with them for a little visit. I do miss the area some times. Its been almost six years since we left. But it's home here now & there's no place like home.

  6. Dear Lolo, I do hope your meloncholy moves on down the road soon. It is such a giant step you have taken. It will require a little time for the spirit to settle in. You will make it. Love the photos of the wildflowers. Cheers.

  7. WOW...change is GOOD, judging by your walk! How awesome to have bunnies living in your yard, and all these gorgeous wildflowers!!! I want to move next door!!!!! Go for the two walks!!!!!

  8. knock, knock.


    are you there?

    i just wanted to bring you these zinnias and some special fudge.

    i thought maybe in the middle of the night they might cheer you up.

    i'll just leave them here by the porch door.

    oh there is a little card too.

    it says 'thank you for being my friend.'

  9. Dear Lolo!

    Wish I could give you a real hug but for now a virtual one!!!!
    Take care!

    had a busy day today and will go to bed now, I am still tired from my trip . I returned yesterday and Felix had his birthday today.....
    Tomorrow there is nothing in my agenda so I will just rest!


  10. Laurel I got it and I love it.

    I was in a fucking miserable mood when I got home last night and it was sitting on the counter.

    Your timing is always perfect.

    I love it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  11. know what i think when i see your art work?

    i think: lo and behold....